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Published: Monday, March 14 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Houston, TX

CJ should start at SG 19/8. AJ is carrying the team but he can't do it alone 30/17. Harris played well but has a hamstring problem now 19/4 assists. AK is not 100% but came thru in clutch time big time. He and CJ are the go to alternatives to AJ at the end of games.

Favors/Evans produced 19/12 so the Jazz are getting the production out of the PF position.

The Jazz played pretty good defense most of the time but in the middle of the 4th they stood around on both offense and defense. NO leadership.

The Jazz had 26 assists. That means the offense was working for the most part: AJ 6, AK 6, Watson and Harris 4, Favors 2.

AJ and AK took over late and CJ came thru big. Injury to Harris means Hayward/CJ may have to play back PG. The Jazz need a shooting PG for most of the game.

There is much to be encouraged about. However, the Jazz still tend to lapse on D and stagnate on offense. They can not just go to Jefferson and force him to go 3/4 on 1.

Mount Beauty, VIC

A much better starting five - more balance
I hope Ty keeps this starting line up for the rest of the season

CJ is much better suited to the 2 spot

Ty nearly lost this one due to roations but he might have been hamstrung with injuries again

Good win in the end - but 13 up at 3/4 should not have been got this close.

Murray, UT

No excuse for giving up a 21 point lead.

I was noticing how doughy the Jazz look today in comparison to Philly. CJ looks like a baby with the neck of the Michelon tire man. Big Al has been dynamite, but his strength conditioning needs a ton of work.

Jazz need to get in NBA shape. I know they don't want to sacrifice speed for strength, but look at Kobe, James, Howard, Stockton, or Malone...these are all guys who work/ed hard on their conditioning and hardly miss/ed a game. Milsap is the only Jazz man I'm happy with as far as conditioning but even he's not quite there.

Houston, TX

It is clear this team has not quit. However, it is missing a lot of talent which is sitting in suits or even limping on court.

The Jazz are starting to adjust to both Harris and Favors. Harris may not be able to go effectively. A hamstring is not trivial. Both Bell and AK are less than healthy. The Jazz may need to bring up a 10 back up PG just to practice.

San Francisco, CA

I too liked the starting five tonight. Started out with a lot of energy--much needed. This Sixers team is good and has talent. Good win, not a great win, but I will take good right now. The 4th was hideous all around. Poor D and execution. Looks like Harris is down; hope for not long. CJ had a nice driving "hang time" lay up/shot which was nice. I still worry at the end of the game b/c we don't really have a great closer. Harris and AJ-maybe (but iffy) and this leaves CJ. This is were I miss DWill as he could make the big shot like he did tonight in NJ. The guy is a stud at what he does, not doubt. Sorry, just making a point. We need to fix that. Nevertheless, I like AJ, Favors, AK, CJ and Harris. Harris please work on getting more assists. We don't need you to score big points (even though you had some beautiful finishes tonight). Create, create and create. You can penetrate and take guys off the dribble. I want 8-10 assists per game; we need it. Go Jazz..

navotas, philippines

geez. the Nets beat the celtics for their 5th straight. the jazz had to scramble to beat philly in overtime after leading by double digits in the 4th. i'm a jazz fan and i love my jazz but this team just doesn't cut it. the more the nets win the lower we pick on the draft. williams must be laughing his butt off right now. lol and can you believe that kris humpries? 16 points 15 rebounds. wow. that kind of rebounding we badly need.

Captain L
Provo, UT

I have been saying for a long time that CJ is better suited to play the 2 and he needs to start. CJ had a pretty good game and made a big shot to tie the game but he needs to get in better shape, Corbin had him on the bench going down the wire because he couldn't put forth the necessary effort. I still want CJ to start and continue to develop, hopefully he realizes things have changed and he needs to get in better shape, this team needs him to produce if they want to win.
Defense in the 4th quarter was back to being terrible, no one was moving, hustling, or fighting to get stops. CJ is not the only one struggling in the 4th quarter but Corbin saw CJ was unable to get his behind moving and benched him, which I thought was the right thing to do, even though the Jazz need what CJ can do/bring to the game.

San Francisco, CA

@Bugoff--Harris needs to play point better. I like the penetrating (at times) and finishes but we need him to be more like DWill and Stockton, if capable. I know he is not in those two guys league but he has to create and dish out more assists per game. I will ride him until he does just that. I rather have him have 12-14 pts (typical Stock numbers--career avg 13.1, I believe) and 8-10 assists per game. A double/double would be fabulous, but I will take 8-9 right now. He was averaging 7 in NJ....no excuses. He is quick and shouldn't settle.. Depending on the severity of his hamstring he could be out for a while. You are right, that can be a tough depending on the grade of the strain and I hope not a tear. We are banged up and we will see the true character of this team. Need to play D ALL 4 quarters. I like CJ, AK and Favors tonight. They were not perfect by any means but played hard--I like that. AJ was great as well.

San Francisco, CA

@Josemb--You said it buddy. Humphries has developed into a solid NBA player-at he is only 26. Dang, he was a Jazzman at one time:( I would take his numbers any day of the week. Amazing. I mean look at his stats over the past 5 days--crazy scary. DWill is just doing his thing; he looked dang solid tonight and comfortable. I will have to turn the station when the highlights come on--can't stand it. KG said NJ is a different team and a lot better. This is my point we need that leadership; someone who can take over. Like I said this game tonight against the Sixers was not great but good in a few aspects. I will give Corbin mad mad mad props for starting this new lineup. We needed a shake up, no doubt. Bell need to come of the bench for the rest of the year, no questions asked. Harris has game but is no.......I will rest it. Go Jazz

Sturgis, MS

If Corbin has been instructed to get into the lottery, then he deserves a raise. The last three wins have been gifts from the opposing team.

What does Fesenko have to do to get playing time?

Jefferson actually passed out of the post at least twice in the first half but none in the second.

Tonight was as poor a job of personnel management as I ever want to see. Turned a walk over into overtime and probably put Harris out of action for the season.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Nice win. But seriously, do the Jazz want to make the playoffs...despite the lip service given by players and coaches alike? No, they do not. Why? The Minnesota pick involved in the Jefferson trade is lottery protected this year. If the Jazz miss out on the post season they lose two games revenue max. Either the number one or two seed would whip them in five games max anyway. Having roughly the 6th and 12th picks gives them the opportunity to get two nice lottery players (Jimmer sweepstakes anyone)or perhaps package a deal and get an elite player in the 1-3 range. Add a free agent wing player who can shoot, re-sign Andre and a few back-ups at reasonable rates, get Memo healthy and bring over Ante Tomic from Europe and you are right back in the western conference mix for the next few seasons and thereafter. I have them going 5-9 at best over the final 14 games. Check the schedule for yourself.

Houston, TX

@amgolfer I suspect Harris would dish more if he knew the team and individual tendencies better. Give him the rest of this year and part of next year and I think you will see a lot more assists. He is very capable of assists but he really does not know how to maximize the play of the team yet. That is especially true with all of the roster changes due to injury.

However, for the most part the offense ran pretty well tonight. It may not be fair to compare him to DWill, who can shoot well and also is uncanny in finding/creating open players.

PHI turned up their D in the 4th and the Jazz bogged down. Part of that was due to the Jazz having a very short bench.

It was nice to win.

Give some credit to Bell and AK for playing hurt. If they heal up it will really help. Getting Hayward/Millsap back would also help a lot.

I really appreciated Favors/Evans tonight. They played well.

Provo, UT

@Daveman- No thank you to the "Jimmer sweepstakes" not to hate on Jimmer but he is a ball hog, with a bad shot selection. Jimmer is a fine player, but will not be a star in the NBA. And yes, they should make the playoffs, whether they will win or not, it is better to get playoff experience with their core guys, then pick a few slots higher. Favors, Jefferson and Millsap are the core of this team, Harris may be in the future plans too, and Jeremy Evans is a nice piece too. These guys need to be as battle tested as possbile going forward, so that when this ship is turned in the right direction, they know how to play in playoff games. I am liking Favors more and more, and hope in the offseason he can work more and more on his post game. If he has strong work ethic, he will be a beast. I see what you are saying though, a high pick would be nice.

David Wm
Columbia, SC

Coach Corbin has a chance to finish the season with a playoff spot, but if the Jazz fight their way to the playoffs it will be a statement on team heart and not team talent and skill.
It would be nice if there were a few extra role players sitting on the bench.
Such is life.....team spirit and focus will tell the story, but I fear that the Jazz have too few weapons to go anywhere in the playoffs and that may be the death nail for this season.
I hope that the players on this team realize that few of them have a guaranteed position for next season on this or any other team. If they quit on the team (and themselves) perhaps there will be a place for them in Italy or Greece.

San Francisco, CA

Jimmer does take some bad shots but I would hardly say "bad shot selection." The Y isn't deep with a lot of options. I don't think he will be a NBA STAR but he is a shooter and can create his own shot. We need that desperately. No one on the Jazz could come close to shooting his %, no one. He will grow in the NBA and soon find out it is not the NCAA. Give him a chance. I'm not saying he's a lottery pick b/c he's not but many believe he is. Ball hog? Who else is going to give the cougars consistent shooting night in and night out? They wouldn't be anywhere close to where they are now if it were not for JF. Come on. He has a "decent supporting cast" in Emory, Hartsock and Abouo-they have NO bench. Emory is a stud on D and can light it up from beyond but he can also be off. Jimmer could solve some of our shooting woes in a heartbeat and spread the offense. Have to respect his shot as he is a threat at all times.

Jazz Cop
San Francisco, CA

Jazz will be ok if they can get CJ to be the second scorer, harris should be the third scoring option, need to work on getting those guys points, even though i'm not sold on cj's effort, he's got to have a green light, trade him later on for another volume scorer down the road that will give all his effort, monta and big al anyone? Right now, cj needs to score about twenty a game, cj haters just need to accept that is the state. He is not one of corbins guys so we'll see if corbin keeps him around, but it's not corbins fault he has to work with guys that sloan coddled.
I like the starting lineup, just keep favors in there, along with cj, there's no reason the jazz can't sneak into the playoffs, the way big al is playing he is pretty solid I think the jazz can bank on his production. To either the lack of conditioning or concentration, maybe chemistry, that made the fourth quarter lead dissapear, it would've been their most complete game of the year if they held onto the lead.

Ivins, Utah

Harpring said he thinks Jimmer will struggle to defend point guards in the NBA. I think that's true but the point guards he mentioned by name nobody can guard one on one anyway. It will be interesting to see how Jimmer plays at the next level when he will also be surrounded by other good players that can score and they won't be able to tripple team him like they do now because that will leave other players open. I think he will be ok and I wouldn't mind seeing the Jazz pick him up if available

Dr Truth
SLC, ut

Initially, I was dreading having tickets to the game last night. However, what a great game for the fans that actually showed up. Harris, needs some work on his passing skills, especially in pick and roll situations. He's used to taking it to the hole instead of setting up his man from time to time. The spacing/timing isn't very good either for the pass. How about a trip to the great Northwest to visit Stockton in the off season? That said, I'd like to see Favors spend some time with Malone learning some veteran tricks as well as getting some weightlifting tips.

You all say Jimmer, I say Kemba Walker, better D, quickness and clutch plays in a real league. Playoffs? maybe the Nets, the Jazz aren't catching Memphis!

Steve Jensen
Herriman, UT

Anyone that thinks CJ is the answer is Nuts! His D is terrible! He has one good game out of about 5-6 were he shoots a good percentage - then thinks he's superman and start shooting al the time. Scoring 15-20 points isn't hard on a bad team full of injuries when your the one that shoots all of the time. CJ is NOT the solution!

The fact is the Jazz don't play Defense, are bad at the 3 Point line, and foul a lot.

Eagle Mountain, UT

It sure seemed like the Jazz were trying to lose last night. It was great to see the fight and desire there at the end of the game from the Jazz. I still think the Williams trade was fantastic and I believe the Jazz will be a very good team next year. They are going to need to get healthy quick if they want to get to the playoffs this year.

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