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Published: Monday, March 7 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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navotas, philippines

the rout has started. lol. after this road trip the jazz will be below .500 and way out of playoff picture. what an end to a promising season. silver lining? we may get a high draft pick in addition to the draft pick from the Nets. the future looks good on paper. but corbin's coaching style could be a problem. he doesn't seem to demand any effort from his players and he praise them any chance he gets, even if they lose games they should've won. losing could be in the jazz's agenda the next 3 years.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

Painful. Shooting guards who can't shoot.

Bountiful, UT

The Jazz back court is embarrassingly terrible. I can't see any upside. CJ is the biggest joke in town. 3-13 or something and 2-3 he made were in the last two minutes. On top of that he cannot come close to guarding the elites of his position which happens to also be the elites of the NBA. He needs to go. Favors has huge upside. Start him the rest of the season and let Millsap rest. Nothing against Paul, but no use in him hurting himself more.

The guards have no offense. Harris is a decent player but nowhere near the caliber of what we lost. Might as well start Hayward to give him some confidence and quality time over bell. Bell can not score and is getting to old to even play his rock solid D. Give the youngsters experience, and use the draft wisely. Trade picks for proven guards if needed, instead of taking major risks. Only upside of this team is Kirelinko's expiring contract and the quality of our front court. We still need a solid center, as Al can't do it all. Go Jazz. Good Luck.

Roosevelt, UT

ouch..not the Knicks

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Al Jefferson had a good offensive game. Favors, Evans, Watson, and Hayward played pretty good. The rest were now shows due to injurys or what ever reasons. The young guys need to play and develop because the most promising thing about the Jazz team is in the future after this season.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Typo error. I meant to say no shows. Sorry


Well, it looks like the Jazz went through one too many trials to overcome this year. Losing your hall of fame coach and star player and suffering all these people being out of the lineup. The biggest problem though, has been the imbalance of the roster. AJ, PMill, Memo, Favors all really at the same position, and having to choose between CJ and Raja at the two.

For next years, the Jazz have some great assets, especially with AK's contract coming off the books. They will have to make the very tough decision of choosing between AJ and Millsap. AJ will play much better if he can play at the 4. I say give Millsap up to Phoenix for Gortat and package some draft picks and cash for two shooters. A couple of moves for next year and they could be great, but they proved tonight that it's not in the cards for them this year with their pathetic balance and shooting guards

Captain L
Provo, UT

The Jazz are not a very good team right now and I don't see a whole lot to get excited about. Big Al played well but he's about the only one. There are no leaders on this team. The guard line is pretty terrible and although Favors has potential he has alot of work to do. I've always tried to be patient and hope for the best but there's really not much to be positive about.
I think Fes will be out of here after this season, we need to trade CJ and try to something for him, Price is scrappy and tough but his shooting is poor at best, he needs to be replaced. Bell needs to be a leader from the bench or be traded. AK, I love what he brings to the game but he can't stay healthy. Elson needs to be replaced. Half the team needs to be replaced.
Keep Big Al, Favors, Milsap, Hayward, Harris, Watson and try to trade or release the rest.
We definitely will be in the lottery and have 2 picks, the problems is this is a very weak draft.

Murray, UT

We have fallen a long way in the last twelve months. Letting Matthews, Korver, Boozer, and now Williams go even though the argument is that we "had to" has taken this team to the bottom of the NBA. It is going to be a long hard road back, we get worse with every passing month. I wonder how much it is going to cost when attendance drops off dramatically as more and more fans throw in the towel on this season and the next. Don't tell me how we are going to get draft picks to make it up, if draft picks worked the Clippers would be reigning champs the last ten years, instead they are the reigning chumps. I like Corbin but he isn't the guy to take this team anywhere but down to the basement, we need someone who will kick a few butts, the mailman may be the one to deliver on that. He won't pat slackers on the back, he will get them to play or show them the door.

Captain L
Provo, UT

I hope NJ doesn't play well enough to jump up past those ahead of them in the standing, I think they are 3 or 4 games behind, I hope we can keep their pick at the number 6 spot and the way we're playing we could drop to were we have the 12th or even the 11th pick. KOC needs to shake this team up and go for the rebuilding mode.
Corbin needs to play the young ones and give them a chance to develop.

Farmington, UT

Embarrassing? I'd say so. I am not sure why Bell hasn't taken himself out yet! Hayward should be starting. Harris, Miles, and Bell were 0-19 at one point. Isn't a shooting guard supposed to know how to shoot.

Start Harris, Hayward, Evans, favors, and Jefferson. Rest Millsaps knee and give the rookies some PT to get ready for next season.....if we have one

Centerville, UT

By the time I got home the Jazz were already down by 18 so I didn't bother to watch. Checking the box score I see Miles had his usual stellar shooting night (sarcasm) 3-14 and 2-8 on 3's. Too bad we don't have a shooting guard who can actually shoot. And someone who could actually defend a 3 point shot would be nice since we're wishing.

Utah Jazz fan Chris
Clearfield, UT

The problem is that Utah doesn't know how to pick people! Watch, they'll pick up a big white european guy as the new jersey pick and with the lottery pick Jimmer. He's a great shooter but speed with eat him up. BAD! He won't be able to guard guys like D-Rose or Darren Collison.

Captain L
Provo, UT

With Favors hopefully the future at PF, Milsap is probably our best chip in trying to make a trade, I like the idea of Gortat and maybe even a draft pick for Paul. We definitely need some shooters both at the 2 and the 3. Hayward, I think will be OK. Give him as much PT as possible.

the boonies, mexico

Wouldn't you know it. The Jazz will have 2 lottery picks, and there is nothing to pick. Wow!

Murray, UT

I agree Millsap is obviously hurt he needs to sit and heal. It has been to the point of hurting the team. But again this team cannot catch a break. Favors is great but he fouled out in less then 25 minutes, fesenko was out again, and elson was hurt.

The team is banged up obviously they need to bring some BODY in at the very least before this team runs into the ground.

Still trying to be positive. Who really thought they would beat New york anyways? Favors will get his shot. You can see it unfolding like magic. Same thing happened with Matthews just happening to him a bit later. WATCH OUT.

Go Jazz

Houston, TX

Corbin has changed the offense so that it revolves around AJ and his strengths. However, that change may have accented the weakness of the SG/SFs. However, one of AK or Hayward usually play well. So the major problem is the shooting of the SGs. It was a weakness before. Now it is a major weakness.

There has to be additional changes in both offensive design and personnel. The offense also has to be designed for Harris or he has to be replaced with the ideal PG for the new offense.

Favors just needs time to develop. The Jazz have NO need of Gortat or any player like him. They do need ONE insurance big and that will probably be Okur if he recovers or a draftee like Cantor.

The Jazz may keep AK depending on cost. They probably keep Hayward and give him a year to develop his shooting. They should keep Millsap, Evans and Watson as they produce well for the money they cost.

That leaves a lot of money to build a great bench with players who are ideal for Corbin's offense (which is he is not thru building).

The biggest problem is the defense.

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

Without AK Jazz can't hold ground. AK always MVP.

Houston, TX

I do not think you can judge Corbin as a coach until the end of next year. He is stuck with a poorly designed team that Sloan/KOC put together. AND then KOC/Miller traded his best player (a true top 10 player).

At least give Corbin credit for getting the max out of AJ. That was not happening with Sloan. Corbin has NO shooters. Favors does not know the offense and probably will not for another year. So far he looks great.

A rotation of AJ/Favors/Millsap will be as good as any in the NBA. If Okur or Cantor is backing that up you have a great front line.

KOC has this summer to fix the SG and maybe the PG but I suspect that Harris will stay and play better as time goes on.

Corbin's offense has been decent (not great) but should be much better next year.

The most crucial question is the defense. Sloan did not have a good defense for the last 5 years. This current defense is bad.

I am not sure how that gets fixed but personnel changes are an obvious place to start. Get role players who fit.

Captain L
Provo, UT

I hope there isn't a lock out, a lock out would really weaken this draft, I hope the Jazz try to bring Tomic over, he is long, tall and has a good offense game but I'm not sure about his D. He very well could get pushed around alot in the NBA. Although Fes is suffering with back spasms now Corbin wasn't using him much anyway and so I don't think he or Elson should be counted on as players in the Jazz future. We need a center that is tough, mobile and can contribute on both ends. I think Gortat would be a good pick up if we could get him, which I doubt we could. The Suns just barely got him and I think they like him. Maybe we could get Kaman.

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