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Published: Sunday, March 13 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

I agree, but Jackson and Charles are going to have to come up big on O. Jackson is always a one man wrecking crew on defense. Noah will also need to play large! Jimmer needs dishing options that work.

Evanston, WY

I have SDSU and BYU going to the elite 8. Yes folks.....possible. I have SDSU going to the final against ND. After the game yesterday, SDSU is that good. And them knowing that and playing like each game is their last, will get them there.

Iowa City, IA

Sorry, UConn is better than SDSU, but give the Aztecs credit, they will advance out of the first round for the first time ever.

BYU has extremely favorable match-ups. Wofford is decent, but 3's RARELY lose to 14s, and there are reasons. St. John's is highly over-rated. Don't believe me? Check out the teams they lost to easrlier in the year (i.e. St. Bonneventure). Plus, they needed controversy just to eeek out a win against Rutgers in the Big-East tourney. I don't use the over-rated term much---but this is a clear cut example of it. If Gonzaga beats St. John's, BYU match-ups up well with the Zags.

Finally, BYU gets the weakest of all 2 seeds in Florida (the team they beat in the NCAA last year).

So no excuses, Y. You were ranked as high a 3 in the polls. Now prove it.

brookings, SD

Y won't make the sweet 16. Loss of center was truly a loss.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

BYU can do this without Davies, they've done well since Collinsworth got hurt. The big problem will be getting their swagger back; the team lost most of it after Davies left.

Cedar Hills, UT

Jimmer will have to score 50+ per game for the Y to get past the 2nd round. Davies makes a big difference in that BYU is small inside now and that is going to probably put a stop to their hopes starting with the 2nd round. I really would be surprised to see the Y get past the 2nd round and shocked to see them go beyond that.... but Jimmer is a once and a decade player that just might make the impossible happen for the Y.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I'm picking a well-balanced attack and victory on Thursday. Then Jimmer can go off like a rocket on Saturday. Carry the team on his shoulders to the third round.

Good rest between Saturday and round 3 and anything can happen!

So let it be done.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Both the Y and SDSU could easily win 3 but I don't see either getting to the final 4. Hope they do though.

Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

Feeling sorry for the Aggies, they got Jimmered by the NCAA Selection Committee.

Santa Monica, CA

All the best to them from a Ute fan. I (gulp) really like this group and I believe they will make it to the Sweet 16. After that--who knows?

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Similar except that Utah actually made it to the F4 and didn't lose in the 2nd round.

Murray, UT

Fisher was not only the team's 3d best scorer he was also one of the nation's best rebounders. Jerry Chambers has said many times that Utah would have won the national championship in 1966 if Fisher had been in the lineup. Also, back then regions were truly regions. Teams stayed in their region and had to win their region. 1966 was during the time that John Wooden and UCLA were making annual runs to the NCAA championship. However, in 1966 Oregon State beat UCLA for the PAC 8 title and then Utah beat Oregon St on its way to the final four.

Palo Alto, CA

Similar except that Utah was seeded into the Sweet Sixteen and only had to beat Pacific and Oregon State to reach the Final Four.

Provo, ut

Last 5 BYU games: 3 wins 2 losses = 18-12 season = NIT invite. This is the reality for BYU right now. I think they will win the first game, but truthfully there are 6 or 7 teams left out of the big dance that are better than BYU right now. Perhaps BYU should follow the example of Brandon Davies and ADMIT where they are wrong. They do not belong.

Show that integrity, do the right thing BYU, resign from the big dance. We as life long fans are ready for our hearts to be broken one more time. We really had hope this year. You are luckily placed in the right bracket for how small your are, but, now, well, unless jimmer scores 60 a game, we won't make it beyond the sweet 16. // head hung low // Go aggies // Go SDSU. Good luck cougars, will love you always, just kinda sad that the story always repeats. head hung low. Jesus forgives, so why won't byu?

Mission Viejo, CA

I hope the teams they play believe that BYU and Jimmer are overrated.

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA


Another Chris B clone.

Jesus forgives after a repentance process, which BYU will do after Brandon completes his.

Your "last 5 games" formula is as meaningless as your analysis. You could apply the exact same reasoning to #1 seed Pitt (lost in the opening round of the Big East tourney) and #2 seed North Carolina (blown out in the ACC final) for discounting resumes that they built over an entire season.

It's hillarious how all of these Utah trolls are campaigning for BYU to simply give up on a great season because they lost a couple of players. Sorry to disappoint U, but you're going to have to rebuild your own program. BYU isn't going to give you a free pass by simply stepping aside now, or in the future.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I definitely think BYU has a tougher road ahead than the 1966 Utes had. They have to play more games and are not as well rounded as a team as the Utes were that year. Jimmer has shown some good defense in a few games, but he is still lacking in that area and his assist numbers aren't as good as they should be for a point guard.

Jimmer will probably get all the POY awards and he deserves them. He has been great all year. Kemba Walker looked good in the Big East tournament, but had more lackluster games during the season than Jimmer. However, Kemba is a more complete player and may have an even bigger impact than Jimmer in the future. Jimmer scores a lot, but Kemba does whatever it takes to win (assists, rebounds, scoring).

Dave Rose is still number one on my list of candidates for the Utes job. We need someone who is a proven winner and recruiter.

I hope USU goes deep in the tourney. They deserve more respect than they are getting for as many wins as Stew Morril gets out of his team every year.

Iowa City, IA

It's unfortunate to see Boylen go, I think he has the right ideas, but seems like nothing really took root. Maybe the mass exodus of players last year had a bigger impact than expected.

Frazzle Dazzle: that has got to be one of the weakest posts ever. You really tried to pretend you were BYU fan.

Finally, sure Boylen is gone, but if Hill doesn't get a coach that wins, Hill may be on the hot seat next...Looking for a third head coach in 7 years? The last coach to win at Utah also got them on probabtion and had to surrender his personal salary to avoid the NCAA death penalty.

Sandy, Utah

Mike, did you get the idea for this article from my letter to the editor that the DN published last week? I was at the game when George Fisher broke his leg. It is something I have never forgotten. Ute basketball is bad when your only current joy in it is remembering something that happend 45 years ago.

Fruit Heights, UT

The difference is the Coogs would lose in the first weekend with or without their center.

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