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Published: Tuesday, March 8 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Idaho guy
Meridian, ID

Congratulations Jimmer!!! Just the first of many more POY honors!

Centerville, UT

The first of what will be many such accolades.

Congrats to Jimmer, from a die-hard ute!

Boise, Id

What a great season for the Jimmer, I see Yahoo and Fox took the cheap way out with Nolan Smith of Duke. Jimmer averaged 6 more points a game than Smith and did it with double and triple teams.

springville, UT

Not bad for a gimmick player huh hedgehog.....

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Yahoo and Fox didn't have to address for their reason not picking Jimmer. Congrat to Jimmer on CBS award.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Jimmer averaged 6 more points a game than Smith and did it with double and triple teams."


Don't forget jimer also took 5x as many shots. Shooting a red hot 30% ... ouch.

This "gimmick" style won't translate in the NBA. And really, What GM is going to put his job on the line "hoping" jimer can change what he is.

Provo, UT

Yahoo! is a Bay Area company. Probably still mad about Prop 8.

Boise, Id

Nice try hedger
Jimmer 27.9, .455%, 404%, 896%
Smith 21.9, .470%, 362%, 819%

Your basketball IQ is the only Gimmick.

this Gimmick has parlayed his performance into National player of the year.

Draper, UT

I keep hearing how everyone hates BYU. If that is the case, how does this happen? How does James get all the great pub this season if everyone hates BYU? How does BYU get all the positive reaction around the country for sticking to it's honor code if everyone hates BYU?

Is there any way the whole persecution complex, everyone hates BYU attitude can be put to rest? Nobody is out to get you, Cougar fan. Look at all this national love you are getting! What more do you want?

Although we Ute fans will continue to look for every opportunity to laugh at you. Bronco needs a new motto for 2011 for us to pile on! We need some new material.

Sugar City, ID

That's OK Fox Network. I switched to CNN months ago.

Cedar Hills, UT

When Fox and Yahoo are giving the award to Duke's 3rd best player (behind Singler and Irving), you know it is just to push headlines, and go against the popular choice.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

MenaceToSociety, it's Ute fans that insist BYU is the most hated team in America. Thanks for acknowledging though that the impiracle evidence is mounting, and it states otherwise.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

empirical evidence not impiracle....come on man!

Nolan Smith had a great year too, but Jimmer is a better player. Thats just my opinion. Yahoo and Fox are allowed to have theirs too. The Naismith award is the one that matters anyways.

Go Cougars!

South Jordan, UT

What is wrong with Yahoo and Fox, is it just cause Nolan Smith is in the ACC and Jimmer that MWC? That is ridiculous that Yahoo and Fox didn't pick Jimmer as POY, makes no sense.

Congrats to Jimmer though on CBS, he deserves it. CBS actually knows what they are doing.

Evanston, WY

No argument from me. Impressive kid, and by the way "menace", it was an SI article that originally called the Cougs "The most hated team in America." We just agreed with them. That still doesn't take away his skills. As far as the next level, who knows? I've seen all-americans bust in the pros and nobodies do well. It all depends on the team and system he's drafted into. Even as a Ute fan, I hope he does well. From all accounts, he's a good kid. I can respect his abilities and still hate his team.

Orem, UT

The are links on PlanetBYU to vote for Jimmer for a couple of awards including the Bob Cousy Award, which is given to the top collegiate point guard by the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Thank you for looking up the real numbers JustintimeY. I was just thinking about it when I saw your post.

hedge; Did you get the attention you were after?
Your obsession is still showing. Is that a good thing for you?

Fresno, CA

Yea Jimmer! Congratulations and thank you for all the fun games so far and the fun ones we have yet to watch!

Orem, UT

Congratulations Jimmer!

You're won of the most exciting basketball players to come along in a generation. Thanks for the memories and good luck in the tourneys.

Danbury, CT

It's always amazing when any big media team doesn't get the POY honors. Most of these outlets should just keep the Duke name on their trophy from year-to-year. How hard is it to get honors when you are on the number 1 team?

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