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Published: Monday, Feb. 28 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Chandler, AZ

@fan29, Hugh G,
You seem to have forgotten that the Jazz picked up Big Al in the off season.

Murray, UT

Fan29 , enjoy looking in the rear view mirror. I understand your obvious need for instant gratification but your going to have to wait a bit. Deron was not the answer and it had nothing to do with his physical abilities. Everybody and their dog knows that..

I thought the guys played great lastnight. The game was really fun to watch win or lose. I agree with most everyone the 2 guard position is a big gapping hole. GUESS KEVIN SHOULD GO OUT AND GET ONE !! Naw just kidding. I am not so simple minded that I would ever think it could be that easy...

Favors is the man. I mean that is going to take care of itself as far as his playing time goes.

Evanston, WY

Bell and CJ miles are just horrible.

Surfers Paradise, AU

With the line up on the court at the end of the game, we didn't have any 3pt threats on the offensive end. Liked the hustle and heart shown, but the game was lost beyond the arc in the final minutes. Where's that player(s) for this squad at crunchtime?

Harrisville, UT

CJ is the most fragile-minded player I have ever seen. He is obviously pouting about D-Will being traded. He always hangs his head and acts suprised when he gets a foul called on him for his lazy defense (always reaches in).

PS, CJ is skinny-fat, Pierce was posting him up all night because he knows CJ is made of cookie dough.

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

Hopefully coach Corbin can get to his son's game wed. and support his play. I can't imagine raising a son or daughter and watching them succeed and not being able to watch the success. I'm afraid I would be missing in action! Good luck Terrell.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I like this team much more than the Jazz team from 2 weeks ago. I think they will be fine and will make the playoffs this year. Give them another week and they will be winning most of their games. In month they will be sitting at a 6 or 7 seed. They may not make a deep run this year but by the time the roster is solidified next fall, they will be a very good team again. We are spoiled because of the many years of success the Jazz have had. Other teams have had 20+ years of losing. We have a lottery pick this year, 2 if things go south. These could be used to draft good players or to trade for players that will make us better. If this hiccup of a season is the worst we see, we are truly fortunate.

Stevenson Ranch, CA

Reason for loss- simple. 20% shooting from three of your wings doesn't cut it. CJ, Bell and Hayward were a combined 0% for their 3 pt attempts and the Jazz as a whole were 14% 3pt shooting for night.

If the Jazz don't pick up a d-league or a recently let bought out shooter from another team, it proves that they are not gunning for the playoffs at all this year. Unfortunately, the worst draft year in memory and the Jazz could have 2 lottery slots.

On the bright side, the frontcourt is looking strong.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Kevin Kruger is available in Orem. He can shoot, pass and plays no defense. He would fit right in.........

Lehi, UT

I truly think that Milsap should be coming off the bench and we should start Favors at Center. Bell is horrible, and CJ is as cold as can be. If Milsap is clicking and hitting, leave him in the game. We won a lot of games with Milsap coming off the bench in the past.

Layton, UT

I think the Jazz should go after a D-league man or Corey Brewer. We have to do some thing for our poor shooting. Lock up the wing guys up with Jeff till they can shoot.

Las Vegas, NM

My sister in 8th grade can hit more three point shots than KOC's ineffectual choices for players, who actually have an ability to hit the 3...Korver was our man, but he is gone..

Stevenson Ranch, CA

@CJ Miles- unfortunately, anyone who can shoot does not "fit right in", although you got the plays no defense part right.

I honestly can't remember a single shot beyond 15 feet last night that anyone hit, even if there wasn't a defender within 5 feet- they still missed!!

Bountiful, UT


If they were interested in Corey Brewer, that kinda tells me they are unhappy with Korver. Am I way off?

Tokyo, Japan


i agree...with you...bell isnt the player he once was...would rather have the Thompson kid...the jazz should have given him a shot...he is young and hungry...i sure hope...that we get a quality pick next year...hoping we get Harrison Barnes

Ogden, UT

Corbin it's time to make your own decisions now... Sub when you need to and not when the clock says so, call time outs when your team starts to lose the lead not when you already lost it, and one last thing let your rookies develop! Favors and Hayword could be an great combo if you let them play together.

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