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Published: Wednesday, March 2 2011 12:00 p.m. MST

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Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Okur is a good guy. I feel bad for him. We could use his outside threat in a big way.

He used to be the iron-man for the Jazz but now he is undoing that in a big way.

$10 million for this season and the team got nothing for it in terms of on the court results.

While Okur and Boozer were never going to win it for us, at least they kept us in the top 5 in rebounding for the NBA.

Guess where we are now with Millsap and Jefferson as replacements?

28th out of 30 teams!

Now you know why we have gone into a tailspin. If you can't rebound the ball it means teams get 2-3 chances to score and your offense starts by taking the ball out under the basket.

So much for early offense and easy baskets on the fast-break.

The domino effect of rebounding has taken its toll.

Game after game Millsap and Jefferson don't box out. They have had a few games where they have made more effort recently but as a body of work they both stink and our results (wins) prove it.

Las Vegas, NM

Wonder if the best idea is for Millsap to be the talented 6th man that he is?

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Memo could only help this current team. His outside shooting is sorely missed. However, I do not think he will lace them up the rest of the season.

Millsap needs to be traded or go to a reserve role. Jefferson and he together on the floor has been a huge disaster. I think we let the wrong player go to Portland.

vancouver, wa

To Jazz Source:

Great comments!

If we were to add the rebound totals of AK to thouse of AJ & PM I think we would be even worse?

Lehi, UT

Time for a buy out? I loved Memo in his good years, but those good years seem to be long gone. I think paying Okur 10 million would be a huge mistake next year, but that is what he is contracted to rake in. I know the Jazz get insurance money when a player misses games, so that helps this year, but can the Jazz afford to keep him on the roster? Time will tell. I actually am rooting for the big guy, I think he adds length and rebounding and scoring to this team, which I think we all can agree that this team is in desperate need of scoring from the perimeter, but for 10 million, I would rather have a guy like Igudala from the sixers, or a higher caliber shooting guard. Any thoughts?

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Nation: I wish he would retire but no one in their right mind is walking away from 10 million next year. The only thing the Jazz have going from them is he is good trade bait due to his expiring contract next year. But that won't happen until the trade deadline next season.

Back problems are things that don't go away. Surgery doesn't fix it. Plus he just came off major surgery on his leg. Doesn't look good for a complete return.

So all the Jazz can hope for is that there is an unhappy shooting guard out there with a longer term contract that the Jazz can take on through a trade. Or perhaps they can package him with Millsap and send him on his way sooner rather than later.

Farmington, UT

What's this I hear about KOC watching Entes Kanter work out???? I think Okur may be officially done.

Houston, TX

Okur will be fine if he can just get into game shape. He has always been an okay rebounder. He does have some post moves. His outside shooting is his biggest asset and that should come back faster than rebounding.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Oh, grand. I can't wait to see how this turns out.

West Jordan, UT

Thought it was a bad idea to resign Okur (Kevin mistake). Not sure how he fits in with the Jazz now. We need Favors to get some playing time and Millsap and Jefferson are legit starters. I think the Jazz will have to trade Millsap eventually and they should get a good return for him (hopefully we trade for Matthews (Kevin mistake). Love you Money Man!

Roosevelt, UT

I say make Okur the captain...the Jazz trade them away

Tokyo, Japan

We should have shopped Millsap to sacramento...for their first round pick and Omri Casspi or Francisco Garcia...

Cedar City, Utah

We should have traded Okur when we could have.. throw Ak in there and get a guy that can make a layup at the end of a game... Who knows maybe we could get a good number 2 in exchange for Okur and his lil suit he wears every night and his shined shoes. Come on man, if your back hurts retire and free up our salary space!

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