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Published: Thursday, March 3 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Las Vegas, NM

Hayward = Opie Milicic
Hayward= Adam Morrison the II

Capt. Smash
Bountiful, UT

All you Jazz fans get ready the New Nuggets! They are 4-1 since marsh-mello left! They are a hard nose defensive team now if the Jazz score over 85 they will be lucky. Last night they had eight players that scored 10 or more. This team is very, very dangerous they are going to go deep in the playoffs.

Roosevelt, UT

Hayward shoots poorly, so does CJ, AK, Price, Fes and Bell is abysmal.

Promote the shooting coach.

Something needs to be done, rather something different needs to be done if all these players show up here and they lose their shot.

Bountiful, UT

While I agree the Nuggets are doing well, and frankly better off without Melo, they aren't going deep in the playoffs imo.

West Jordan, UT

Fes: The only thing you need to know about his value is that this past offseason when he was a free agent.....NO ONE took interest. Get rid of him now that Favors is on board. He shouldn't play once the rest of the season...give the experience to Favors.

CJ: That guys ticks me off more than any other player. He shoots bad shots and plays terrible defense. Please oh please, for the love of everything holy, get rid of him.

Watson: Good energy guy, but not a starter or finisher.

Hayward: Play the boy. When he gets minutes he produces. He plays with more energy and heart than Bell and CJ combined. Face it, this is a lost season. Develop the talent that COULD be there next year.

Bell: Just get him pissed at someone every night and he'll play just fine.

Harris: Once he finds his way in the offense, he'll be fine. He's already averaging 17 pts and 7 assists....not bad for a new fella.

Bountiful, UT

Agree with you ute4ever. As far as getting Bell pissed, all he has to do is remember J.R. Smith throwing him down last game and he will be there.

Houston, TX

DEN is better without Melo. The drama is over. Without Billups they are running more uptempo. Since there style has been to freeball and shoot 3s and ad lib that has worked well for them in these first few games.

It probably won't work well for them in the playoffs.

The Jazz had defensive problems with Sloan. They have those same problems now and they have new players. However, Harris matches up much better with Lawson and Felton. Harris is quicker than DWill.

On playing Hayward instead of CJ, Hayward is a very good on ball defender. He does not give as much help defense as say AK or even AJ but he does stay in front of his man if at all possible. That is one reason why he is getting minutes.

CJ can be a good defender when he wants to. Bell traditionally has been good but I am not sure what is going on with him. He may be dinged a little.

IF the defense improves AND the SG positions starts shooting 50% FGs and 40% 3s the Jazz should make the playoffs.

Corbin is playing to win (not lose). There are problems to fix.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hayward played a lot better against Boston then the embalmed corpse of KOC's masterstroke fall-back idea, the late Raja Bell.

From checking ESPN's projections, Jazz are about a 3-1 dog to make it, but it's not impossible. They are losing every tiebreaker right now, but going 14-7 would probably do it.

They absolutely cannot lose any more games to lottery teams or teams they battling with between the 4 and 11th seeds. They have enough games aginst those teams to do it, but they have to win them all, or else start beating LA and SA.

Tokyo, Japan

If you had read scouting reports prior to the draft...it was noted that Hayward always try to be in front of his man on D...his second year in Butler showed his FG and 3pt percentages dropped...im not sure why though...im sure he can fix it in time...almost all NBA players...need minutes to improve...if not given the minutes...they wont really produce and improve...i'd rather develop the rookies...playing against seasoned NBA Pros...rather than...play them in the D-League...the skill level is different...and the Pros will make you commit a lot of mistakes...thus helping them learn from it...not everyone is a Blake Griffin...or Kevin Durant...or Lebron...everyone has a different learning curve...and im sure...in the next 2 years...we will see how much they'll improve...

@ sokol
if Hayward = Adam Morrison II...does that mean Hayward would be a 2-time NBA Champion?...im just saying...Morrison did a great job heating up Kobe's seat for the Lakers...

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

I`m all for playing the youngsters,as I agree this sesaon is toast,and YES the Nuggets are playing much better without the gloryhog,melo.Build around Harris,Millsap and Jefferson and cut the dead weight,starting with miles

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