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Published: Monday, March 7 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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SJ Bobkins
Gilbert, AZ

Take away my Diet Dr Pepper, better kill me first. If anyone can find me any LDS scriptures naming caffeine as a banned substance I'll kiss a Ute. Fact is, caffeine hasn't a darn thing to do with the W of W, its obedience to the commandment, (circa Heber J. Kimball) prior to the 1930's it wasn't a "temple question" and beer and wine were not considered alcohol.
Back to the point, no one has any idea WHY hot drinks, TEA and COFFEE were on the banned list. To assume it has anything to do with caffeine is making a stretch, it could add change your socks daily, or wear your rubbers on snowy days, all would fit in with the "obey, cause I'm God and I say so, I don't have to tell you why".

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Go back to your day job Brad.. you're not cut out to be a comedian.

Moab, UT

Derek Jeter? It was Alex Rodriguez.

Salt Lake City, UT

OnlyInUtah beat me to it.

Teddy Bear
Las Vegas, NV

UtahUte16 - Agreed!

Cedar Hills, UT

I concur with Teddy Bear on his agreement with UtahUte16's endorsement of OnlyInUtah's zinger.

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