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Published: Wednesday, March 2 2011 11:00 a.m. MST

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Bountiful, Utah

Without fully understanding the consequences of violating the honor code, it does seem as though students who have more to loose suffer more consequences. In other words, what are the consequences for a student who isn't on a sports team? What are the consequences for a student who isn't on a scholarship? I don't think I agree with a system that gives more severe consequences to some students for honor code violations, although I'm not sure how to fix that issue either.

Springdale, UT

I am blown away by the survey that accompanies this article in that an estimated 70% of the respondents agree with the suspension of Mr. Davies when, as far as I have read, his infractions have not been made public. What are they basing their opinions on? Just curious.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I think we've all seen situations where student athletes have gotten different treatment than the "rest of us." In the end it doesn't help the player any. They go through life without any accountability and it usually catches up with them. Honoring agreements is about honor and we need more of it in athletics and in life.

Orem, UT

Brad, that was the most well thought out, intelligent article I've yet read on this matter.

I especially love it when you wrote, "Cougar athletics exist because of BYU, not the other way around."

I hope good people stay close to Davies during this very VERY hard time of his young life.

Making a mistake is bad enough for a young person. Getting national attention for the mistake while simultaneously letting down many thousands of people you care about?

The pressure must be intense and I hope he is and will be okay.

We're with you, Brandon. It's hard now, but both BYU and the school will be just fine if good decisions are made from here on out.

D. Jeremy
Spring, TX

Kudos to my alma mater. Although I am a big fan of BYU B-ball, I applaud BYU for this move. Every student is treated the same at BYU, regardless of status. No one forced myself or Davies to sign the Honor Code, and it should not be taken lightly.

I have to wonder, though, whether coaches for each sport have a serious conversation with their athletes at the beginning of each season warning them about this. Why didn't Davies see what happened to Unga and take note on what it could do to the rest of his team?

Salt Lake City, UT

I feel for Davies, and wish him well.

As for the team, it's too soon to tell how much the loss of Davies will affect BYU's run. I've heard some people already say they're done....which is insane. We'll see what adjustments Rose makes, but this is a team that can rely on others to do just as well.

Florissant, MO

To whom much is given, much is expected. I had to learn that in my early years and it was the best thing for me. It also is none of our business what he did, but for me, I threw all my stones in the water. I agree, give him support and as many others have come through these experiences a better and stronger person, so will he.

Lincoln, NE

@allanoil: I can't speak for all of the respondents, but I certainly understand the results. The infractions don't need to be made public (and I commend BYU in its privacy policy about not disclosing these infractions to the media). What the majority of the respondents are likely agreeing with is just what Mr. Rock wrote: when students commit to living by the honor code, they are expected to do so, and are not exempt because of their membership on sports teams. That being said, I hope the best for Brandon and the team in this difficult time.

Syracuse, UT

If it weren't for athletics at BYU, that school would have half the student enrollment gone, they should just get rid of sports down there turn it into BYU-Utah, and just worry about education then they don't have to worry about the honor code.

Eagle Mountain, UT

It is a matter of honor, integrity and class. If you can't understand blind support of this code perhaps your lacking in some of these. Since it happened (whatever it is),I would love to have had it happen a month from now rather than now but that is not what BYU is about. Everyone (Brandon, coaches, school and fans) will suffer, but the message being sent is that a persons future is more important than all the other things. Hopefully Brandon will eventually be stronger for this and will come back to BYU for 2 more years.

John C. C.
Payson, UT

Ultimately BYU owes its long-term success to its standards. Any other foundation is not sustainable.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

@ allanoil, 70% of respondents are saying we trust BYU. We have no details from the university, which is as it should be, and we have no counter story from Davies, which I take as a good sign on many fronts. We trust that the university has not over-reacted or responded to unfounded inuendo.

Most of us grieve for a young man who has been publicly humiliated, as well as disciplined. We know that, if he will let it happen, the Lord can turn all things to his good, even this. Most of us pray for him, and others, that struggle to make things right through the atonement of our Savior.

Orem, UT

No one should judge Davies about his Honor Code violation. These athletes are under intense pressure and scutiny. Non-athletic students would likely fold under the same circumstances.
Also, no one should jump all over BYU for this development. Brandon Davies agreed to abide by the rules when he accepted his schjolorship. He infracted the rules, and is being held accountable. It's a tough lesson to learn; but an incredibly valuable one.
Too bad most basketball fans [clearly] have no grasp on the concept of personal accountability. Otherwise, the sports boards yesterday wouldn't have been filled with ridicule and hostility towards BYU and the LDS Church for the decision to suspend Davies just before the start of the NCAA Touney.

Salt Lake City, UT

Well written article, and absolutely spot on.
BYU means what they say and they stand for many of the same things that I believe in.
Do I love every element of the honor code? No. But I wasn't forced to sign it either.
Kudos to BYU, and I hope Brandon gets whatever he needs to fixed and returns to action next season.
Go Brandon, and Go BYU!

American Fork, UT


You are probably the 20th ute troll who has posted BYU should get rid of athletics today. That is simply your wishful thinking. Utah is only capable of competing with bYU in a couple of sports so rather than actually improving yourselves you simply hope for the demise of your better. Pathetic but pretty standard for ute trolls.

John Corrill
Independence, Mo

At first I felt kinda bad for Brandon Davies, but after reading this article everything is in perspective now. I mean, hey, that is the rules, right.

A while ago, I felt bad for that woman in Iran who they were going to stone to death for adultery, but hey, that is the rule in Iran, and if you are going to live in Iran, you need to live by their rules.

Same deal with drunk drivers in El Salvador - first offense and you get executed by firing squad. At first it seemed a little harsh, but like Brad said, it is the principle of the thing, so buckle up and take your punishment.

I mean, I was thinking that a one or two game suspension might be more appropriate, but then what would that lead to - more people doing what they want to do instead of living a principle centered life and living up to your commitments. So I say, good on ya, BYU for executing your principles and delivering your justice.

South Jordan, UT

How can anyone complain about "honoring" the honor code? This had to be a serious infraction or the administration would never have had to take action. And....because this is a private school, they do not have to disclose anything they do not wish to disclose.

BYU is the most sought after school in the country to attend. (according to a recently published report.) Oh, that our other colleges and universities could have such high standards. Morals, ethics, and honor are sorely needed to get our country back on track again.

BYU basketball will survive! Take care, Brandon! Thank you for all you gave us. Now, Go Cougars!

Harwich, MA

I hope Brandon transfers from this archaic institution.

Iowa City, IA

Excellent article. This even is hard on Cougar fans, but not harder on Davies and the team. I wish them the best. I'm ready to welcome back Davies if the University would still have him.

I've been around Universities most my adult life. The tragedies I witness from students who have no restraints is appaling. So much wasted talent and bright futures. I applaud the honor code. It probably is more misunderstood than anything else.

Holladay, UT

If BYU can't recruit players from Provo that will live the honor code, then where can they recruit players that will live the honor code?

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