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Published: Tuesday, March 1 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Knight has a point.....If Jefferson can score 30 a night, who cares if he plays any defense.

concerned jazz fan
Park City, UT

if Corbin continues to allow Bell to play huge minutes, I think Corbin should be fired..I think Bell's time is over, I think it's better for him to retire, he is not the Bell the we used to know, we just have to accept the reality of things..the management should talk to CJ, I think he is still affected by the trade of D-Will,if he continues of poor play, I think Corbin should sit him out the rest of the season.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Starting and playing Favors next to big Al would compensate alot for big Als short comings on defense and boxing out. Favors is very quick for a man his size and he knows how to quickly slide over and get into position to defend or box out. Milsaps energy could be utilized in the 2nd unit.

Captain L
Provo, UT

CJMiles: I'm surprised you are so down on CJ, you may be right and he may be playing like he is because of DWill but I hope he is more of a man than that. If he is that fragile , your right he won't be able to make it in the NBA even with another team. I hope your wrong and it just takes him a week or two more to pull out of this funk and start to play better. If he can play to his potential, he is worth keeping but so far he isn't showing he can. I question if he can improve and play like he needs to, because of his work ethic. I will still hope he figures things out but I won't hold my breath or count on it.
I would rather have CJ in the game than Bell though. I would rather have Hayward than either one of them the way they have been playing and Hayward will just get better.

Provo, UT

@CJMiles--dude what is up? Last week you were saying you hope AK takes his talents elsewhere and CJ could do NO wrong? Why the sudden change man? Is this the same person or an impostor? Anyway, I have mixed feeling about CJ. I agree with everyone's post about him and his work ethic, being fragile, etc. There are these very small glimpses throughout the game exposing his talent. The kid can play and it's sad he doesn't see it. I would love nothing more than for him to come around and grow into the the player he can be. We need his outside shot desperately. Please hire Ray Allen for some help and tips. This guy is flat out amazing and his work ethic; it's humbling to see what has has done in his career. He deserve it all. I hope he (CJ) can find his shot soon. Bell needs to be benched and Corbin needs to man up and just do it. I like Hayward's hustle but WE need a shooter and right now he's not the answer. Defense and outside shooting need to be greatly improved. Go Jazz

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

I am tired of standing up for CJ night after night and he doesn't want to put forth the effort to be a better player. I am done defending his laziness and lack of hard work. I have never seen such talent go to waste as CJ's. The guy will be flipping hamburgers if it were not for the NBA. You would think he would wake up and see that he is one more bad game away from being benched for good. Then his career would be over as a basketball player.

CJ wake up and start putting in the work to be the player you should be.

Captain L
Provo, UT

CJMIles: A question for you, you live in Dallas, I am assuming, does that mean you know CJ or have seen him play while in HS or what is it that had you so devoted for so long?
His potential is what I have seen and hoped would develop, because that would help the Jazz that much more and give them what they need.
I agree with you though, he is lazy and won't work hard enough to develop that potential.

Los Olivos, CA

Is that you out there is it Sybil?

Provo, UT

CJ-I just hope this is the real CJ Miles and if it is I'm impressed you have come around buddy. However, I'm not giving up on CJ just yet as I see glimpses of serious talent on the court. I know--the dreamer. Can't help it. I'm trying to be super positive and we need an outside shooter. Guess what folks beside CJ and his erratic play who else we going to rely on for "some" shooting? We have no one right now. Okur has to seriously prove he is healthy enough for the rigors of the NBA--not convinced. Now, if I'm wrong I will eat every word and apologize. Right now I rather see CJ on the floor than Bell. Bell is washed up and should be 2nd string backing up the starters. His past injuries before coming back to Utah have caught up with him; plus he is over his prime. I like other pieces but not there D and outside shooting. Start CJ and let's see if we can get his confidence back. Wouldn't hurt folks; either that or Bell. Hmmm...Wish we still had Korver? Go Jazz

West Jordan, UT

Corbin needs to start CJ. He's a legit 2 guard that can do great things. He's in a slump now but his good moments outweigh the bad.

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