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Published: Thursday, March 10 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Springville, UT

I'm sure a better TV contract will come about. What I'm not sure of is how much and when the Utes would get any of it. Like the current contract and its graduated scale.

In a limited TV audience such as the Salt Lake market is do you think the PAC-10.2 would impose some other insult to the Utes?

Pocatello, ID

I love having Scott as the commissioner. An incredible step up from Hair Thompson.

Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

The PAC has fallen behind the MWC, the WAC and WCC. The WCC doesn't even play football, and their football is better than the PAC.

Ann Arbor, MI


Looks like your saw PAC12 acronym and it threw you into a tantrum again. Another timeout maybe?

Also sounds like you're connected at the hip with Scott ( I think Ducky is also a personal friend of Scott) regarding all the revenue issues. Thanks for the hourly update.

Pocatello, ID


the division of revenue has already been decided. The revenue will be split evenly between the schools. The one caveat is UCLA and USC. If the revenue comes in less than 17 mil/year, they get a slightly higher cut (not to exceed 2 mill) than all the other Pac 12 schools.

One of Scotts big things was getting equal revenue sharing, like in the SEC, not the weighted garbage that the Big 12 does to placate Texas.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Hope a new deal allows you to watch your home team when they play. Last week when UW played UCLA at home in an important bball game, the Seattle area watched UA and Stanford. Where's the common sense in that. Since the new contract won't be in place till the end of this year, the SLC market may not get to see all the U games, especially if they're playing at the same time as another Pac12 opponent.

You may get to see WSU play Montana. Next year should be better though.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Doesn't even concern Utah. No one follows their basketball program anyway. They could give away tickets, and the Huntsman Center still wouldn't fill up.
Funny how willing the U was to sacrifice all their other programs at the altar of football. It'll be a real reality check when the football team struggles against the other guys in the PAC12. Only Washington State will be an easy football win...

Chris B's momma
Idaho Falls, ID

The PAC is irrelevant in basketball this year. Adding Utah won't help that any . TV won't help either!

Salt Lake City, UT

@HJC, Funny you would accuse the Utes of doing exactly what the cougs did - sacrifice all other programs on the altar of independence. Nice twist, anyway. Your PAC-12 envy is showing.

Riverton, UT

You shouldn't want more exposure when the PAC10 is so very bad.

Corona, CA

Are you saying irrelevent?? 3/4 of their football schedule is against Sun belt teams or whoever. CHA=CHING!

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I'm looking forward to seeing what the new TV deal will look like with the PAC-12 network and a strong national partner.

As usual, the Ute haters masquerading as BYU fans have to chime in here.

South Jordan, UT

Jealousy is such a lonely word.

Having a chance to play in a conference that receives an automatic bid to the Rose Bowl and an opportunity to play for a NC each year is something your team does not have. Even if our team does not make it, we still get paid.

If your team wins 11 games this year, you will be lucky to play in the Vegas Bowl. If Utah wins 6 games, they may play in that same bowl. Winnining 10 games could mean Rose Bowl and undefeated means NC opportunity.

No more towns like Laramie and ABQ. Mild weather and great cities with great food and great atmospheres. No more away games to play powerhouses or 2 for 1 schedules. Feeling privileged.

Danbury, CT

My fellow BYU fans are just uninformed and plain nuts for dissing the PAC 12. Everyone of us wishes BYU had gotten the invite. They play in front of the biggest audiences in the West, have the largest TV markets, recruit in cities where our best LDS athletes live, as well as some great non LDS. If you were HS star in Mesa, LA, SF, Seattle or Utah for that matter, where would you go to get the best exposure, coaching and competition? It's easy. Only those of you who live in Utah or Idaho wouldn't know what I'm talking about.

Going independent was the only option since we weren't invited to a real conference and we had to escape the MTN (too bad it didn't happen for Jimmer). Look for BYU to join some future conference re-alignment. This is only an interim plan.

Phoenix, AZ

It doesn't matter for BYU not to go to a conference with an automatic bid when it's the PAC-10 and the Big Joke (East) who's calling. It's a shame that Utah and TCU had to go to Lowly PAC-10 and the Big Joke (East) to get one. Wyoming could go to those conferences and competitively compete. Wyoming would be in contention to win the Big Joke (East). I like the Independent prospect, especially when the time needing the WAC crutch comes to an end.

Highland, UT


I agree with most of what you say as the pac10 is definately better than being in the MWC. But as usual you had to add something that is laughably untrue.

"No more away games to play powerhouse or 2 for 1 schedules."

Utah never got "2 for 1 schedules" with any powerhouses. They got one and done only away schedules with the few powerhouse they played. No powerhouse has ever come to res and outside of the conference teams of the pac 10 that are now obligated to go there none ever will with the exception of BYU who will do it just for the rivalries sake.

utah has certainly moved up and improved their situation but most of you ute "fans" are just a little bit delusional as to your place in things. You truly are considered to be no more than washington st. in the grand scheme. You will actually have to do something to be considered any more than that.

But you do have the opportunity because you are in the conference.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Actually, BYU's other programs won't suffer. The WCC is a great basketball conference, with VERY nice cities (@KamUte) and a conservative group of partner schools.
BYU has no conference affiliation in football, and therefore doesn't have to share TV money or bowl payouts... which means that the Vegas Bowl turns into a pretty decent payday, gravy on top of the ESPN $1 million per game.
Boise State has proven that all you have to do to get into a BCS game is go undefeated - regardless of the competition. Considering BYU's easy schedule, I'd say they have a better chance at that than Utah has at going 8-4 in the PAC.
Utah won't beat USC, UCLA, Stanford, Arizona, Oregon. Washington, Arizona State, Cal, Oregon State are all toss-ups. Only Washington State and Colorado are games Utah should win.
As for basketball, PAC12 means nothing to Utah. They would be the doormat of the Big Sky Conference.

Marysville, WA

@Mormon Ute:
haters masquerading as BYU fans

Thats rich. I was one of the hordes of BYU students who come every year from out of state to Provo, thrilled to be there and happy to root for my team, completely unaware of the animus that blows from north to south along the I-15 corridor. At my first BYU-Utah game I was astonished to discover that apparently to the typical Ute fan, hating BYU was more important than cheering for their own team. It doesnt take more than a couple years of that to turn the nicest out of state BYU students into Utah despisers. We wouldnt presume to use the term hater. You guys own the patent on it.

It's too much to hope that Utah's move to the PAC would allow you all to free yourselves of your BYU fixations. Seriously-move on. If we could move BYU out of the state, would that help?

Holladay, UT


Please tell me what BYU has done lately to be a "powerhouse" football team. To use your words, "that is truly laughable". 7-6 last year with a loss to Utah State does not make your team a powerhouse. Any BCS wins? I don't think so. Any BCS appearances? Nope. Sorry to burst your bubble that you live in, but BYU is not a "powerhouse". Sure they won the NC almost 30 years ago by beating a bunch of nobodies and a 6-6 Michigan team, but like I said, that was nearly 30 years ago.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Wow, little brother BYU fans are all over another Utah story like white on rice. To you Zoobs, it is really no concern as you are not in the PAC 12 so worry about. Besides, you have that great WCC (aka high school gym league) to worry about. Maybe someday you'll get into a real conference; just keep dreaming and believing and maybe one fine day, who knows.

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