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Published: Saturday, March 12 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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San Francisco, CA

If you read Todd's post, of which I totally agree, he is calling out numerous players even stating that only a few are exempt from being trade bait. Read closer as Todd is not "just" calling out CJ. He knows better than to call out just one guy. Look at the +/- stats against the Bulls. Todd, thoughts on Fess? Does Corbin need to just bite the bullet and give him 20-25 minutes a game? I have been discouraged with him as of late.
@ Captain L-thanks for your post on the matter.
Ak was horrible (fact) and I could care less that Harris had 20+ points as it really meant nothing except padding his stats. 3 assists people? Korver had 6. This is our catalyst/court leader? No excuses as I agree with Todd. Not Jazz basketball. He needs to lead as he is a our PG. Remember he is a veteran in the league.
To all u Korver haters, hmmm. He sure is playing better D and he lit us up last night. Sure would be nice if we still had him to spread the offense. Frustrated. Play the rooks more-agree. More D. Go Jazz

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Todd, Captain and Houdini.....Let's see. You guys love the +/-. CJ was the best on the team last night at -1. So all of your comments are way out of line. Why don't you look at your boy AK. 2 - 14 last night. Or your boy Corbin who plays Evans more minutes than Favors.

Todd for not watching the game how do you know CJ didn't show up when it counted. Strange thing is the starters gave the game away in the first 6 minutes and CJ wasn't even on the floor. Your comments are as much fantasy as Houdini's comments. I know for sure you two couldn't coach a 5 year old team.

Moving on.......Anyone notice that since AJ started putting up big offensive numbers, the Jazz are losing by a wider margin? I am beginning to wonder who the cancer really is!!

San Francisco, CA

Again, this is a team sport. This is why I could care less about the "number game" or padding stats. It's no secret that when Kobe doesn't involve his teammates they area mediocre. This isn't quantum physics that we must get more assists (listen up Harris) and play as a unified team--Oh, I;m definitely referring to the BIG D as well. It's our only hope. Corbin, KOC and Greg need to be held as accountable as anyone. So far I'm not impressed with Corbin's leadership skills. It's as if he doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Man up Corbin and look at the big picture instead of 3 inches from your face. Remember it all start from the top. Now, don't take this wrong as players to wake up and realize what they have to do to win. Despite the fact we haven't won the big dance we have always been a proud/winning organization. I think it was Vinnie that hit on the head earlier. We need veteran leadership and can't have all rookies. We have that-no excuses. None. Go Jazz.

Lake Elsinore, CA

Setting up for The Jimmer Pick.

Saratoga Springs, UT

How about this u bring in players that are used to losing and now we lose. I love AJ but he has a hard time on the D. I would not resign CJ, and would buy out RB.

Rexburg, ID

I am almost hope their is a lockout next season as I don't wanna see a whole season of this, that would be tough. I hope they make lots of moves this offseason because no matter how much potential Favors has I don't think he is going to be a guy you can build a team around but I could be wrong. This team needs to be rebuilt BADLY. What we have now will never get it done, not now or next season.

Captain L
Provo, UT

CJMiles: I don't know why your complaining to me, I didn't slam on CJ. I just said he had a mediocre game, which he did.
Like I said earlier, play the youngsters and help them develop. I would love to see AJ, Favors, CJ, Hayward and Harris start and Evans and Fes get as much time as possible as reserves. I'd even like to see what this Cousin's kid has.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Captain.....How did CJ have a mediocre game when he had the best +/- of any player on the Jazz last night? He shot a higher percentage than the team average last night.

San Francisco, CA

Harris better show me a lot more, seriously. Not impressed since I seen him get burned on the playground by some local kid, ha ha.. Youtube it. My bitterness is that we no longer have an ALL-STAR PG in DWill. I know I need to get over it but it's hard as we just haven't had many in UT, period. Harris can do a few things good but consistent outside shooting (long-range) has never been his strong point and his assists per game scare me. He needs to be a better creator after all that's what great PG do. I know a lot of people want to run CJ out of town. I haven't quite jumped on that bandwagon b/c I know what that could potentially mean if history repeats itself. I hate losing guys unnecessarily and have it come back to haunt bite us--same sad story. We need some vets mixed in and I hope they can gel and be unified to play defense.
Deno22--unless I'm missing something we don't build around Favors. He is good but has a lot of growing to do.

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

Dark age until find better coach. As I said before game time management is crucial for this team. Jazz played better as team Al in bench. Al is ball hog one directional guy defense is horrible. Why didn't go after Love when he was available. Season is over. Work for future. After Sloan's retirement Ak changed a mind not gonna stay in Utah. I don't think Nets either . Deron already there.
SO big decisions for AK and Jazz.

San Francisco, CA

AK Fan--If AK doesn't stay in UT he will most likely be NJ bound--Russian owner, seems fitting. DWill will most likely move on unless he (NJ owner) can pull of some serious magic in recruiting some help for DWill. Wouldn't that be funny AK and DWill reunited once again. LOL...

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Like Jazz fans been saying for a while now, need to bench the non defenders and play the rookies. It makes no sense to continue to shorten the careers of Jefferson and Milsap by playing them into the ground. Sit Bell and AK too. Its time to develop the rookies. Give them 35+ minutes a night and lets see what they can do. It seems Corbin has the same rookie bias's that Sloan had only worse. Let Fes, Favors, Haywood and Evans get some meaningful playing time from here on out. Nobody likes to watch these worn out vetrans try to play without defending.

Hugh G. Hater

How do you all know that this ISN'T the team/coach that the Millers/KOC want?
"Fun and competitive" and just good enough to keep the season ticket holders coming.

I'll take a rookie Jimmer over Watson anyday.

San Francisco, CA

@Hugh--good point. Makes me question things. I feel pretty confident in saying that Larry wanted more. But I can't make sense of KOC/Greg. Nevertheless, good point.

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