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Published: Wednesday, March 9 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Murray, UT

The sad fact is only 2% of College players move on to the next level. (That's 1 in 50 for the math challenged) :-)

The greatest hope these guys have (with the possible exception of Rich) is for the NFL and the Players to agree to 18 games so ALOT of extra spots would come open.

But even that is doubtful. A 5' 6" CB would get destroyed by the 6' 4" WRs that populate the league.

You have to be the Elite of the Elite to even make an NFL squad for a year.

Spanish Fork, UT

Good fellows one and all... but I seriously doubt any will be drafted. Speredon has the best chance.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

I really hope the NFL doesn't agree to the 18 game season. The last thing society needs is more greed and an 18 game season is an obvious shot by GMs to get more money. Even the 16 game season seems long.

Logan is definitely athletic enough and physical enough to play at the next level, but I fear that scouts will look at his height and deny him the chance to play. It's not fair but the NFL has never been about fairness.

I think that Andrew Rich should get a shot. He's got the same resume as Aaron Francisco who plays for the Colts. He's just as athletic and bigger, stronger, and more physical. I think teams would be crazy not to give him a chance at strong safety somewhere.

Ann Arbor, MI

Rich seems to be already planning for a life outside of football. Seems like a pretty rational guy.

Unless Logan can show some freakish speed (4.2 in the 40) no NFL team will give him a second look.... can't teach height.

All in all it looks like a swing and whiff for the kewgs yet again. I know having BYU players in the NFL isn't really a big selling point to recruits but at some point players like heeps and...(well i can't think of anyone else)are going to look at programs that CAN help get you to the next level.

Ann Arbor, MI

"The greatest hope these guys have (with the possible exception of Rich) is for the NFL and the Players to agree to 18 games so ALOT of extra spots would come open."


This is one of the many reason I wouldn't want an 18 game season. Having fans pay for watered down talent is simply greed by owners and players.

Cedar City, UT


I dont know why you feel the need to constantly come on BYU article boards talking trash. Especially when we are "just another non-conference game like Montana St." Just saying it would be nice if you would bring valuable insight and information to the discussions on here instead of your delusional and hateful ranting. Try and regain some credibility. It must be hard living your life through hating on BYU comment boards. pitiful.

To address BYU's lack of players performing at the professional level, it is easy to spot the reason why. Missions. Roughly 90% of athletes on BYU's football team either have or will serve an LDS mission. That means going two years without training, conditioning,weightlifting. Priorities change while in the field, and football is no longer the most important thing.
Personally, I would rather see these young men on missions than playing on sundays.
There are exceptions however.

Austin Collie, served a mission, was drafted in 2009. Led the NFL in points in before going down with a season ending concussion, also played in the 2010 Superbowl.

Do you know of any former Utes making that kind of impact?

South Weber, UT

Weddle comes to mind as does Steve Smith. Seems like the blew bloods are better off taking their 5 kids to their next cage match-up. Before it was always spouted how the mission built men who take responsibility and maturiety and now your telling us that it a bad thing. Sean Smith, by the way had a great rookie season in Miami and the lineman in Denver raised a lot of eyebrows let alone what Koa Misi is bringing to his team , including this years Super Bowl,and Kruegar is no water boy as the Ravens love him.

Provo, UT

JEFFE, everything you said in your post was spot on until you ruined it with your last sentence. When people compare themselves to other people they reveal themselves as being either vain or bitter. When you ask whether any former Utes match up to Austin Collie, you sound like you are hearing footsteps behind you in the dark. What does it matter whether the Utes have like success (and actually, they do, even with wide receivers - e.g., Steve Smith, and they have a couple of highly considered line players right now.

I prefer to think of my Cougars as capable of standing on their own. Always comparing them to the Utes sound co-dependent to me.

Besides, every time you respond to Hedgehogs rants, or anything from Chris B., not only are you acting like them but you continue to encourage them to bring it. Do you think they would keep provoking people if they no longer got their reward?

South Weber, UT

Well said. I support the Cougars and their endeavors but sometimes the remarks and vanity of both Utah and Cougar fans are like tinfoil on a filling. We should respect and congratulate the sport teams in Utah and I get caught up in the squabbles as much as anyone posting here. I think it's time for me to take a different tack and respond less to the agitators and rabid bickering. Thanks for helping me with this decision.I look forward to the upcoming NFL draft and am excited to see which players will be chosen from all of our colleges and Universities. My best wishes go out to them all.

Cedar City, UT


My response was to Hedgehogs statement:
"I know having BYU players in the NFL isn't really a big selling point to recruits but at some point players like heeps and...(well i can't think of anyone else)are going to look at programs that CAN help get you to the next level."

So in Hedgehog Insinuating that BYU is unable to develop decent NFL talent
I brought up Austin Collie's success in the NFL the past 2 seasons.

And I am genuinely curious about any star athletes in the NFL that formerly attended Utah since K-Whitt took over, as neither McBride or Meyer are currently developing the talent in SLC.

Weddle is a product of Urban Meyer more than Whitt. And Steve Smith came before either of the two.
We might as well include Steve Young, Doug Jolley, Chad Lewis, Aaron Fransisco, Brady Poppinga, and Jim McMahon (All have won Super Bowls) in the conversation.

I was simply making the point, that BYU is as capable as anyone in putting talent in the NFL.
And Bronco does just as well as Whitt in developing talent for the NFL.

South Weber, UT


South Weber, UT

Urban Myer wasn't sold on Weddle until Whittingham stood his ground and went ahead with the scholarship offer. You haven't even mention Sean Smith and Koa Misi or the others named and no Bronco hasn't sent as many to the NFL as Whittingham. Do you even follow football ? The qb at the Y spells his name Heaps.
Last year 6 went to the NFL.. or 27% of the starters. Now can you say the same about the Provo coaches?

Provo, UT

JEFFE, I am not disputing that my Cougars send people to the NFL. I just can't see how a comparison of numbers between BYU and Utah makes me a better person. Sure Hedgehog made a generalized critical statement. My two points were:
1. Don't fee the trolls and they will go away.
2. It doesn't make my life better or worse whether Utah sends more or fewer players to the NFL. They both do well.

Besides, it sounds like you wanted to compare KWhitt to the entire BYU program (that's the way you put it), which of course would be ludicrous. KWhitt has been a national coach of the year. I think he's pretty good. I also think that Bronco does very well. But I don't see any value in a pissing contest here.

Houston, TX

Utah has had more NFL talent lately than BYU. BYU did more with the talent they had and does very well with the recruiting limitations they have.

The idea that BYU is incapable of grooming NFL talent is laughable like most Ute troll comments.

The Utes had far more NFL draft types than BSU. How did that work out? Is BSU also incapable of producing NFL talent?

Anyway BYU is likely to get better talent going independent than they ever were by staying in the obscure MTN.

Utah which is largely irrelevant outside of Utah (like CO which actually has a NC)can make it's own way in the PAC and should actually get better talent as they compete head to head with the PAC.

Things have gotten better for both schools.

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