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Published: Saturday, March 12 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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springfield, il

No comments?? LOL Looks like the Jazz fans have abandoned the sinking ship.Another embarrassing blow out, many more to come. I love watching this train wreck.

Southern Utah Fan
Enterprise, Utah

Play the rookies the rest of the year build them up for next year.... What we got to lose ? The game?

navotas, philippines

we're getting closer to that top 10 pick. keep it up boys. hopefully, the nets will play as bad as we do. oh wait, they're on a 3-win streak. we can only dream that. lol

Salt Lake City, UT

Was that the Utah Flush in the 1st half?

Silly Rabbit
Magna, UT

Sadly how do these athletes not play defense

As a former HS basketball coach when I picked a team I looked for hard working kids, I used to pick basketball players first, then the best athletes second. I always figured that I could turn a wrestler that was a good athlete into a rebounder, a soccer player into a good defender, etc. I look at most Pro basketball players and they are amazing athletes, why won't these guys defend.

Well it hit me tonight, because defending takes heart and determination and I witnessed none of that tonight. It looked like they just wanted to collect a paycheck and go home and the last thing on their minds were the fans, their coaches, and their teammates. SAD

that first half effort was pathetic, guys

Bountiful, UT

Play the rookies please. Hayward, Favors, and Evans should be starting and playing 35 or more minutes, makes no sense for that not to be happening.

Santa Ana, CA

The excuses need to stop. Corbin is making no adjustments. He is not getting the job done. I missed the game and glad I did. This 3 point show is old and Earl Watson who I like, but was awful guarding Rose and he was lazy getting over. There is no D. The Jazz have given up on Fes but he still is the best there is unless you call what the Jazz are doing better in protecting the paint.

At this point, the Jazz cannot play well enough to even make a run at the playoffs. Miles (as usual) did nothing when it counted. Kirilenko zilch. AJ offensively at least did.

Truly, outside of Favors, Evans, Gordon and AJ, every one else to me including guys I really like Paul and Earl, all should be subject to trade.

No one else is untouchable nor should the coach have been either.

Leesburg, VA

Draft Jimmer!

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

When a team is near the bottom, it may or may not be rebuilding time.

Golden, CO

16 assists!!! When is the last time the Jazz only had 16 assists in a game? And how is it a Jazz starting PG who plays 41 minutes only has 3 assists? This is clearly not Jazz basketball and I hope not the direction that Corbin is taking the team. Korver even had 6 assists in half the time for the Bulls and he has no clue how to pass the ball.

Saint Louis, MO

The ship is sinking. When will the "rats" jump and leave the faithful to use the buckets to save the boat?

Clearfield, UT

Boylens available and he has NBA experience. Not impressed with Corbin. He's not getting the job done.

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

Hayward who played well the night before only got 7 minutes,what`s the deal? Todd you`re dead on about miles,scores a few points,plays zero defense and collects a nice paycheck he`s the "chemistry issue" Corbin refered to,dump him now,he`e flabby,lazy,worthless and Way Way overpaid

vancouver, wa

Is the "fat lady" singing?

Way to go Gregg & KOC. You have dismantled a very good team into nothing.

Southern Utah Fan
Enterprise, Utah

Got to remember there are 2 parts to an assist... First a pass, then the receiver of the pass must put the ball in the basket, 30% shooting will = in low assists #s...

But having said that, its time for Corbin to start the bench. For 3 or 4 games that will wake up the starters. They think there jobs are set. And its time to build for next year. The rookies need 30+ minuets.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Houdini: I realize CJ isn't going to become what I hoped he would with the talent he has, mostly because he doesn't have the heart and fight to play hard enough, but your as bad as CJMiles the poster here on DN. Your comments on CJ are just as bad in the negative way as his used to be in the positive way. Both are out of line with reality. CJ's play last night wasn't really good or bad, it was mediocre.
I agree with those who are calling for the youngsters to get the playing time and lets see what they can do and prepare for the future. Favors has alot of developing to do to be the player everyone thinks he can be, get him on the floor and force feed him. Hayward needs to be on the floor 40 minutes a game and put into a position of being the attacker.
The Jazz should get either the 6th or 7th pick with NJ's pick and then the 12th or 13th pick which is there own. Hopefully we can get two players that can shoot and be contributors.

Las Vegas, NM

Somebody tell Kirilenko he is not Michael Jordan...When you are 0-11 do you keep jacking up those bad shots? The Jazz franchise is almost single handedly being destroyed by the 17 Million dollar man Kirilenko...You pay a guy 17 mill...He is
0-11....1 point at half time...The guys who made much less from the other squad that you could have kept, Korver are killing you.
I think the management of the team defies logic and common sense.
Harris and Watson are missing in action when guarding the 3 point shot.
Is Corbin going to stop guarding the 3? Why did he wait till the 2nd half to employ a zone that worked? Not much on the Jazz makes alot of sense anymore...

the boonies, mexico

All of the talk about what position this team will draft in is just hogwash, because those of you who know this management and other smart teams thinking know that they will more than likely trade 1 or both for experienced players at postions they need help in, we already have 3 or 4 rooks and unless you want to toilet next season also you will need some experience not a team made up of rookies and 2nd year players with not much playing time. Another issue is that the Bulls are #1 in defense this year even with 3 ex-Jazz players. Isn't it time to look at films to see what they do and how they do it? C'mon coaches lets see how the good teams defend and forget the ancient Sloan system. Draft, trade or sign players that will listen, work, and will be defenders, if you don't it doesn't matter how good you are offensively because winning teams defend!

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Game after game the starters come out completely unprepared to compete.

What does that say about these players? What does that say about Corbin? I find it very interesting that game after game these starters come out and will not defend but Corbin leaves them out there to play.

This many bad blowout games in a row would have never happened with Sloan driving the bus. He would have made a better showing with my kids Junior Jazz roster.

As it stands right now, if someone gave me a free ticket in the lower bowl I would not drive downtown to watch...I have been watching for over 20 years now.

Check the stats yourself. This is now one of the worst teams in the NBA. Jefferson is piling up stats on a horrific team. We are another version of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Night after night they NEVER compete. The games are over, literally, in the first 10 minutes.

A once proud franchise has been reduced to rubble in 90 days.

Alpine, UT

re: Sokol

Sure AK had a bad game. How many good overall games has he had since Deron left. Most all of them.

Perhaps you should go and check all the players stats before you start whining. AK beats the pathetic CJ in literally every statistical category including 3 point shooting.

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