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Published: Sunday, March 13 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Prove them wrong Aggies, whip K State! Go Cougs!

springville, UT

Chrissy, hedgy, and howard fall to the floor in the fetal position. Aggies, welcome to the world of BYU.

Appleton, WI

Go Aggies!! I am a BYU fan and grad, but can't believe how badly the Aggies were treated by the committee. This is truly one of the worst performances overall by a selection committee in years, and slapping the Aggies with a 12 is one of the most egregious failures. I hope the guys from Logan can prove them wrong with a stellar showing and a W against K-State.

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Utah State got hosed!!

South Jordan, UT

Aggies Can thank Stew and the fans for this slap. Adios Aggies! The fans don't demand Stew to play anyone. Keep playing tough teams even if you have to do 2 for 1. One trip to Georgetown in 10 years does nothing for your SOS. Stew is comfortable in his little haven and the fans are happy playing 28 wimpy games per year. Get out of the comfort zone.

Lovell, WY

Aggies got a bad break, but have a chance to upset K-State. Dick, you should use more than a spell checker to proofread your columns. A couple of glaring mistakes takes away from a pretty good analysis.

Iowa City, IA

30-3, ranked #17 and they get...a 12th seed. That's hosed at its finest.

However, conventional wisdom states that at least one 12 seed will beat a 5 seed.

The committee may have set Kansas State too high and USU too low, and the game would in reality be a "7 vs 10" had they needed more 7 or 10 seeds. This reminds me of the Utah and Arizona game two years ago. Many folks thought the Utes were put too high and Arizona too low. Arizona proved this when they not only beat the Utes but advanced to the sweet-sixteen.

So, Aggies, time to get over the frustration of getting hosed. If you are as good as Kansas State, then go out there and beat 'em.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I was right on my last prediction (a lost to SDSU), and here's my next one: You'll win your first game, then lose the second. Jimmer is a player, but he has no supporting cast. SDSU exposed that weakness in a most glaring manner.You did the best you could with what you had. Now, the ride is over, and time to look for a new coach. And shooting guard. And center. And power forward. And...

1975 Aggie
Lake Arrowhead, CA

I have been an Aggie fan since 1970, and attended the first game held at The Spectrum.

I hate to say this, but Stew should immediately put his name into consideration for the Utah head coaching job, as he will never get any respect from the selection committee while at at USU.

Yes, their strength of schedule hurt him. But he has gone on record as willing to play anybody in the nation on a home and home basis, with few takers.

In the Pac 12, he will be able to recruit better, build a home court advantage such as that Rick Majurus, and go against mentor Mike Montgomery. A 30-3 record in the Pac 12 would mean a #1 seed, guaranteed.

I would hate to see him leave Utah State, but if I was the Utah AD, I would be on the phone to him ASAP.

brookings, SD

USU is a very fine team, but they will lose to a better team. BYU is still a good team and will win the first round, and then lose.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Well Dick it is time now to put up or go home. The respect vs. disrespect argument is weak. The talent will rise to the top and if USU is as good as you hope then then what is the "Pro-blame-O-" this is why we play the tourney to put your money and your slanted bias fan fallowing where your mouth is.

Lets go Aggies and Cougars show up or go home baby !

Denver, Colorado

Big time aggie fan, but the boys from logan did it to themselves. They needed a strong showing in the WAC tourney, but barely beat two mediocre teams. They were sloppy, careless passes, soft defense. If they play K-State the way they played last night, it will be one and out--again.....

Salem, UT

Go Aggies- I would add it is hard to say the MW got respect when the PAC-10 got 4 teams in and the furthest west #1 was Kansas- then again the selection comm. only has two former players on it and so it is not hard to figure out how they make some really silly decisions

Logan, UT

USU and Kansas State should both be mad. How many other top 25 teams (in both polls) have to face each other in the first round. Poor job by the committee. Completely ridiculous!

Logan, UT

"The talent will rise to the top and if USU is as good as you hope then then what is the "Pro-blame-O-" this is why we play the tourney"

The whole "Pro-blame-O-" is this sets up a first round loss for a top 25 team-- no matter who wins.

Layton, Utah

Whine Whine Whine, the table has been set now just sit down and eat up what's in front of you, that's all you can do.
If you are the better team then go out and prove it!

Oh and I am sure Hedgie the expert will be on here shortly predicting a loss to Wofford, cuz they got the skillz over the gimmick.

Provo, UT

I think the Aggies can take K-State.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

First round loss will come for a number of top 25 teams, everyone from #2 to 68 gets a shot at some one above them lets Play ball and quite whining !

Omaha, NE

I live in Big XII country and I will say the KState is one of the best teams around. Some feel the are as good, if not better than Kansas...they did whip Kansas hard this year too. I don't think they are better, but they are way better than USU. The only good win of USU's is St. Mary's, who fell apart at the end of the season, so that is hardly a good win anymore. I can count on almost 3 hands the good wins KSU has. Sorry, USU is done. BYU can beat Gonzaga or St. John's, especially with their top player out. BYU should make the Sweet 16.

Coug Fan '92
Springville, UT

Sorry Aggies, you got hosed on that one, but beat K-State and now you are in the 5 seed spot where you should have been.

Cougs, let's go win a couple on the other side on the mountain!

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