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Published: Wednesday, March 9 2011 9:30 a.m. MST

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Idaho guy
Meridian, ID

Wasn't even aware that Mekeli Wesley had a honor code violation. Knew he was a stand up guy and a great bball player. Wish his brother Tai had come to BYU. Can't wait to see Davies back in uniform in the future. Go Cougs! Jimmer!

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

It's nice to have a friend who's been there to lean on. With Mekeli Wesley's help and that of a lot of other people, Brandon Davies will be back.

Roy, UT

While I support all that has been done at BYU for Brandon Davies and the B-ball team, I can't help but wonder, what about the young lady involved? Is she also being given support, etc. Of course she is not in the public eye as much as was Brandon, so should be dealt with privately, but no less honorably and helpfully as he has been.

Two Cents
Springville, Utah

Nice of Wesley to lend a hand and heart. Good job.

Davies has to know that he is loved. No question about that if you were at Saturday's game. God bless all of us...we're all sinners.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Mekeli brother was hoping to go to BYU but BYU didn't have any scholorship for him. I did forget that Mekeli had a HC issue which was long forgotten.

Lincoln Coug
Lincoln, NE

I'm proud of BYU for sticking to their standards. The ultimate mission of BYU is to assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life. There is no place for a double standard. Kudos to Wesley for supporting Davies through this difficult time.

Holladay, UT

Life is a roller-coaster ride. Brandon Davies will be a wiser and stronger man from this trial. We love you Brandon. Go Cougs!

Eagle Mountain, UT

This is a very tough time for Brandon but hopefully he is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Kudos to Mikeli. We really need him and want him to play for BYU next year but he needs to overcome this trial more. This has turned into a huge amount of positive publicity for BYU and the LDS church. I am sure we would all rather it had not happened but I have not seen negative from any credible person or institution. It is too bad that people like Tebow or Stoudemire shoot their mouths off before they know what is going on. This is by far the best way to handle it for Davies and he is the #1 concern.
Great job BYU and Dave Rose.

Lehi, UT

I like that Tebow, who has long touted his "holier than thou" image to the media is condemning BYU for sticking to the same standards that he (Tebow) claims to preach. Regardless, I'm not going to follow Tebow's lead and I can't judge him for shooting his mouth or being judgmental. Instead, I'm going to wish Davies the best as he prepares for another chapter in his life. I'm sure that this has been a very painful lesson given it is being played out in the public eye. But Wesley, Reno Mahe and others like them who went through the same trial in the media can use this as a positive motivator to becoming a stronger individual. Good luck Davies!

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

When I was very young I defied my mother. When she spanked me I told her "You can't make me cry." And she couldn't. I was under eight and she didn't have the heart to hit me hard enough (and I desparately needed it).

My father heard about this when he got home and he changed my attitude. I understood that I did have to obey my parents. Yes, it was painful at the time.

My dad later said; "I couldn't let you win that one or you would never win again in your life."

The Cougs are winners on the court.

They are winners off the court.
Brandon is a winner too. He has done something that I don't think that I could ever have the strength to do. It is hard enough to confess your sins in private. I could not immagine having to do so with a national audience. That is rough for a 19 year old.

The team will continue to win without Brandon, and Brandon will be back, to win and win and win again.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Dear DRay: Actually, we don't really know what the honor code violation was. We all know what we think it was(and we're probably right) but neither the school nor Brandon has announced what it was. So we can't make the assumption that there is even a young lady involved in this.

I just have to say that I am more proud of BYU than I have ever been. I grew up in Provo and graduated from BYU. I have always been very proud of that and consider my time at BYU to be one of the greatest blessings of my life. But, I am more proud now than ever.

BYU has become an elite school, a powerhouse in sports, but more importantly, has maintained this standard of honor. That's greater than anything.

Wiley Old School


You label Tebow "holier than thou" and then say you're not going to follow his judgmental lead? You're kidding right? There was no arrogance in his comment that Davies, and all others, should have a second chance.

I think the support for Davies from the basketball team and BYU community at large has been awesome.

But I still struggle with the timing of the suspension that inevitably resulted in publicity and public humiliation that virtually no other BYU student has to endure.

It should not matter that the public "verdict" has turned out to be favorable to BYU... good or bad publicity should not have been a factor in the decision. There would have been no way to eliminate all publicity but the spotlight would have been much, much dimmer if the decision had been deferred until April. Better that BYU deal with charges that they swept the situation under the rug than hang this burden on this young man.

We are going down the wrong path if we use the public response as a yardstick for what is right or wrong.

Orem, UT


Brandon's girlfriend isn't even a BYU student. She's a student at another university; and for those speculating, no, she's not pregnant.

The only thing BYU has said about Brandon's Honor Code violation is that it didn't involve a crime.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Dear Wiley Old School: Brandon chose the timing--not BYU. And you can imagine what a scandal it would have been had it gotten out that BYU was suppressing this until after the basketball season. Coach Rose did the right thing at the right time. He really had no other choice. All other considerations are irrelevant.

Everyone is supporting both the school and Brandon. That was really clear to anyone who was at the game on Saturday.

Overton, NV

I actually agree with Tebow. Everybody should have a second chance.

Problem is, I think many people, and perhaps Tebow is included with this group, who forget that there are still consequences for any action. Davies must face the consequences, one of which is being suspended from the team.

Just because we forgive doesn't mean a price won't be paid.

Bakersfield, CA

Watching the way that Brandon Davies has handled a very disappointing and awkward circumstance makes me a lifetime fan. What a great person!

Herriman, UT

I have to say, in following this story locally and nationally, and reading the comments of others, there seems to be a ton of support for both BYU and Brandon Davies. As much of a bummer as this has been to the end of a good basketball year, I find that I am left feeling impressed by the humanity shown by almost everyone who has touched on the story.

Capt. Smash
Bountiful, UT

Everyone including the media needs to leave this gut alone. BYU made there point don't use him as a BYU propaganda machine. He has been thru enough already!

Anaheim, CA

Davies if youre going to listen to a Wesley forget Mekeli; listen to Tai. Go to a school that respects you as a student, an athlete, and an individual, and best of all, a school that respects your private life!

Eagle Mountain, UT

Wiley old school. You have no clue as to what the honor code is about do you? Just about every other school would have done what you suggested and kept the athlete on the team until the season was over. This would have resulted in Davies being sent the wrong message and a blistering negative media blitz on how BYU shows favoritism to athletes. The timeing had to do with when the violation was made known to the honor code office and coach Rose, not when it was most convenient for the school or the team. Good or bad publicity was not considered as you pointed out. People who think like you are representative of why there is so much wrong with the youth of today, especially entitled athletes who think they are above the rules. Kudos to BYU and to Davies for how this has been handled. Handling this in any other way would not have been in the best interest of anyone, including Brandon Davies. The honor code office, the school, the coach did not decide to make this a debacle. The media did. Blame them. Any other school and this would have been a one story issue

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