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Published: Monday, Feb. 28 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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navotas, philippines

as expected, we lost. and pleaseeeee no "moral victory" non-sense from any player or coach. a loss is a loss! they always say "we played great but just didn't get over the hump" or something. fact is; we've been losing for sometime now. i hope the players and the coach would get mad, feel bad, feel angry at all the losing. they really should hate losing. otherwise we'll just hear all those worn out excuses for losing games over and over again.

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

Good game bad loss. Bell is total loss cut him, Hayward still need time. Favor is very good young player very smart just like Harpring said he will be 'Olajuwon'. Rotation is shaky match up issue. CJ not committing fully ? maybe he wants to out too.
Harris defense isn't better than Derons for now. I said before Ty need better game management so far Jerry's preset rotation by time.

Temecula, CA

Harris said team played great offensively...well, I liked how AK and Hayword were continually moving without the ball, but others were standing around too much. Milsap must have at least one hurt hand the way he keeps missing open shots. Favors needs to play more, Hayward needs to play more. Good effort all-around though...Jazz should try and emulate how teams like the Celtics get a man open so well. NO reason Jefferson needs to play so many minutes. Fes needs to play.

Salt Lake City, UT

Enjoyed the comments from the posters.Not to much negativity.There was a lot of effort tonight. Just think if they don't make playoffs. Two first round picks. To bad this is predicted as a bad draft. Maybe one or two Diamonds in the rough. Resign AK,Trade CJ and Jeremy learn the 3spot. Draft a SG and SF and let go of Fes and bring over Tomic.

Smithfield, UT

Give Price more time. CJ is ok, but I think Price has more heart.
Play Favors and Hayward.
Sit Bell.

Guard the 3!

Houston, TX

@Todd This season is set. It can only lay the foundation for a championship in the future.

The Jazz have 2 very promising bigs to build around in AJ and Favors. AJ is finally running the offense (at least the simplified version). He is making good cuts, he is setting picks and is near the rim and quickly attacking (Thank Corbin for that).

Favors will make people forget about DWill in the long run. He also plays D.

The new Greg attitude toward making necessary changes instead of continuity should also give you some hope.

Harris and Millsap are good players. They can also be traded if necessary for more picks etc at the right time.

AK's salary will reduce. Okur will be expiring. That frees up a lot of resources.

The new CBA may have a harder cap which may give help to the smaller market teams.

Corbin seems to be figuring out who not to play. I expect him to keep improving.

The only hope for this season is for the SGs to decide to play better and start shooting like they did early in the year.

A lotto pick is the alternative.

Ivins, Utah

If the Jazz can't make a run in the playoffs this year I would rather see them miss the playoffs. This will allow them to keep their own draft pick this year and combined with the New Jersey pick we will have 2 lottery picks to use to start rebuilding the team. If we make the playoffs at best we end up with a 7th or 8th seed and end up losing to the Lake Show or Spurs in 4 or 5 games (ane we also lose our own 1st round pick this season). I know Corbin doesn't get paid to lose games but I see the best future for the Jazz by spending the rest of the season integrating Harris and Favors and developing Hayward and Evans (remember Evans anyone). That means giving all these guys more time on the floor. That might not translate into as many wins this season but I think if helps make the Jazz better down the road. The Jazz have some pieces and can get better but I think trying to make the playoffs at the expense of developing our young players will slow down the rebuilding process.

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Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

This team cqan be good! Give them some time together.

Roosevelt, UT

The season is 2/3 rds complete and Bell is still waiting for his shot to return, CJ remains streaky with more no shows than should be allowed. Jazz need to hire a shooting coach as Hornacek has ruined everybody's shot who has come to Utah to play.

The plays Utah runs should make it easy for Harris to get 12-15 assists each night.

Okur should retire.

Is fun to see the Jazz running again though, and these losses hopefully will improve the team although it would be much easier to see them win.

Chandler, AZ

Why do the Jazz lose their pick this season if they aren't a lotto team? Did they trade it away with protection under 14? If so, they're better letting it go in a shallow draft year. If not, they'll only be picking a spot or two lower than they would if they were in the lottery, and they get playoff experience.

Hugh G. Hater

Raja is not starter material!

BigAl is awesome.

the boonies, mexico

Solid effort, just a couple missed free throws, an emotional error, and a couple of late mistakes against probaly the best team in the NBA was the difference. This off season will pay "big" dividends. Players like Hayward, Evans, Favors and maybe Tomic can bulk up, work on their conditioning, shots and we will be right there. Unlike Boston we have age working for us now and they all look like keepers! I'm excited about the future. I can accept defeat if the effort was there, keep working men.

Lehi, UT

I liked the tempo and the effort but, we are a shooting guard away from being able to win a playoff series let alone make the playoffs. Big Al and Harris played out of their minds! Harris would have had at least ten assist if guys could finish. Keep working hard, focus on free throws, don't give up!


Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

Yes JP they traded it to Minnesota in the Big Al trade. Supposedly it is lottery protected. I agree with the earlier post that Jimmer would be a good second pick if the Jazz end up having one.

I would love to get Harrison Barnes or another athletic wing with the Nets pick and get Jimmer with the our pick that would probably be in the 12-14 range. Jimmer would be a great 6th man and bring some perimeter scoring which is something this team needs really bad. I think he could be a Jason Terry, Jamal Crawford kind of lift of the bench.

Ivins, Utah

Yeah JP, Kyle is correct that Minnesota has the Jazz first round pick this year but only if it is not a lottery pick. If the Jazz don't make the playoffs they will get to keep their pick this year and then I think Minnesota will get the Jazz pick next year regardless of where it falls

Orem, UT

Matt Harping comment at the end of the game. Good Teams Find Ways To Win, Bad Teams Find Ways To Lose. The Jazz and Media People can spin it all they want, this is a Bad Team and trading a all-star guard wasn't the answer. If KOC had gone out and brought in some talent last summer the Jazz would not have lost D Will and still been in the playoff hunt this year!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Did Spazz fans expect anything else? Boston is a good team Utah is not, I just love hearing the Spazz fans cry and whine when the Spazz lose at home.. Let's loose some more games at home this year Spazz!!!

Hugh G. Hater


CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Kakashi.....No sarcasm. CJ hasn't been able to recover from the trade of his buddy Dwill. He is playing terrible right now. He is a headcase.

But the bigger issue is why does Corbin continue to play Bell? What a waste of minutes. I would rather see CJ play 40 minutes than Bell play 30 minutes.

Bountiful, UT

Makes me laugh how many trolls we have here. Spazz Fans. So original...

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