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Published: Tuesday, March 8 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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Bay Area, CA

Very excited about the upcoming season. Too many unknowns, but excited none the less. Go Utes!

Sunnyvale, CA

I can't wait for next year. AND I hope that Norm will be able to instill a level of discipline that has been lacking on the offense these past few years so that the rash of inopportune, stupid penalties becomes a nightmare of the past.

Burley, ID

PAC-12 here we come! Go UTES!

Ann Arbor, MI

Dirk, I'd really like to know more about this Thretton Palamo guy. I know he's an absolute freak rugby player but a little bit more information would be interesting to read.

Very interested in hearing how the depth chart shakes out.

Salt Lake City, UT

You have so many people pulling for you Boo Anderson! Hang tough and know that we're behind you!

Ann Arbor, MI


Yea, I'm a Boo Anderson fan... but for whatever reason it appears more talented kids a leapfrogging him.

Let's hope he finds some meaningful playing time this year.

Lehi, UT

I'm glad we finally have an offensive coordinator that designs plays based on a QB's abilities! It seems for the past 2 seasons Utah has been calling plays outside of Wynn's (and Cain's) abilities, and our offense was anemic. I think Utah is poised to do very well during it's first PAC-12 season.


Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

No discipline? Are you serious? What team have you been watching? The Utes were no less desciplined than any other team in the country.

Saint George, UT

Best hope for wins against WSU, CO,OSU, maybe UCLA finish 7th in PAC (pathetic alsoran clubs)

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I'm excited for the coming season. We have some great home games to look forward to and a 9-3 record is not out of reach. I hope the player's goals are high and they expect a lot from themselves.

Springville, UT

Well the PAC-10.2 is just hoping that this new Ute offense will be very familiar to the old Chow offense they are used to!

Glad you Ute fans are getting excited for this, I am too! Just like the time right before the TCU, ND and BSU games last year, huh?

So this new offense is going to be 'tuned' around the QB? That's funny. What's it going to be called, a broken wing offense?

hymn to the silent
Holladay, UT

A little note about Palamo: Played football in High School. Played on the National Samoan team as an 18 year old (youngest player ever) is roughly 6'3" runs a 4.4 forty and weighs in at 220. He has huge hands, palms a rugby ball. He's very shifty and quick, yet can run over you. I think he would be very dangerous on the swing pass and sweep (incredible open field runner). And at that size could run routes over the middle (got great hands). Looking forward to see what he can do...hopefully football isn't too confining for him. But the kid is an incredible athlete...in Rugby 7's Utah won the National Championship, beating perennial power Cal, and Bowling Green who drew skills players from their football team. Nobody in 7's runs slower than a 4.5 and Palamo ran circles around them. His first two steps are lightning fast. Should be fun, but I think he'll need a year to get in a groove.

Frisco, TX

Good luck Utes. I'll be cheering for you in every game, except one. Hopefully Wynn will recover quickly from his surgery. If he isn't 100%, it could be a long season.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"If he isn't 100%, it could be a long season."

Well we'll see how the other two fair in Spring, if they don't look like they can challenge Wynn then you may be right.

Sammyg give it a rest, you posts are so redunant and precictable there's really no point in reading them anymore.

Saratoga Springs, UT

I am glad that the era of the mtn is over. I will finally be able to see some ute games this year.

Cedar Hills, UT

seeing Chow at the U is shocking. It's like seeing a divorced man with a new wife.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

Coug fans on here need to shut up. I bleed blue but you have to love what Utah has done here. Coach Chow will have the offense in full gear by fall time and Utah has tremendous talent. BYU needs to tend to it's own if we want to beat Utah this year. BTW, Utah fans, you might just be happier with Robles under center. Great size and tremendous mobility. He was a handful to coach against when he played at Spanish Fork High.

Rigby, Id

Lets talk reality. Wynn was a 155lb high school QB who put on 40lbs to play college ball. He is still a petite injury prone QB who should be playing flag football at a junior college in Thayne, Wyoming. Biggest mistake Kyle has made up to this point. At least with the drop back scheme Wynn won't have to go into his fetal position and scream quite as fast as he did last year.

Prediction and I hope I have to eat my words

4-8 Hello BYU here we come
5-7 the wheels have come off
6-6 average
7-5 good season My Prediction
8-4 great year
9-3 awesome
10-2 Whoa Baby
11-1 We are on our way to heaven and the Rose Bowl
12-0 We are in a coma and all this is just a dream to play for National Champ.

I'm a Ute fan but Utah will lose to BYU in Provo this fall...just after losing to USC. 1-2 to start off with. It's gonna take some heart to hang in there. Wynn is injured against USC. Cause....Fear of taking a hit.

Marysville, WA

I'm laughing to myself thinking about when Utah fans wake up to how they are already being treated by the PAC fans and local sportscasters. All that attitude and arrogance as the supposed big dog of the WAC/MWC is wasted now, and for the first time you will be looked at by an entire conference as the stepchild. You should hear how local sports radio and the fans already talk about how badly they did bringing in UU into the PAC.

If ever a conference and a program deserved each other, it's the PAC and the UU. You guys are going to love the whiny, entitled and obnoxious fans that root for the UW, Oregon, or the "premier" CA schools.

Have a great time! LOL

Ann Arbor, MI

Just watched the Kwhitt press interview from yesterday. Interesting how he called out Palamo be name....

Either the Utes have a real diamond in the rough or the other guys ( who've played RB for many years) need to step it up.

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