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Published: Sunday, March 6 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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CHS 85
Sandy, UT

I, for one, am enjoying the spewing nonsense that solidifies the implosion of the Grand Old Party.

Salt Lake City, UT

Will the Deseret News also publish articles pointing out the nonsense spewed by Mitt Romney?

silas brill
Heber, UT

These people (Huckabee, Palin, etc.) are utterly shameless in how they promote themselves to sell books. They are nothing but provocateurs who say anything outrageous to intentionally draw attention to themselves to make money. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt they don't actually believe what they are saying. Maybe I shouldn't.

Burke, VA

Why is that George Will can write so much nonsense one week and then be spot on the next. This is a good one and so true.

"sensible Americans...pay scant attention to presidential politics at this point in the electoral cycle, (and) must nevertheless be detecting vibrations of weirdness emanating from people associated with the party (the Republican party)."

So true.

Orem, UT

Huckabee and his ilk will assure Obama an easy re-election bid.

Moab, UT


LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

It's like watching a train wreck.
You know it's gonna be bad, but you can't help but look.

The loonacy started more 30 years ago,
and reached full 3-ring circus status when they had golden leaders like Sec. Colin Powell and Sec. Condie Rice to chooose from, but the GOP didn't think they were full blown reich wing wack-o enough, so they threw Sarah Palin in for the #1 contest.

And Huckabee & Gingrich are leading contenders, again?


Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The nonsense that I with they'd stop spewing is that you can balance the budget without a tax increase while not imposing significant cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Defense. Anyone who says this can be done either can't do math, or is lying through his teeth.

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

Like it or not, here's my view, the truth, comeing from a real TRUE Republican, not some RINO. It seems as if George F. Will can also read mind's, when he said that GOP hopefuls need to stop spewing nonsense. Bill O'Reilly delivered a lecture at his alma mater, Chaminade High School, predicted that the 2012 presidential race will be close but Republicans will take control of the Senate. At Chaminade a Catholic preparatory school for young men in Mineola, Long Island the Fox News Channel host said the White House race will come down to a choice on the GOP side between a "hard liner" like Sarah Palin or a moderate who "has to stand for something," the Mineola Patch reported. "It will be interesting who breaks out." The main topic of O'Reilly's address was secularism versus Judeo-Christian tradition in the media. If pessimism is not creeping on little cat's feet into Republicans' thinking about their 2012 presidential prospects, that is another reason for pessimism. This is because it indicates they do not understand the sensible Americans, the poor and the middleclass plus the elderly, disabled and Veteran's.

Murray Dad
Murray, UT

And this coming from George Will, no less.
Note the contrast to the letter editor from Gary Russon in this same section - " We as a nation deserve better. We deserve an honest, frugal, courageous, constitutionally inspired leader at the helm. It's not about party, it's about character. But it is up to us."
So, Gary - Did you have anyone in mind?

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

The Left's answer was to give us Mr. Obama. Nothing more needs to be said about their ability to choose wisely. He has shown us what happens when someone without experience, someone without credentials, someone without a love for America and American dreams, sits in the Oval Office.

Mr. Huckabee has shown that he is not qualified to sit in that chair.

Most of those running are not qualified to sit in that chair. Their desire is to obtain power instead of desiring to fully execute the laws of this nation in the defense of the freedoms of our citizens.

When a true statesman enters the arena, we'll recognize him and know that America still has a chance. Until then we'll be entertained by Mr. Obama from the Left and the various clowns who prance and dance and tell jokes from the Right.

Kamas, UT

Apparently, this batch of presidential contenders is still tone deaf to the needs.

None has yet put forth a plan -- I mean a really serious and well-thought-out PLAN -- for short-term and long-term deficit reduction, spending limitations and systemic reform on Medicare, Medicaid and Defense (and now you can add Obamacare to the mix on entitlements).

Polling indicates Americans love their entitlement culture. Someone needs to remind them it's over.

When I begin to hear a serious conversation about THOSE issues, then I'll make a judgment about who should be the next POTUS. Until then, I haven't seen any signs of leadership from anyone.

Don't give me cleverly crafted one-liners, fellas. Wake up and get serious about the topic -- JOB ONE in America -- cutting spending.

Obama's budget was a laugher. His own blue-ribbon bi-partisan commission on debt reduction and deficit elimination made workable recommendations he completely ignored. America deserves better than what anyone has shown us so far.

We will no longer tolerate politicians who merely kick the can down the road without realizing we are at the crossroad. Only serious candidates need apply.

Watch for emerging leadership.

Casa Grande, AZ

"only if you understand Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior"

Would that be much different than say the near diefied founding fathers anti-colonial behavior?

The USA was founded on anti- british- colonialism. So Obama is just more patriotic than Huckabee. Good for him.

Liberal Patriot
Holladay, utah

Let the GOP do their thing. Give the paranoia-preaching pundits like Limbaugh and Beck get filthy-rich on their book sales and broadcasting contracts. Put the spotlight on Beck as he trashes everyone and everything all the while waving the flag until its a blur. Give them all the publicity they want in the name of "We are the only true Americans!" Then put up Palin and Gingrich or Huckabee or Beck for that matter as front-runners to lead the country. Start right now. What do you think the average American is really thinking about these types and what and how they are accomplishing?

Sandy, UT

To Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin and all the other "patriots" out there who don't think we know the difference between the truth and hogwash: The majority of the electorate of America is not as stupid as you think we are. When you base your reasoning on blaring lies, we remember. Heaven help us, if we fall for this blathering. Fox "News" hopefully will not be our only news source before the next presidential election, and you will have to derive a source of income from somewhere other than your silly books and Fox commentary. There is a difference between fact and opinion, and when you base your opinion on such blatant, ignorant nonsense, the press still, thank goodness, brings it to light.

conservative scientist
Lindon, UT

Excellent article by Mr. Will. I especially like the last paragraph.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Mike Richards | 10:33 a.m. March 6, 2011

"When a true statesman enters the arena, we'll recognize him and know that America still has a chance. Until then we'll be entertained by Mr. Obama from the Left and the various clowns who prance and dance and tell jokes from the Right."


Pretty tall order from a straight GOP Party-line voter.

My guess is you're a Mitt Romney supporter.

[Mr. Universal Healthcare for everyone - including abortions, but hey - he's a Mormon and a Repubican so he has my vote.]

How do you live with yourself Mike?

Gus Talwynd
Salt Lake City, UT

As everyone by now should realize, rational thinking is not a prerequisite for being a Republican today. The crazies have moved in with their psychosis and paranoia and put fear into the minds of anyone who might consider becoming the Republican candidate for president in 2012. Huckabee sees the writing on the wall and is more than willing to drink of the cup of bigotry and plunge in with both feet.

Of course, Huckabee will not be as much fun as Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann in appeal to the Birthers and similar wingnuts forming the Republican core, but he's getting there. And with Glenn Beck leading the charge with his particularly brand of fearmongering and demonization of anyone with whom he disagrees, there is considerable room for Huckabee and the others to move right-ward and appeal more favorably to the reactionary extremists. It's become a question: Who is nuttier?

This next election will be fun to watch as the rattlesnakes begin to devour their young. As Will has noted, there is no need for facts in supporting "their" arguments. Soon, many Republicans will wonder how things got to this situation. It is really crazy!

Salt Lake City, UT

Re: Mike Richards | 10:33 a.m. March 6, 2011 South Jordan, Utah

Your description of Barack Obama as an example of an bad choice adequately fits with your profile. Obviously, any Democrat, to you, is a bad choice. However, you, as a conservative Republican, would always be opposed to anyone with ideas more liberal than your own.

As with many conservative Republicans (like with many liberal Democrats), you cannot distinguish the differnces within each group. These Right-Wing radicals, exemplified by Michelle Bachmann, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin (now joined by Mike Huckabee) think that anyone politically to the Left of themselves are one-and-the-same Leftists, the evil that infects America. So be it. Your opinion is noted and discarded with equal brevity.

I'm looking forware to your next post where you get into your religious mode and play the role of prophet, seer, and revelator. It's always good to see you display your moral fibre and inveigh against the liberals and progressives.

For now, Barack Obama is irrelevant to what is happening in the Republican Party. We'll have to see how Romney becomes Birther and confronts Huckabee in this challenge.

Hank Pym

re: Gus Talwynd | 2:40 p.m. March 6, 2011

"rational thinking is not a prerequisite for being a Republican today."

That is arguably the most accurate & funniest thing ever posted on the DN website.

Que one of Professor Beck's C students to try & dispute this in 5, 4, 3,...

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