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Published: Thursday, March 10 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Las Vegas, Nevada

This can't be good. I don't like this, not one bit.

Chubbuck, Idaho

This is going to be a tough task. If BYU can hit their outside shots then they may be able to stay in the game, but we haven't stopped McDonald or Gordon the first two games, doesn't bode well for the third game. BYU just doesn't have enough offensive players that can create their own shot besides Jimmer. New Mexico is too well rounded. I call it New Mexico 84 BYU 76.

Hey look on the bright side, itleast it will allow BYU to practice more for the NCAA tourney and be rested when they are a 3 seed.

St.George, Utah

Wow, I didn't expect BYU's season to be so drab after losing Davies...I guess the team was not as profound as was previously assumed.

oh ye confederacy of dunces
Flushing, NY

A win tomorrow will propel the Y forward into a few big dance wins. A loss will indicate a poor showing at the tourney.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Hey look on the bright side, itleast it will allow BYU to practice more for the NCAA tourney and be rested when they are a 3 seed"

As we speak ESPN has BYU as a 4 seed. My guess after tomorrow it will be a 5-6 seed,

Junction, Utah

BYU at 29-3 gets more smack talked about them than most of the other teams that are barely .500. It is funny to read all the prognosticators who are begging for BYU a loss. BYU 73 NM 68

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

kmh, how about being realistic. New Mexico has owned the y twice already. The cougs did little today to build confidence. This is not the best 3 loss team in the state.

Farmington, UT

Tomorrow nights game is huge. If BYU can get rebounds and their shooting is on, they can win. Hopefully BYU has figured out how to win New Mexico after losing to them 4 times in a row. I think Davies was more valuable than people realized. GO BYU!

Fresno, CA

I hope third times the charm! Goooo Cougars!

Pullman, WA

Good. I was hoping for another shot at the pesky UNM team. Finally BYU will get it together and redeem themselves. It is time for Jimmer to break his own scoring record. Go Cougars. Rise to the occasion.

Fort Worth, Texas

BYU struggled against a horrible team.

Look for a 5 peat tomorrow.

Should still be top 5 seed in the tournament.

Danbury, CT

We're dead. Unless Fredette gets his game back on (no turnovers and stop shooting ridiculous 3's when you're cold) and someone fills in for Davies, this team has had its last win of the season yesterday. Thanks for the memories!!

Herndon, VA

I love all this optimism.

It's interesting to watch the faithful circle the wagons just prior to the battle.

We have played big games in the past as underdog where not one local sportswriter would go on the record to predict a win.

I'm predicting BYU is going to win tonight.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Hedgie...always good to hear information from you that makes me want to find out if what you're saying has any truth to it. I just checked ESPN's Bracketology and they have BYU as a 2 in the West as of this morning. Thank you for doing your part to help me get a little bit more excited about the tournament though!!!

Tonight will be tough...not impossible...but tough! Emery hitting is the key. If he can find his range again and draw some attention that should free Jimmer up to do his thing. If Emery keeps shooting ice cubes at the rim we're in a lot of trouble! GO COUGS!!!

Saint George, UT

Hedgie: ESPN still has the Y as a 2 seed, check your facts again. Don't state your opinion as truth. The Y will be fine tonigh, you know the challenge of facing the same team 3 times. Hard to do. Anyone can play down to the competion or up as in the case of the Utes. Where should SDSU be now that they stuggled with a bad utah team. Maybe 6 or 7 seed?

Herndon, VA

Isn't it fun to listen to Steve Alford?

He knows players read the papers or follow basketball on the Internet. He knows with these comments that he's basically talking to the BYU team, which is his target.

In effect, what he's really saying is: "We're in your heads now; we can beat you in multiple ways, with multiple sets...there's not a lot you can do about it."

Eagle Mountain, Ut

New Mexico has owned BYU for four straight!! Unless Drew Gordan, and Dairese Gary hurt their wrists from gambling, this could be ugly. Sorry Cougs, but you better pack your bags for Denver . . . a possible first round game with Michigan St or Virgina Tech looms ahead.

I think all of the BYU fans are simply tired of disappointment. Yes, 29-3 is an awesome record, but who wants a team to do that well and lose in the semifinals of the MWC tourney and lose in the fist round of the NCAA's? When was the last time BYU won the MWC tourney? How about 2001 - ya, they have wond the regular season title many times, but when it comes down to tournament games - they struggle. When was the last time BYU got past the second round of the NCAA's? How about 1981 when Danny Ainge dribbled past the entire Notre Dame team to get into the elite eight.

Every BYU fan wants and hopes for a win tonight, tomorrow, and to make it to the sweet 16. Good luck!!


Ann Arbor, MI

"Yes, 29-3 is an awesome record, but who wants a team to do that well and lose in the semifinals of the MWC tourney"


I agree. Regular season records mean little to nothing if you don't make atleast a sweet sixteen run. Year after year little known teams with bigshot records enter the NCAA tourney.... only to get an epic beatdown in the first round.
And then they're forgotten.

Herriman, Utah

Face it, the word "truth" and hedgehog cannot be used in the same sentence without confusing everyone. "Wishing and hoping" by hedgehog just will not make it so.

New Mexico has proven that they can play ball. They have a great coach and a squad with wonderful talent and determination. They have obviously enjoyed success against BYU this year - for which they should be respected and commended. However, the fact that New Mexico (has won) the last two games this season should play in the Y's favor. It will be an additional source of inspiration that the Cougars will enjoy today as they prepare to take on the Lobos.

This game (and the San Diego/UNLV game) is really what College Basketball is all about. Two great teams, going "head-to-head" and playing for their lives. Whoever wins will certainly deserve it!

BYU only needs to win by one, but look for a breakout game. Good luck Cougars!
We support you with confidence.

BYU only need to win by one, but they will probably win by 10!

It's time for all of us to support our team, without listening to the biased naysayers. Go Cougars!!!

Highland, UT

Unfortunately, after the first two games I don't see BYU beating NM. Fredette has lost his swagger the last few games. Shooting 30-35% is not even close to good enough. Did you see the wide open 3 he missed yesterday and several other shots he should have made.

I hope BYU can bring a tournament title back, but they have a tough road today.

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