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Published: Tuesday, March 8 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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Casa Grande, AZ

Romney once bought an Indiana office supply company. He laid off ALL the workers and then offered to hire them back at lower wages.

Thanks for the help Romney.

Romney has 250 million in the bank from doing this over and over again, firing workers and paying the rest of them less.

That takes brillance? No it takes capital and a lack of empathy. That makes heroes on Wall Street but I can't wait for him to splain himself in the hereafter.

Salt Lake City, UT

Desperate times for Romney... The tea party doesn't like him... the GOP doesn't know what to do with him... Huckabee is on the attack...

Salt Lake City, UT

Romney is a politician--or in other words, a professional liar who only seeks to line his own pockets. See: every other politician in the history of the world.

Draper, UT


Where were Romney's criticisms of Bush when the country was losing hundreds of thousands of jobs at the end of Dubbya's presidency? The whole argument that Obama is not fixing Dubbya's mess quick enough is weak. 8 years of an unintelligent, unqualified, incompetant president will take years to recover from.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Romney has saved countless jobs for Americans by saving the companies that employed them. Otherwise, these companies would have expired leaving their employees without any job whatsoever.

The private sector creates jobs--not government. Let's get a guy who knows how to turn things around. The healthier the economy the most workers are protected. It bring wages and salaries up since employees have many more options for jobs and emloyers have to compete for workers.

Unfortunately, some people don't understand how the economy really works, but Mitt does. He can turn things around if anyone possesses that ability. Obama has no understanding and no background in economics. that has become abundatly clear.

Let's give Mitt a chance. We've got to do something to stop the all the damage that Obama has done.

Bountiful, Utah

I don't support someone simply because he attends the same church I attend. I'm tired of Romney. Can he just go away please.

Prospect, KY

Oh please Mitt - like you'd be ANY different.

Look, the fed govt has 3 ways to come up with "money" to spend: borrow, print, and tax. They're using all three to different degrees. In one respect, printing and taxes are the same: we have less. In taxing, the money is taken from you. In printing, the money you have buys less - same next effect. Borrowing, just transfers the liability to the next guy (or generation).

The problem isn't taxing - it's SPENDING. And Mitt, here's where there's no difference between you and Obama. Given the opportunity, you'll spend just like he is. You'll continue these endless money-pit wars, expand govt. entitlement programs (think Romney-care in MA), and continue business as usual. After all, really, you're both part of the same party. Call it the Establishment Party, the War Party, the Republicrat Party. You're all the same. Endless wars. Endless entitlements. Endless restrictions on liberty and freedom.

We keep throwing the bums out every 4-8 years without realizing that the next two options are part of the same team. Bankruptcy is the result nuless we wake up.

Phoenix, AZ

It is disgusting how politicions like Mitt will say or do anything to promote their self interest by attacking others actions or politics but they never present a better alternative. It is just a constant repeat of the same old story: he is bad, I am good; give me your vote and money. If, indeed, you are better then tell us how you are going to do things different and better and maybe we will believe you.

Taylorsville, UT

I do not like the tone Mitt Romney is now taking. "Obama Misery Index." Ugh. I think Romney could state his proposed policy in a more dignified manner.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

How many jobs has Romney shipped overseas in the last 10 years?

Ogden, UT

The Government doesn't create jobs? Weird, Hill AFB is either 1st or 2nd behind the church in employment in the state, and if the Republican get all the cuts to Government they want, it is estimated 700,000 jobs will be lost. That is less money to the treasury and less money spent to private businesses. The war hawks and contractors could probably tell you that government creates jobs--just ask Halliburton and all the war profiteering they have done at the expense of the US Government. I knows it's a big talking point on the right, but it is far from the truth.

Based off of the last 10 years, I don't see the private sector adding more jobs from the tax bonuses they received. If any jobs were created, they were sent overseas. Once unions are destroyed, the public will be at the mercy of the CEOs, and judging from their record, we will not be treated well--remember all the fraud and schemes that created the bailout of Wall Street? Have we seen any convictions of them other than the Madoff guy? Let them eat cake 2.0 here we go!

Kearns, UT

I find it so amusing these Republicans who want to kill Obama for his stimulous bill, which actually did SAVE thousands of jobs, because he isn't fixing their mess quick enough! Your bad policies of deregulation, lowering taxes, promoting jobs being shipped overseas, basically pushing the GREED agenda of Wall Street, lost those jobs that Mitt believes Obama should have already gotten back!

What Mitt is in favor of is less regulation so corporate America and Wall Street can conintue profiting billions at the expense of American families. He'd like to see Unions busted so companies can create lower paying/benefited jobs for American families, or just ship those jobs overseas. Mitt is also in favor of lowering tax rates for companies so they can make more for their pocket books. Corporations make up about 6-7% of all Federal Revenue paid, while Individuals/Payroll Taxes make up the rest. I guess he'd like to see that number closer to 0% for Corporations?

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

It's revealing to see the brief expressions of hate and vitriol from contributors on this message board. The upside from a Mitt Romney is he is not a career politician or a leech like so many out there who think public service is a lifetime pursuit. Before, during, and after elective office they turn to lobbying and on the fringes of politics for the duration. Look at the reality of this you people. Liberalism and attacks on personal accountability and self determinism has eroded our public politicians lives over many generations. The fact that government at all levels takes up to and in some cases consumes over 50% of the national treasury is just appalling. Pitting the so-called haves against the havenots have gotten us to the point of bankruptcy at the federal and state level. Give people like Mitt Romney a break. We see people criticizing and belittling him for anything from his religion to his actions in the business world to his time as governor of Massachussetts. It's all so crass and beneath the reality of things. What we are doing in American is chasing anyone with the capacity from even considering political office.

American First
Merced, CA

Hey look...all five liberals in Utah decided to comment on Mitt Romney. Did the daytime television stations go of the air? Did Oprah get cancelled?

Mark B
Eureka, CA

What hurts families the most is war. Let's hear Mitt's plan to avoid it in the future, unless he's too concerned to think what that would do to his portfolio. As for unemployment, Mitt knows, but hopes you don't, is that employment is a tailing economic indicator, and that employment doesn't simply turn up by putting another MBA in the White House, even if he IS rich.

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

Let's let Rodney King be the JUDGE here

Ca, Ca, Ca, Ca, Can't we all just get along?.

Hey Utah, what one is it ?

On the HEADS side of the coin

In a calculated move, President Barack Obama is throwing his arms around Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman Jr.

NOW, on the tails side of the coin

Mitt Romney rips President Barack Obama's economic policy for hurting families.

Powell, OH

How does the governor that made GAY marriage legal complain about the actions of anyone when it comes to 'hurting families'?

South Jordan, UT

Before Obama's presidency was 6 months old Romney wrote a book,(No Apology for greatness),, HAHAHA LOL. He's a legend in his own mind. He is the ultimate flipflopper. He will say or do anything, to get elected. He is a liar. Ilove how the memory of so called conservatives is so small. Dont any of you remember the last 6 months of George Bush's presidency?? We were losing 750,000 jobs each month. The economy was in freefall, the financial collapse, the housing collapse. Somehow Mitt, and his cohorts, cant remember who is responsible for the mess we are in and are trying to get out of, despite the obstructionism, and lies from the so called conservatives. The republicans said they would concentrate on the budget and jobs if we elected them in 2010. So far they, Extended the Bush fiasco tax breaks, and added 800 billion to the defecit. Jobs,,,, They are attacking workers nationwide and threatning layoffs. I guess history repeats itself. The 2010 election nationwid was a collosial mistak. most of America is realizing that now. I say Recall the GOP.All of them.

Willard, UT

The Republicans just elected are starting their own agenda hurting the citizens in America.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

@ All You Romney Haters:

I wonder how many of your "facts" are only hear say with no substance. As regards the term "Obama Misery Index", to me that is being too nice. We the people are in misery and it is getting worse each day under Obama - he knows nothing and has no real solutions to our gigantic problems. His solution along with nearly every other Democrat is to TAX and SPEND. Hallelujah for the Republican Wisconsin governor and his QUIT SPENDING attitude.

Why do you think CA is a disaster zone??? - Answer: Democrat politics.

When are you people going to wake up???????

Is Romney perfect - maybe not, but he would be a breath of cool fresh air as compared to what we have now. When will you people start to use your head for something other than a hat rack?

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