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Published: Tuesday, March 1 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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concerned jazz fan
Park City, UT

defend the 3point FG of the opponent, CJ must move on, Corbin should consider Bell's playing minutes, period.

navotas, philippines

"step in the right direction" corbin says... huh?!? we lost that game. how could that be in the right direction? unless we are aiming for a high lottery pick. lol. i hope he stops making those stupid comments--making it ok just to hang around with the celtics. moral victories doesn't count. i hope he gets really angry when the jazz lose a game. and i hope his players feel really bad about those losses. if we keep putting positive spin on every loss then why the heck try at all to win games. let's just win moral victories after moral victories.

Layton, UT

I Don't like it if Corbin is suggesting that Offense is the way to go when other teams are beating you, But at least he is saying team work. I hope that He is going to use Price more rather than loose to a faster guard who can put up more points. I Don't understand why Jeff is not teaching the Jazz how to shoot.

Salt Lake City, UT

Love the way the Jazz are playing much better inside out
basketball since Deron and Coach Sloan have left. Use the
practice time for defense by the first team. They are
playing better at this, but not much and certainly not
good enough to win.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Any team playing the Jazz would be crazy if they don't pack it in and make you beat them from the outside. I would double AJ every time he gets the ball. KOC we need a 2 guard that can score. Bell is bad CJ is worse. GH plays better D than both of thoses guys.

Bountiful, UT

CJ Miles doesn't know how to pass the ball. If he gets the ball he shoots it no matter how open another teammate may be. Raja looks like he has no confidence when he gets the ball and can't make a 3 to save his life. I agree with the other comments, we need a better 2 Guard. You might as well start Hayward, so he gets more comfortable on the court. I hope Memo comes back we need an outside threat.

Calgary, AB

I can't believe Jazz are not making any effort to sign C.Brewer. Bell and Miles just not getting it done at the 2 spot, and we will let other teams snatch excellent perimeter defender, good 3 pts shooter and passer.

Lone Peak High School Fan
Alpine, Utah

Raja needs to do somethhing diffrent and hes just not. and doesnt play while hes out there. he doesnt deserve to play. take him out a couple games and see what happenes in that time if he works harder and shows improvement put him back in. thats what i would do. BENCH HIM. but in evens he always does something while he is in always jumping for rebounds and butbacks i love him and they way he plays

play hard
Cottonwood Heights, UT

no 2 guard no playoffs, but is that bad ? get the pick , spend open money on a great 2 over the summer, and boom ! we are loaded next year ! dump Bell, C.J, Fess,Price, and reload for next year.

Salt Lake City, UT

You have to laugh at all the comments complaining about Corbins comment about "Moving in the right direction"

We are in training camp mode trying to make a run at the playoffs. These guys are playing on the fly right now with new players, new rotations, and players coming back from losing time to injury.

Its going to take time

Lehi, UT

I think everyone is saying the right things, just as they have all season long. I think the Jazz need to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk. We have major holes that need to be filled, but I give the Jazz credit for being much further along than any of the other teams that lost their super-stars and have had to rebuild. Toronto-Bosh, Cleveland-James, Phoenix-stat. an aging team but decent, wont last long. My point is the Jazz have put themselves in a very good position to move forward right away. Don't forgot that those draft picks can be traded for a veteran shooting guard or possibly bring in some high caliber youngster too, who knows, but the future is very bright for the Utah Jazz! Harris and Favors were both great additions and I know that it will take a little time, but this move will pay off.

Houston, TX

The Celtics game was a step in the right direction. For the most part the Jazz executed the offense well against a very good defensive team. Corbin has found a way to improve the offense and it will get better as Harris gains experience running it and also learns the players.

The Jazz defensive problems have yet to be addressed and some of that is new players not knowing the defense which will fix. Most of it are old players who are not executing or simply bad defensive philosophy. Corbin has to address the defense next.

Not only is Corbin making adjustments but he is playing match ups. The Jazz played best under Sloan this year when he played match ups.

KOC is not going to add an SG this year. Money is a major reason. CJ and Bell will work out of their problems. In the meantime Hayward seems to be making some progress.

IF Okur can play he will need 2 or more weeks to get into playing shape. He really should not be on the floor unless he can contribute. IF Okur can shoot he could help this team.

Houston, TX

The last I heard Okur had not been doing anything but resting his back as ordered by his Dr. He is probably aware of it but "vibrating" exercise equipment works most of your body indirectly not just the muscles that are lifting etc.

The use of vibrating equipment would help to get the rest of his body into game shape much faster than conventional exercises.

It would not surprise me if KOC/Greg would prefer to get the extra lotto pick instead of make the playoffs. They may have players in mind they want. How often do the Jazz get a lotto pick?

This year already has a lot of turmoil and expectations of the playoffs are low.

If they were really aggressive about getting into the playoffs KOC would be getting a shooter.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Lets face the facts:

Bell and Hayward are not good shooters yet they play the 2. Kinda reminds me of Brewer. Seems to be a trend in Utah.

CJ and Dwill were the only ones who could hit 3's on a regular basis and one is gone and the other might as well have left with him.

AK fires them up but he isn't a shooter either.

I guess I have a hard time understanding why Kevin doesn't try to bring in a Dleaguer who can shoot if he can't find one through a trade.

I get the feeling that until AK is off the books, no more money to be spent or trades to be made.

If only the Jazz had not signed Memo. That 10 million would have them a nice 2 right now.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Cj Miles

face the facts? You make NO sense at all what fact is out there that Hayward cant shoot? He is a rookie and the fact is, he is way ahead of where CJ was 6 years ago. You have NO facts to base that Hayward cant shoot with the limited time he has been in the NBA.

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

"The matchups and the flow of the game will determine" who plays, said Corbin.

That's a breath of fresh air. I hope he sticks to that principle.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

No kidding. CJ has been in the league 6 seasons and he still can't string 2 decent games together.

I'm sure he is pouting now that Deron has left.

I seriously thought he had finally made the step the way he was playing to start the season but he has regressed into the same old consistent jeckyl and hide.

I find it comical that the Miles poster complains about other players and how bad they are while clearly CJ is a huge detriment to the team right now. I mean, at least Hayward can play defense when he is on the floor. Even if Hayward does not shoot well he at least makes it difficult on the opposition to score.

Meanwhile is missing open players and jacking up bad shots then he stands like a statue while players drive past him to the basket. He is now bad at both ends. What a waste of athletic talent he has turned out to be.

How much longer can this franchise be asked to wait for CJ to "develop"?

I agree that we do need Okur back in a major way for a perimeter threat.

Bell is a bust.

the boonies, mexico

What do you mean C.J. that D-Will and C.J. were the only ones that could hit a 3 point shot on a regular basis? Neither did on a "regular" basis and I doubt either "will"! Low thirties or less doesn't cut it!

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Coco.....Do you watch the games? Hayward can't make a jumpshot to save himself. You are the only one on here who thinks he can......

Vince...... If you look at old box scores, CJ and Dwill were the only ones making 3's most nights. I am not saying that their shooting percentage was good while doing it, but they were at least making some every night. There were plenty of games that CJ was the only one to have a 3.

Jazz Source......You really think that Hayward is better than CJ? When Hayward plays, the Jazz do not win. That is not implying that CJ is doing anything spectacular as of late. But after Jerry left, he was scoring 20 a nihgt until Dwill left the team.

Murray, UT

Early Oop to Favors FTW!

@CJ Miles
Hayward WILL be better than CJ. He's certainly a lot more determined and in the end that's where it counts.

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