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Published: Thursday, March 10 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Idaho Falls, ID

Biggest blow out of the day! It's coulda stayed home.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Utes set a MWC tournament record for the fewest points in a half! What an interesting departure to the PAC. On your bellies!

West Jordan, UT

Go, Boylen, Go!
Go, Boylen, Go!
Off the floor and out the door!
Go, Boylen, Go!

UoU 1991
Park City, UT

So much for "redemption" coach!

Provo, UT

It's a great day to be a Ute!

South Jordan, UT

Adios, adieu, bon voyage, Boylen. Do the right thing.

Darth Vader
Ogden, UT

Nice of you to show up!

Salt Lake City, UT

Good luck in the Pac 12 Utes.

See you in Sep.

Salt Lake City, UT

8 assists, 20 turnovers

We're entering a new phase.

We just have to keep fighting.

We just have to keep getting better.

There's still hope.

The last words of a dying program.

Gene Hinds
Redlands, CA

Look, the Aztecs have probably two NBA players on their team. Why do you think their RPI is number three in the nation? Review SDSU win/loss record, 30/2.
That said, the Utes are going to get killed in the new PAC12. Just wipped out in football and basketball. Sure, in time, Utah will catch up, but looking down the tunnel, there is only a glimmer.Very embrassing years to come.
Really going to miss the Utah/BYU/Wyoming connection. I guess everyone is after the almighty dollar for all sorts of reasons. Sad!
So long MWC, recall the Utes were a big part in it's formation. And, it seems, MWC schools will no longer schedule Utah and BYU. Up goes travel expenses.

Mt Rushmore
Arlington, VA

State of the State

Jim Boylen lost more MWC games in the last two years, than Dave Rose lost in the last six.

Regardless of conference affiliation, Utah and BYU are two programs headed in opposite directions.

Salt Lake City, UT

Uh... in football Utah was arguably the third best PAC-12 team last year (even crappy early season byu beat washington). They'll be fine there, particularly when they aren't playing oregon and stanford next year. As for basketball... we're too busy watching gymnastics to care.

st george, utah

yeah ...yeah ...who cares about basketball anyway...c'mon football season

salt lake city, UT

Why is it a rebuilding year? oh yeah, because 1/2 of last year's team couldn't stand the thought of coming back. I hate to see anyone unemployed but I think you can do nicely enough on what they'll pay you to break the contract.

Bountiful, UT

Keep Boylen!!! It's just so fun. Where's the MUSS??? Hmmmmm....

Draper, UT

Give Mr. Boylen credit because every game he comes up with some new excuses - this time it's because our turnover to touchdown ratio wasn't good enough. Good point. We can't wait for football season - when we have a team that is entertaining, fun to watch and wins. This basketball team - besides losing is just plain B O R I N G. Disappointing. Frustrating. Embarrassing. Sad.

Allen, TX

So sad...It used to be fun to root for the Runnin' Utes. But they are about to find out what big time B-Ball is all about. Gonna be cellar dwellers in B-ball and F-ball for a long time to come. Out of the MWC into obscurity.....

salt lake city, utah

Gene Hinds- The Utes will do fine in the Pac-10. At least in football. They have been recruiting against Pac-10 teams for years and have done well, even with the disadvantage of not being in the BCS. That just went away.

Cougar Blue
N. Las Vegas, NV

Utah looked terrible. Even the storied "Crimson Line" was subpar. What's going on?

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Tea for Two
Recruiting against PAC teams is one thing... Playing against them is quite another...and by the way... of USC's 25 new football recruits. All but 2 were Rival.com 4 stars in the nations top 100. Those other 2...also by the way... were 5's. Utah picked up 2-4's...not quite what I would call really competitive recruiting. But rest assured they are really looking forward to having you. Every former PAC 10 team has replaced their old door mats. They have two new sets. The ones at the front door now say Welcome University of Colorado... the ones out back say... Welcome University of Utah...The out back ones will get the most wear and tear.

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