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Published: Wednesday, March 2 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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The Cucamongan
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The dream of a Final Four visit was fun for a couple of days. Does Trent Plaisted have a year of eligibility left?

Bo Jangles
Meridian, ID

From the eyes of a homer...

"If you polled the crowd, he should have shot 10 more from the stripe. He had a finger scrape on his left arm near his elbow crease, pink shoulders and forearms. He kept checking his appendages like he couldn't believe they were still attached to sinew"

a little dramatic

Salt Lake City, Utah

If this were happening to our rival, the Colorado Buffaloes, I might be pleased. Here's to a Cougar comeback.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

"All it took to humble BYU as a No. 3 ranked team was New Mexico."

And three extremely bias referees. My daughter was at the game and it was obvious, even to she who knows little about the game (her words), that a BYU player cannot foul from ten feet away from the guy he supposedly fouled.

Kenmore, WA

"He couldn't hit from the inside, neither could his teammates, so he drove and pounded it in the paint." This makes no sense, obviously you meant outside!

American Fork, UT

I was at the game. Emotional let down for sure. The poorest reffing i have ever seen combined with some of the poorest cougar shooting percentages and that spelled disaster. I would hope a formal investigation into the reffing would take place. Blatant non-calls and blatant poor calls. Very sad. It felt as if the commissioner had instructed the refs to make bad calls reminiscent of "Remember the Titans" starring Denzel Washington. How many times does a star player have to be hit on the shoulder, then the body then the wrist and still not get a foul called on the defenders - all 3 to 4 of them!!! I guess about 15-20 times. This is one of the reasons basketball is a joke of a sport. The refs have too much control of the game. This is why church ball is so dangerous - poor reffing. I applaud BYU players for keeping their cool on the court as they were playing 5 on 8 with New Mexico having an additional 3 guys in stripes on their team for most of the game.

Danbury, CT

Typical of my Cougs - make a big win and then lose to someone they SHOULD beat. How many years have we seen this in both football and basketball? But this was exceptional with a possible number 1 seeding, POY, a chance to actually get past the first round of the NCAA's. All they had to do was play up to their potential. No BYU team has ever lost like this with so much on the line.

I'm not sure which was worse: Davies' infraction and getting kicked off the team or the total collapse of the team last night AT HOME. This certainly doesn't bode well for Rose who can't get his boys up when it counts. If they can't get up after a big game with SDSU (twice), what do they think the post-season is about??

And Jimmer, how many 30 footers do you need to clang before you stop shooting 3's? Even I could score 30 if I shot as many times as you.

We may now not even make it through the MWC tournament. What a quick turnaround!!

Nampa, ID

BYU lost all control last night. They all fell apart. Coach Rose, who usually makes great adjustments, wondered where his team went.

Turns out Davies was carrying the load this year and letting Jimmer take all the credit. Jimmer can shoot, but Davies can make points, rebound, and actually played defense.

If BYU's starting five don't show some leadership on Saturday, Wyoming will clean up. They hustle and rebound the entire game. They don't shoot that well, but those kids in Wyoming hustle.

If the refs don't call it tight, BYU will have some troubles. They rely on a tightly called game. I just hope they can keep their cool and play.

Boise, ID

What is the deal with NM and BYU. NM looks unstoppable against BYU. Seems like 3 of their guys have a career night when they play the Cougs. Here's to hoping BYU can bounce back and have a good run in the tourney.

Payson, UT

I have noticed a trend for BYU basketball games since New Mexico won the the first game in the Pit. At a time when BYU seemed in control, New Mexico cranked up the physical play and whistles fell silent. Since then, all the teams are playing BYU much more physical and the officiating is interesting. It is almost as if the MWC does not BYU to be the representative since of course they are leaving. While officiating last night did not cause the horrible shooting, officiating does though influence games, the tempo and players who then play frustrated are not as effective, which is pretty obvious. That is something though the team needs to deal with as play through but it can be hard when it is more and more one sided in the MWC. I remember a few games back when an official told Dave Rose to pull Jimmer because he was losing his cool...I thought at that time, hmmm, who was the real problem. Anyway, Davies is a loss but BYU has other players that can step up if they want their chance just like others have. Good luck BYU and remember to have fun!

Highland, UT

I really cannot believe anyone would blame the officiating. As a cougar fan I watched the game and would say the reason BYU lost is ONLY because of themselves.

Poor shooting. If your going to continue to throw three's like that your going to lose. Many of the 3's were very poor selections of shots. Yes, Jimmer looked terrible! He had many "open" threes and missed.

Their inside play was exposed. Can anyone get a rebound? Seriously, poor boxing out. New Mexico is a good team. But I cannot believe how poorly BYU played as a team and shot the ball at home.

Blame no one but yourselves, especially not the officiating. By halftime BYU was shooting 24% from the field. They were getting beat in rebounding, and had tons of turnovers.

Kaysville, UT

I have no dog in this fight as I'm an Aggie fan but I do find it ironic that despite all the BYU bravado and smack toward the Ute fans out there, that the Utes can beat UNM and BYU simply chokes.

A lot of comments about the refs and I feel they had an impact but BYU was so poor at rebounding and shooting that they couldn't have beat Provo high.

Dave Rose is a marginal coach at best. This BYU team oozes with talent but most of the time the best they can manage is a contested 3 pointer? Really? I guess it works when you are as talented as BYU but get a team with a little athleticizm and it spells disaster, BYU is horribly exposed. That was evident last night.

I do give my best to Davies, he'll make it back.

St. George, Utah

Doesn't last night confirm the poor decision of BYU to kick Davies off the way they did? Davies' poor decision went way beyond the BYU honor code. It affected so many things beyond Davies. BYU should be ashamed the way that decision went down. It could have and should have been handled differently. The worst decision in BYU sports history.

Humble, TX

To all those that complain about officiating, look to your own team first. The ref excuse is just a poor way to excuse such a bad performance. Look at rebounding, shooting percentage, pretty sure the refs didn't go 1-9 from 3 point range. It was your poster boy.

Officiating is the lamest excuse out there. Get over it and just admit you got beat by a team that was better last night.

Farmington, UT

During the first game in New Mexico BYU had a 13-point lead (53-40) and lost. Coach Rose watched UNM score 12 straight points and just sat on the bench. A time-out when they had an 8-point run potentially would have significantly changed the momentum in that game. This time he called an early time-out but BYU played NO defense; they got NO calls from the officials (such as Hartsock being fouled over the back, having a held-ball and then the UNM player stole the ball and NO whistle); and an emotionally drained team, staff and fans. My son told me he could sense defeat when he entered the building before tip-off.

Now that reality has struck, I hope they re-group and see what they can do. If Davies had been injured the same players would have to step up and contribute, but this was such an emotional thing. Now we need the Y to rise to the occasion and take care of business. They can do that. What a shame they need to share the conference crown with SDSU, who they handily defeated twice. Play harder and smarter Y!

Farmington, UT


Yes, Utah lucked out and beat UNM. UNM dioesn't bring their best game against Utah and they don't have the mental edge over the Utes like they have over BYU. Now, how did Utah do against all the other teams in the MWC, as compared to BYU? Which team defeated Utah State, Weber State and Utah twice?

If Rose is marginal, where is Boylen, according to you? I'd reserve judgement until those Aggies play in the NCAA Tournament. Good luck to all those teams from the State of Utah and the MWC who actually get an invite to March Madness.

Eagle Mountain, Ut

Great job Cougars! Hey, there was one day the nation was talking about a number one seed, so I hope you enjoyed that day, it will never happen again. Jimmer, you are going to get killed in the NBA! Play some defense! Oh, prehaps if Jimmer shot the ball 30 more times, BYU would have only lost by 10. There are a lot of teams like New Mexico that will be in the dance - good luck trying to win one game. If BYu beats Wyoming twice, they will get rocked by Colorado St or New Mexico for the third time :) Best of luck to Davies, he will be sorely missed. Emery is a stud, but no big men will kill the Cougs. Poor showing last night - sad pathetic showing.

rio rancho, nm

Its really poor sportsmanship when you blame the refs for last nights game! Anyone who watched the game in the arena or on tv knew the refs let them play. UNM was really hot last night - get over yourselves. They played well enough to beat any team in the MWC last night.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Please, this was not about the loss of Davies OR the refs last night. This team choked plain and simple. They were taking shots you'd see in a game of h-o-r-s-e. Abouo and Hartsuk couldn't hit an open 3 if you paid them, and Emery couldn't hit water if he was in a boat. Every single loose ball ended up in the hands of a lobo player. The team played scared, and it showed last night.

Conversely, UNM hit everything they put up...from all over the court. Why did the defensive strategy not change to cool the Lobos down? There's plenty of blame to go around, but please don't use the refs as the scapegoat on this on. The blame clearly rests with the team wearing white last night.

The good thing is that we have WYO coming on Saturday. Which team will show up then?

Trabuco Canyon, CA

I truly feel bad for the BYU basketball team. They had a lot of promise and a real shot of making it to the final four. Now, because of the unfortunate mistake of one player, they probably won't make it past the 'sweet 16'.

Now, as for some of the other posts on this article. I find it really pathetic that it was somehow the refs fault that the cewgies lost by 18 points.(could have easily been 20)
I don't know how this works,.. but somehow the cewgies NEVER lose a game, they just get "hosed by the refs".
Just saying...Proud to be a Ute fan.

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