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Published: Wednesday, March 9 2011 2:00 p.m. MST

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Farmington, UT

I'm weary of the "BYU can't play on Sunday" discussion in March Madness. HALF of the games are not on Sunday, until the final four, and then NONE of the games are on Sunday. That's just a cheap excuse to continually ignore the Cougars. They used to say BYU couldn't win because they had too many returned missionaries on the team; now they say returned missionaries are an unfair advantage. No matter what, if you don't like BYU (usually because they regularly beat your team) any reason will do. Go Cougars!!

Palo Alto, CA

Sounds like wishful thinking from a Utah homer who's hoping that BYU will pack it in so the Utes don't have to live in the shadow of the Cougars any long.

Orem, UT

With the OSU football scandal, I think more and more people want more shools like BYU, people with HONOR and morals.

Ann Arbor, MI

Sure, Just not in the PAC12, Big12, Big10, SEC, Big East or ACC.

Only in little known "conference" call the WWC (I think that's what they call it) and only in basketball.

Hope this cleared up any questions you might have had.

Alpine, UT

Why are Utah homers so anxious to see BYU abandon sports?

Have the Utes lived in the shadow of the Cougars so long that the Utes have given up and are simply hoping the Cougars will go away?

Syracuse, UT

BYU isn't the only team in the country that won't play on sundays.

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT


"I think..."

That's new.

When are you going to stop spamming BYU articles like you promised you would?

Sandy, UT

I think the publicity of late has proven what we want the world to know. Yes, there are still kids out there who want to and can live up to high moral standards, and consequences do occur when we don't live up to our written commitments. Kids going to BYU should realize they let down a whole lotta people, not just themselves, when they do break the honor code, also. Yes, collegiate sports create challenges, but I, for one, hope BYU will continue to be a national collegiate sports contender for years to come. Go, Cougars!

Orem, UT

Once again Doug writes an article using flawed logic. Doug, the NCAA will deal with the headache of scheduling BYU, because ultimatley they care about money. BYU brings a crowd everwhere they go, and the NCAA knows that. Bronco said that having an HC is an advantage in recruiting, because he can recruit a more mature athlete, and that has obviously paid off in recent years. The HC is a stepping stone, not a stumbling block, for BYU athletics. The recruiting pool is not getting smaller; it is getting bigger. The life blood of BYU recruits are LDS kids, and the LDS church is continuing to grow at an alarming rate. Think the good b-ball player from NC who is considering BYU. He is a convert. That is one example of many. Sports are used as a missionary tool by the school, and the good publicity far outweighs the bad. Doug, please stop writing articles for Deseret News. I have never read a more flawed writer than you.

American Fork, UT

As long as it makes money BYU will keep division 1 sports. If the athletic department ever starts showing up in the red then you could see some sports getting dropped. Being independent will not hurt BYU in football and the WCC will be a good fit for the basketball team. Also for those who are accusing Mr. Robinson of being a Ute homer I am pretty sure he graduated from Utah State, don't get the two mixed up.

Andrew J. Marksen
Salt Lake City, UT

At BYU athletics exist because of the university. If athletics no longer fits into the mission of BYU then the church will end them. Let the lessons of Ricks College be a warning and a reminder to all of the faithful. The LDS Church will decide BYU's fate and if athletics becomes a burden or a distraction they will be eliminated.

Pullman, WA

Oh brother. Does anyone approve these articles before they come out?

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Just wait until the church doubles in size, then BYU will have 4% of the nations athletes all to itself!

Lincoln, NE

@JayDogg: I agree with your points in a way because I'm also a deeply dedicated BYU fan (and I assume that you are too). But I disagree with you that Doug's article is "deeply flawed"; he's trying to point out that BYU's goal of maintaining its religious principles is increasingly incongruous with the money- and winning-driven world of college sports.

So, while I do agree with you that BYU does bring in money because of LDS sports fans worldwide, much of the rest of the country overlooks that fact because of the attention BYU gets instead because of other things, like the honor code and policy about not playing on Sundays. This does not mean that Doug's writing is "deeply flawed" or that he's trying to belittle BYU.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

The more likely reason athletics were eliminated at Ricks College when it moved from a 2 year college to a 4 year university is the church didn't want BYU and BYU-I competing for the same athletes.

When it was a junior college, Ricks became a feeder school to BYU. When Ricks became a four year school, it would have become a competitor.

Athletics at BYU is helping to fulfill the mission of the school and the church by helping to spread the gospel message.

As long as BYU athletics continues to produce more good than negative, sports will continue to thrive at BYU.

layton, ut

Whats the line? The only bad publicity is no publicity.

Thank you, National Press. You just performed a highly publicized pre-screening on behalf of BYU for their athletes of the future. Sure, a few more athletes will stay away, but all the hoopla will also have the effect of attracting high-character athletes from a wider demographic who otherwise never would have known or been interested in BYU.

The LDS Church and BYU will never drop intercollegiate spots. The Ricks deal was a different matter; BYU is the flagship of the franchise and is therefore in a completely different situation. And Church leaders aren't afraid of negative publicity. If so, there wouldnt be an honor code or, at the very least, it wouldnt be enforced.

Sunday play? Not a problem. It would likely work to the advantage of the church and school to have to forfeit games every year in the name of a principle.

BYU fans know the drill. Sports are not the end game. Theyre a fun diversion, but in the grand scheme of things, they are only that. Winning isnt the only thing. Its just a thing.

Mapleton, UT

What a absurd premise. BYU and the Church received a lot of positive press from this issue, even from Jon Stewart. The BYU's position was juxtaposed with the situation at Northwestern. BYU came our well in the press vs. Northwestern. Someone has to have standards and live by them.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Obviously the LDS Church is benefiting from adhering to its moral Honor Code, why would it choose to remove itself from the spotlight like that? There will always be those who enjoy cheering for the kids who have values.

Fresno, CA

Ugh ... this is like those late summer articles that get written while we are all awaiting football season to FINALLY start. They have to write something, BUT there's really nothing to write about yet. I guess there is a point to the MWC Tournament after all.

Eagle Mountain, UT

The article sounds more like the author is trying to beat a dead horse and raise controversy to generate interest. BYU athletics will continue to grow and increase in the national spotlight. The honor code will be a positive recruiting tool overall. Just like BYU is there so young men and women who profess high moral standards can have a place to pursue their education with far less "garbage" around them, the athletics dept. is there so athletes involved in all sports who are looking for a similar experience can have a place to reach their potential in a morally uplifting environment. There are those who would tear that down if they could and there are students there who do not live the honor code but, overall, it is a fantastic place to go to school and to be involved in athletics.
All the little yappy dogs in the media across the entire country can chase the big blue and white car and bark as loud as they want but it won't slow down.
Go Cougars!

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