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Published: Tuesday, March 1 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

Coach Rose and the rest of the team can do it. They have already overcome many obstacles and Harmon said. One more and they will do that too. This win against UNM is yours for the taking.

Go Cougars.

Roy, UT

Perhaps this is what is needed to raise their game to a higher level of play, and to spotlight Coach Rose for what he has already done all season long as he has replaced injured player...determination needed now more than ever, from the y players, that they show themselves "unstoppable," as a roaring freight train in their quest to a very special season.

Alexandria, VA

Very curious to see how BYU responds to this adversity in tonight's game. Like what's his name tweeted last night, should BYU win tonight, and win big, ESPN and the selection committee won't care.

This being said, this is a big hit for BYU. Hopefully Rogers/Anderson can step up to fill the hole.

Springville, UT

BYU should have deferred punishment until the season was over. This is no ordinary season. BYU was on the cusp of doing great things for the institution, and now is it in jeopardy? I do not argue with the honor code, but working with a young man through his mistakes while balancing that with the interests of the institution could have been done. I feel pretty strongly about it. Rigidity is not good.

San Diego, CA

Regarding Esquire's comment: Honor is more important than victory on the court.

Orem, UT

Esquire assumes things without knowing what the infraction was. You can be sure BYU would have gone in exactly the direction he suggests if they could have. The Honor Code Office will bend as far as they possibly can and you can be sure they are very aware and keenly feel what results the of their decision will have on the team. Davies obviously made a BIG mistake and in doing so has affected the years of hard work and dedication put in by his coaches and team mates. It is sad to contemplate the regret he will feel for the rest of his life. I hope that he will use this as an opportunity to put his life in the right direction and rise to new heights. What's done is done. Let's give all the support we can to the team, and all the support we can to Davies. Both are hurting.

Idaho Falls, ID

This will cost the cougars millions like the missed field goal did for Boise, just not as directly. That takes great commitment to ptinciple. Let this be a lesson to all of us.

Sad for the community , school, and especially for the student athlete. Time to gather around and man up!

Springville, UT

Nobody can tell BYU what they should or should not have done. Nobody on these comment boards know the details of what happened.

Quite frankly, it's better than what happened at Ohio St's football program last year.

Gary Kinney
Huntington Beach, CA

Rigidity is not a good thing, however, neither is breaking a commitment to the Honor Code of the University. I am proud of BYU taking a quick stand for what is right. Remember, this is a young "student" athlete and this is a life lesson which needs to be learned that there are consequences to our actions. Whatever happens from now on will be determined with how Davies handles the situation. I am sure he is a fine young man, who made a mistake, he must suffer the consequences and hopefully will move on and become a better man because of it. My best wishes to Brandon and his family that this will only make him stronger and better in the days and years to come.

Conservative Democrat
Omaha, NE

Actually, waiting would send the wrong signal in this situation. Part of what makes BYU stand out above other programs is its strict adherence to the Honor Code. The entire media is aware of the honor code that BYU has and they would have a field day if BYU failed to enforce it just because it was ranked high and had a chance for a good post-season. Players know what it is when they arrive and need to understand that they will be held accountable. I commend the "Y" for putting standards ahead of convenience.

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St.George, Utah

I have never been a fan of some aspects of the honor code, but overall I think it is a good thing for BYU to have, and as has been noted before, BYU's staunch adherence to it is very commendable, especially when notable athletes are proven to have no immunity from it. I hope Davies all the best.

In the sports context, this might hurt the b-ball team but it still remains to be seen how his absence will play out in the long run. It's not over yet. Good luck Cougars. Go Aggies

Provo, Utah

Having been a BYU student both in Provo and in Hawaii for the past 6 years, there's two things people need to understand about this. First, whatever Davies did, was most likely pretty serious (not just breaking curfew, forgetting to shave or drinking caffeine as some have suggested), for him to get kicked off of the team and have his standing in school jeopardized. Second, he more than likely turned himself in. It's no secret that if one wants to get away with serious honor code violations, they can. There is no honor code police roaming BYU housing administering breathalyzer tests, breaking up any guy-girl fraternizations and forcing people in before midnight. That doesn't happen. You are on your honor to not only keep it, but inform your bishop if you are having trouble with it as well. Did we not learn with Harvey Unga? I'll give him and the school the benefit of the doubt until I hear otherwise.

Cedar Hills, UT

Thank you, Captain Obvious!

Richmond, VA

@Esquire: Give it a rest my friend. The University is still guided by men who have been appointed by the prophet and apostles who are still under the direction of the Lord. You cannot cherry pick how justice is served; and just because Davies is taken off the team does not mean they're not working with him or that he's not being loved and/or helped during this difficult time.

Likewise, you cannot cherry pick how you support the Lord's servants. Either you do or you don't. Think about that the next time you raise your hand to support and sustain the brethren. It's like asking God to..."Please don't punish me till after the season and March madness is over, will ya!!! Can't you see, this is the best chance for your university to make it to the Final Four, and may be even the NC. Can you just sweep my mistake under the rug till after the season is over?" Don't think that's the way the honor code works.

I pray things will work out better for Davies, the team, and the University.

Salt Lake City, ut

@ Esquire
Rules are rules, you have to follow the honor code or not get caught I guess? I like how you advocate for him though, I think byu should at least work with him. The Gospel is about repentance, I dont care what you say and to have a strict Honor Code like that seems a little harsh for someone who made a mistake. I know its been like that forever and wont change but maybe they should consider revising it. Being a private church run school they seem to forget about people making mistakes and dish out punishments. I am glad the Church isnt ran like this. Being forced to be good or be expelled kind of defeats the point of freedom of choice. Its a private school though, if you want to go there you have to follow the rules.

Meadow, UT

I havn't commented on the BYU basketball team yet in the Deseret News so far this year as my time is taken up for the most part following and rooting for the Jazz.I will say this: Davies being released from the BYU basketball team has got be a very hard thing to take for all you loyal fans that were hoping the team could go far in March Madness. I'm hoping they go far also.I root for any Utah team that has a chance to make a big showing in the tournament. I would very much like the Jazz to have Jimmer on their team in the near future, since for one he has a great NBA three point range even for a college player. Good Luck to Jimmer and the whole BYU team.

Rock Chalk BYU
Lawrence, KS

I'm sure BYU *is* working with him. The public face of this story pretty much has one statement: Davies out for the season due to honor code violation. That's it.

In private, you can bet there is a lot going on, and there will be second chances galore. It will be Davies choice to take any or all second chances. If he wants to be back next year, I'm sure he will have the chance. That is *exactly* how the Gospel and the Church work. Its also how the NFL works, by the way. Goodell has done a great job of reminding his players that playing in the NFL is a privilege. Davies had a privilege taken away, an action he saw coming I'm sure, but I'm sure he has plenty of greatness surrounding him right now.

Alan D
Kearns, UT

Every player knows about the honor code before he signs up to play sports at BYU. It isn't as though someone suddenly told them that the University has a morals clause in the contract.
If you don't want to live by their standards, go to a different university. It doesn't seem like a difficult decision.
Perhaps this will be a good lesson to any future players, thinking about playing ball at BYU; "can I really live up to BYU standards?"

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Proud to see BYU stand on principle.
Davies is a good young man. He will recover and those close to him will rally around him and help him back.

Adversity brings out amazing things in people. Many this be the case with those who have to step up and fill Brandon's ample shoes.

(I worked as a custodian in the Marriott Center when I was in college. I even had to clean the locker room used by the basketball team. Greg Kite's shoes were amazing. I think the brother of Jared came across the ocean in one of them.)

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

Well, this is very unfortunate. I feel bad for Davies, who more than likely confessed to the violation, which says a lot about him if true.

BYU can kiss any chance at making the Final 4 goodbye; they were small before the loss of Davies - now they are tiny! They should win the last two regular season games but will have an uphill battle to win the MWC tourney and get a #1 seed.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted...

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