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Published: Monday, March 14 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

ILLEGAL is a crime, THE END, if our State Officials, refuse to call a spade, a spade, then we MUST replace them!

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

Sorry Utah, "we the real people" are "NOT" going to support, just deport these illegal immigration's, that's our reform Utah.

With our national debt poised to reach its $14.3 trillion limit in the very near future, taxpayers expect Congress to work together to reduce wasteful and unnecessary spending and be more vigilant about how we spend public funds. The American people want Congress to deal with the tough issues of cutting spending, and almost every member of the Senate has agreed that we must address our fiscal situation immediately.

While there are certainly many issues that warrant the Senate's consideration, we feel that the Senate must not debate and consider bills at this time that do not affirmatively cut spending, directly address structural budget reforms, reduce governments role in the economy so businesses can create jobs, or directly address this current financial crisis.

The American people resoundingly rejected the way the Senate waited until Christmas Eve as a mechanism to force hurried debate on President Obama's massive health care legislation. Voting to proceed to another legislative measure effectively runs away from the central issues of spending and debt and repeats that flawed process.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

One very significant way to bring the budget under control is to eliminate social spending for illegal aliens.

We must enforce our borders and we must also have a national guest worker program. We must also realize that many of these illegal aliens are good and decent people. Here is a solution that I think would satisify the enforcement only crowd (I consider myself part of this group).

1. Offer a large reward to people, including illegal aliens, who turn in employers who employ illegal aliens without engaging in due diligence to keep them out.
2. Make it illegal to rent housing to illegal aliens. The penalty? The landlord has to refund all the rent.

This will set illegal aliens and their employers and land lords at each others throats.

Don't enforce these provisions until 6 months after the law is passed to give all the opportunity to settle their affairs.

Start a guest worker program at the same time you begin enforcing the above provision with the understanding that the guest workers stay here for no more than 3 to 5 years, a background check will be done and their children born here are NOT citizens.

J. Adams
Sandy, UT

My senator an representative don't give a darn what the majority wants: tough crackdown and deportation of illegals. The "utah solution" is a total travesty and an insult to the citizens. After trying so hard to have the legislature do the right and honnorable thing it is now clear to me that the only recourse left is to move to another country. BTW, I don't expect it to be better there, but that's the point. I don't expect to be betrayed by the government.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am very offended that the two guest worker program bills were passed. I will personally campaign against the Senator from my district who proposed one of these bills. She may be happy about the outcome but myself and many other voting citizens are very upset. From someone who has been displaced from construction work by illegal immigrants, it is very hard for me to consider supporting someone who does not support me. I am 59 years old and have no other training and I am now unemployed and unable to find any work. First time in 35 years. Pretty sad for a Viet Nam vet to be replaced by illegal immigrants. I will vow to support anyone who opposes the legislator(s) who introduced and supported the 2 bills that will be found to be illegal laws themselves.

Salt Lake City, UT

Thank-you Utah. I am overwhelmed with joy with your decision. I APPLAUD YOU!

Eureka, UT

Many Utahans, evangeliscals, LDS, and GOP members make a big deal out of "moral" issues implying they are following "Christian" values or even boldly asking "What would Jesus Do?" Yet, they forget the very same God or ask the very same question of "What would Jesus do" when it comes to immigration.

Personally I think the sooner we treat all humans as human now matter where they came from and the sooner we realize this whole world is connected and problems solved in one area are problems created in another and the sooner we get rid of the partisan politics we have in our state/nation, the better off we will all be.

Ferron, Utah

Those state Senators and Representatives who have voted for HB116 will pay the penalty, by being turned out of office, next election cycle as will the Governor if he signs this bad bill into bad law.

In my opinion there are four types of people supporting the cause of HB 116, illegal aliens, and "open borders" (1) self-serving politicians seeking to pander to prospective (hopefully grateful) future Hispanic voters to maintain their power (2) greedy employers seeking cheap "economic slave" labour to increase their profits (3) individuals or organizations who profit from their situations and (4) good intentioned people who are being used as pawns of the others.

The three former types are ingenuous in their claims to compassion and their opposition to xenophobia and racism which are only masks for their greed and racism.

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

Talking about Utahans and illegal immigration, reminds me of this movie.

The movie "Battle Los Angeles" is unrealistic because America's army goes all out to defend L.A. If aliens really attacked L.A., Americans would say "Take it."

Like it or not, I still say "REPORT THEM" when you see them every time, let ICE cuff them and deport them all.

Orem, UT

Instereo 12th Article of Faith.

We believe... ...in HONORING, OBEYING, and SUSTAINING the LAW.

Right now, it is illegal, so it is a CRIME.

Try to get around that one.

Resolute Voice
Salt Lake City, UT

The Latino "community" never wants to talk about the murders, rapes, and violent crimes their fellow compatriots perpetrate against Utah and its residents. They never want to talk about deportation of criminals. They never want to talk about the legal immigrants who swore an oath to the United States, learned English, and followed the rules. These individuals are expendable to Archie and Luz. We do not want amnesty, but we do want laws to apply to everyone. The Latino leaders seem to want the laws selectively applied. The Utah Compact does not address the very concerns the silent majority has about immigration reform. The feds are willing accomplices in their lack of priorities, and the state of Utah is trying to please everyone. The solution is not that difficult. Heavy enforcement of existing laws, employers should pay heavy fines (say 10% of yearly gross profits per working illegal found on site), and a reasonable pathway for non-criminals aliens. This should include oaths of allegiance and complete severance of all ties to foreign countries. This seems entirely reasonable.


Utahns were the victims of a well orchestrated plan. Starting with the Utah compact that promoted amnesty, the only bump came when the LDS church did not sign it. Those involved just keep telling people that they endorsed it. Senator Robles guest worker plan appeared, but her ties to Mexico made it to controversial, so Senator Bramble stepped in with his "comprehensive" solution. After he took the heat, he passed it off to Reid and Wright.

The only people who will gain from this is the Salt Lake Chamber of commerce. If it's vetoed or killed in court, it kills E-Verify enforcement. That should make the chamber happy. If it goes through, the chamber gets taxpayer subsidized labor.

Utah's compact was all about greed. It hurts the Utah families that have to pay for it with lost jobs, homes, wages. It's a new low for Utah's business controlled Republican party.

We want enforcement, we don't appreciate you giving away our jobs.

Cedar City, UT

I have friends from many cultures. I believe that the illegal and legal immigrants, that are pushing to remake the laws of the United States, should follow the example of Egypt and worked to Free all the people in their home government. I believe that we are all children of God and deserve to be free to govern ourselves and to be treated equally. I strongly resent immigrants that expect be given special privileges that taxpayers have to pay for.

Murray, UT

Allow one group to break the law with a pass? This idea is a monument to stupidity and insanity . How can anyone think this somehow makes sense? Can I get a pass to break tax laws while we wait for tax law reform? This stupid law will never pass the legal test and Herbert and the others who choose to pander on this will commit political suicide. This will be the biggest mistake they ever make. Illegals are going home sooner or later, the will of the majority is strongly against them. We are in charge they are not.

Farmington, UT

In my view, which spans more decades than I'd care to admit, the "federal problem" isn't illegal immigration, it's the US Congress. How many decades have we been without an energy policy, federal meddling in education without compensation, financial problems that cripple the entire nation, open-ended wars that go on and on (more than just one or two over the years--Korea, Vietnam, Gulf, Iran, Afghanistan, etc), trade inbalances, government health care, etc as well as immigration. Why do we keep sending these folks back? And when we finally decide enough-is-enough, what a hue and cry from those who are let go!!! It's just amazing!

Mapleton, UT

Of course California and other states are interested in what Utah does. They hope all the illegals in their state will rush to Utah and save them from financial collapse. And of course, Utah will go bankrupt!

Provo, UT

Obviously open and respectful dialog is not something the political right seeks nor wants: cut and dried, black and white, and we are dealing with objects, not real human beings. We expect people who might be functionally illiterate, living within a corrupt system, knowing nothing of the fine points of the political process (rarely available to them in their home country) to work effectively with the system without any help.
The percentage of criminals among them may be slightly higher than among native Americans, but the laws on criminality are clear: anybody convicted of a felony needs to be punished according to law, and every paroled alien criminal should be automatically deported, too.
But punishing those huddled masses yearning to breathe free because of the criminals is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I guarantee that my immigrant ancestors, one group in 1708 from the German Palatinate, and another from Northern Ireland and Scotland in 1864, did not go through legal channels to come here. Likewise, many that came without papers in the past two decades have added a lot to our society and economy.

Murray, UT

HB166 makes no sense. If the governor signs it, and if the Federal government turns over immigration to Utah, it clearly has not been thought out.

A person needs a drivers privilege card for a guest worker pass. They have to have a job lined up, one that is not wanted by Americans, or can't be done by one, and their pay has to be equal to others in the area doing the same job. 20% of the people here illegally work in agriculture, ranching, etc. The rest are doing jobs like construction. In order for an employer to hire a person under this program, they have to make sure that no citizens will do the job. Will our state enforce their own law, or face multiple lawsuits? This could be costly.

And if the business owner has to hire a citizen first, if he's dishonest, he will just hire a person here illegally that never signed up. This could put everyone who signs up, out of work, unless they work in agriculture. And if they are out of work, their guest worker pass expires. This is a mess.

Murray, UT

It looks more like the bill was meant to kill E-verify and keep the drivers privilege card program. Once it's killed, those parts are dead also. E-verify was one of Herberts points. #3

We did not find a solution, we gave other states a way to kill enforcement bills.

Salt Lake City, UT

No, HB116 is NOT "Utah's answer to immigration reform." It is NOT the will of the people of Utah at large. No wonder it was pushed through at the last minute, literally in the dark of night.

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