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Published: Wednesday, March 9 2011 1:00 p.m. MST

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Beaverton, OR

There seems to be some background information left out about the relationship of the coach and school in the story. To have a coach hired, then fired, then re-hired and fired again means there seems to be a conundrum about how things really are going there.

monroe, ut

What this firing shows is that South Summit is NOT a place to go if you are a coach. I am completely shocked and saddened by this firing. I have watched South Summit the past two years from the other side and have felt like he not only does a good job coaching, but he maintains a program with integrity. It is sad that the principal did not back him more.

If I were in Parker's shoes, I would turn in my resignation slip for football and find another school to work at. It also makes me happy that I don't work in that school district, under that principal, and in that community!

John C. C.
Payson, UT

Nothing is said about his success as a teacher. If competitive sports is about winning instead of education it's time to start a club system for the athletes. Let our schools worry more about education.

Monroe, UT

This is truely sad!!! This is not the NBA, Mr. Principal!! This coach did a good job of teaching kids the right way to play, and for the Principal to cave in to a bunch of spoiled disgruntled parents is beyond belief.

Yes, coach, find a GOOD school to coach and teach at and then--Resign just before football practice starts and let the principal do the coaching! We all know that he would do a much better job. Sad, Sad, Sad!

Enterprise, UT

WOW! Fired for taking 2nd. Although I don't think anyone should be the head of two different sports.

Heber, Utah

sounds like there is more to the story, and if it's something troubling or unethical, then the principal did the right thing. You don't hear about this happening alot anymore, but parent groups have in the past "ran coaches out of town" In some cases, it was warranted, in others, not so much. Of course maybe the good people of Kamas just expect more success.

Holladay, UT

Yanks: if there was something troubling or unethical, don't you think he'd have been fired as football coach too? Sounds to me like some parents got a burr under their saddle and wouldn't lay off the principal till he canned the coach.

reality police
Salt Lake City, UT

Bottom line is some Kamas valley residents have unrealistic expectations for success. They figure they should win the state title every year and want to fire all their coaches the minute it doesn't happen.

What the story doesn't mention is the school also ran out South Sevier's current basketball coach, Scott Hunt, in the mid-90s for not winning enough.

Get set for mediocrity Wildcats. You deserve it.

Somewhere, UT

I feel bad for the next guy that comes in as the coach. He better win state every year or he will be gone or maybe he had better play the right kid so that mommy and daddy don't get mad and have him fired. The only thing I have seen Parker do wrong is put those awful uniforms on the football team.

Blanding, UT

Ya he would have been canned for football if it was something ethical. The thing is I think he is getting out at the right time. South Summit has nothing after this group of seniors are graduated.

Enterprise, UT

Unbelievable. Parents are chasing off good coaches all over the State. Writing letters to administators, and not signing their names. False accusations. Why would anyone want to coach nowadays? Most 2A schools are envious of the good programs they have going on in Kamas - 2nd in football, 1st in wrestling, and 2nd in basketball.

Kamas, Ut

What you people dont see is Parker's knowledge of basketball. There is not much there. He is a good motivator and is good to the kids. I do not like how everyone is saying Parker won the championship and took second. Did the kids or the coaches play? I do not like the way the school handled this but it had to be done. It would have shown that he is not a great coach after these next couple rebuilding years.

Park City, UT

@reality police, ironically, So.Sevier just beat So.Summit for the championship right? Weird, maybe the parent group will go after the old coach again, saying come back, come back!

@justanotherguy, I agree, you would think if it were some kind of violation or something, that he would have been fired from football as well. It's interesting though, because usually in smaller schools, kids play 2 or 3 sports, you would think that most of the BB kids would have played football too.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

"yankees27 | 2:56 p.m. March 9, 2011
Heber, Utah
"You don't hear about this happening alot anymore, but parent groups have in the past "ran coaches out of town"

You don't hear this happening anymore? Really?

Ah, parents....

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

Wildcat_fan | 3:59 p.m. March 9, 2011
Kamas, Ut

I do not like how everyone is saying Parker won the championship and took second. Did the kids or the coaches play?


So you think the kids would've won it without a coach? Just let them have the gym a couple hours a day and then show up at the game, make their own substitutions?

There is no "I" in team, but there is one in "My kid."

Kamas, UT

Twitchell is the one that needs to go! This valley is ran by few families that will step on anyone in their path and Twitchell is just their puppet!!!

Kamas, Ut

RE: In My Humble Opinion
Anyone can sub kids in.. but a good coach can make coaching changes and actually has his team run an offense..

Kamas, ut

To answer a lot of your questions nothing of ethics is the case. Coach Parker got home from the 2A tournament and the principal and the vice principal (former head coach who qualified to the state tournament once in seven seasons), set up appointments with "most" of the parents to evaluate the season. When speaking with the parents many are upset they were never contacted because the administration "already knew where they stood!" Fair? And also for the record Wildcat_fan's son did get cut from the team this year and hopefully with a new coach his son will make the team next season! I can guarantee that Coach Parker will/would win more games then the coach who has no more experience then coaching sophomores at Juan Diego! South Summit School District....what a laughing joke!

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

Wildcat_fan | 4:40 p.m. March 9, 2011
Kamas, Ut
RE: In My Humble Opinion
Anyone can sub kids in.. but a good coach can make coaching changes and actually has his team run an offense


If you think knowing who to play when is something "anyone" can do, you have zero experience in coaching, and probably none in sports.

If you think a team can do it themselves, with egos and over-inflated self-concepts getting in the way, then you have no experience being on a talented team.

If you think "anyone" can keep "every" parent happy, then you are incredibly naive, and have absolutely zero experience coaching.

cat fan
Oakley, UT

Coach Parker is a great coach! From what I have seen, he has helped South Summit come along way in a short time! I understand that it is the boys that win the games, but they can't win the games without having someone there to coach and support them. This is a major dissapointment for me as a parent in the Kamas valley. Someone needs to get their priorities straight. No one is perfect and some people in our valley need to learn that.

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