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Published: Saturday, March 12 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

Time to get our stuff together.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Good luck in the PAC Utes, I think a winning season is very attainable in their first year there. I am really looking forward to football season.

Ann Arbor, MI

Unfortunately I think the offensive learning curve will carry into Sept. Just way to many things to cover with new QB's and Wynn on the sidelines.

The great thing about being in a BCS conference is that even if September is rocky the Utes can still make it to the Conference Championship game.

Highland, UT

Well technically you are correct wedgie but realistically....no they can't.

Cedar City, UT

Utah's offense will probably be the worst it has been in 10 years.

With Norm Chow taking over, I see it being much like UCLA's offense last season, except UCLA had a better QB and better athletes...

Here are the Facts:
1- Wynn is not accurate passing the ball, unable to scramble or move well in the pocket, and cannot take pressure or hits from defenses. The whole nation saw what happens to Wynn and the U offense against decent Defenses. 47-7, 28-3, 26-3.
Now Utah will be playing decent defenses nearly every week. Wynn will be the punch-doll of the PAC.
2- There is talent, but absolutely no experience at RB, and there will be no passing game to open up the run.
3-No returning stars at receiver is a big problem, hopefully some of the new comers can make an impact.
4- The O-line lost 2 of its best starters. Struggles against good Defenses.

A 2-5 start in 2011.
wins over Montana St., and Pitt
Losses to USC, BYU, UW, ASU.

I think it will pick up after that and Utah will end up 7-6.

Ann Arbor, MI


"Utah's offense will probably be the worst it has been in 10 years"

Interesting analysis, did you pick the number 10 out of a hat for dramatic effect or did you do research? Can you give me a little data on the 2001 Ute offense and how it will compare to 2011? crickets crickets

"No returning stars at receiver is a big problem"

hmmm, can't think of the "star" receiver we lost last year.... can you help with this?

The reality the WR position is the deepest most talented of any position on the team. I'd list the names/stats/stars for you but I'm pretty sure you don't have a clue what I'd be talking about.

Chris B's momma
Idaho Falls, ID

You should beat Montana and then compete for a win against the Cougars, WSU Cougars. Not much going for your offense in between.

Highland, UT


The deepest part of nothing is still pretty much nothing. utah's offense will be poor this year and they will struggle to reach .500 and they will lose to BYU. I'm sure we will not hear from you for several days after that loss.

Springville, UT

Wedgie, do I sense some common sense floating in your head. Once again, in less than a week, you've said something that makes a little sense and that I agree with.

"Unfortunately I think the offensive learning curve will carry into Sept. Just way to many things to cover with new QB's and Wynn on the sidelines."

So if this becomes true, Utes are going to have some problems in the W category in September and that means you're almost laying the excuse out there for a loss to BYU and a few other teams. Very interesting wedgie. I'm going to file this one.

However making it to a Conference Championship is stretching it... a lot!

Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

Moving Brian Blechin to the LB position is a brilliant move by the coaching staff. The LB group now has better overall speed, better lateral movement,an improved ability to make quicker reads...but the thing I like best is Brians' foot work. Looking at film he was rarely out of position, has an explosive first step with quick feet. This could be the best move the u makes this year. Tip of the hat to KWhit and the staff.


My breakdown:

QB: depends on Wynn's health. When healthy he has proven himself to be decent. And that was playing in a scheme that did not suit his talents. Now that he is in a better scheme for him, he should play better. His health is a big ? though and if he goes down, his backups are nothing to write home about. His health will go a long way in teh success of this season.

RB: Lots of unproven talent. I have no doubt that this is going to be a strength of the team, eventually. Somebody will step up and play well.

O-Line: both tackles return. Tavita Stevens started some games at Center last year, and that is where he will be. We picked up a lot of talent this year for the guards. Slaughterhouse will be tough to replace, but we won't miss Zane Taylor at all.

D-Line: not as deep as last year (last year's depth was INSANE) but guys will get into a better groove this year and I think you will see more QB pressure this year from the line. Shelby can be a first-day NFL pick if healthy

Al Bundy
murray, ut

I hear that the staff is prety high on the back-up QB's? It sounds like Wynn might be in a battle?

Fallon, NV

It is going to be a long season for the Utes. Oh well, they have that Sugar Bowl win to look fondly back on. Twenty Years from now they will still have that one win to look back on and say remember when...

Huntsville, Alabama

Hi Folks. I've been sort of a Utah fan since you guys clobbered Alabama in the Sugar Bowl a couple of years back. Now that you're part of the PAC, you'll be playing against my UW Huskies (I grew up North of Seattle and work in Huntsville, AL...I HATE the SEC). Anyway, I watched the Ute's game against Pitt and the Bowl game against Boise State. Last year, you guys would've ranked in the top spots in the PAC-10 (3rd or 4th?). This year Utah appears to be rebuilding. However, you'll have the advantage of not having to play Oregon or Stanford this time around. A lot depends on how Wynn does in the new offense and whether or not you can generate a running game with new running backs and interior offensive linemen. Wynn looks like he'd be a good West Coast passer and he has good receivers. But if Utah becomes one dimensional, teams will tee off on the new interior line and running back protection schemes. Defensively, looks like you'll be solid against the run, but it will take time for the defensive backfield to gel.

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