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Published: Monday, Feb. 28 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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chase SL
Salt Lake City, UT

We played hard tonight, thats what I like to see. Big Al is a monster, Favors is the real deal, DH is awesome, Millsap is solid as a rock, Hayword needs 20 lbs.

Murray, UT

@CJ Miles

Whoa, I've never seen anybody that flip-floppy before. Last game you said he was like the best player on the Jazz.
This game, he should be traded for a 3rd rounder?

Houston, TX

I never thought I would do this but I will defend CJ. He is streaky. He has won some games in the past. He is down right now. Give him a week to pull his head together.

The Jazz are going to make some moves at SG/SF. Hayward will probably be an SG if he can learn to shoot. I hope he does do a Ray Allen and hit the gym for 4 hours of bombing. He probably will emerge by next year.

Evans is going to have to adapt to the SF spot but he has talent. He is not needed at PF with Favors in town.

Bell and CJ are struggling. They should pull out of it. Starting Hayward is not a bad idea but he has to shoot better. However, he rebounds and defends.

If Fes wants a contract he has to develop some offensive moves NOW. He is not going to get minutes the rest of the year.

Corbin has simplified the offense and shortened the rotation. He has found what should work. Who plays D will determine minutes as much as anything.

Maybe KOC should dumpster dive for a Shooting SG?

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Hayward is not the answer. Sorry but another slow player trying to guard the 2. Another 2 who can not shoot. Hayward will be out of the NBA in 3 years.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Big Al played great on offense, 19 boards is great, 28 pts is great, his defense still needs to improve but like Bugoff said he is showing signs of being the leader. I like what he is showing. CJ is very troublesome. I too like the idea of this 9 man rotation. I am almost as frustrated with Bell as I am with CJ and I would rather see CJ play than Bell is alot of situations. Bell's game is so limited any more. The way Hayward played I would rather see Hayward play than CJ or Bell. At least he is attacking and playing hard. Plus he will just get better. Favors needs more time.

Murray, UT

Knicks are waiving Corey Brewer. Maybe the Jazz will buy out Fes and add him. It would be fun cheering for another Brewer running the fast break!

Bountiful, UT

@chase SL

Agree with every bit of your post. And yes, Favors is da read deal. Hayward at the 2 to start please Corbin. Everyone else rocked

Captain L
Provo, UT

I love BYU and Jimmer but I have had my reservations about Jimmers abilities translating to the NBA, but he can shoot and the Jazz need a shooter. I wouldn't use a top 10 pick on him but if the Jazz don't make the playoffs and have two lottery picks, the second being around 13 or 14 , I would consider Jimmer at one of those slots. We need a shooter in the worst way.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

@ Deno22

You nailed it!

Sandy, UT

We are a Jeff Hornacek and a Bryon Russel away from a serious run.

vancouver, wa

We can't expect to win games when AK and Millsap combine for a total of 7 rebounds.

Roy, UT

Sorry to say the end of the game reminded me of the way professional wrestling is fake, fixed, because there were just too many obvious blown calls that cost the Jazz this game, to wit, the foul on Kirilenko which the ref was in position to see but didn't call, the 3 point shot of Celtics that clearly the camera showed his foot to be over the line, etc. Utah's missed free throws would not have overcome just these two missed calls...how silly of me to waste my time caring about these games, when professional, paid officials poor work is so offensivly bad.

Houston, TX

Hayward will take at least another year to develop. He is has limitations but he sets hard picks (something CJ is not doing) and plays smart and was on effective D. Allen's production dropped with Hayward on him.

Unless KOC can steal a shooter SG someplace then Hayward is all we have until Bell and CJ get their heads together. Both of them can play much better if they decide to.

I think they will man up if for no other reason team leaders will emerge from the DWill vacuum and start to ratchet up the peer pressure.

AJ got a lot of rebounds that AK and Millsap would normally get. He really cranked it up. The AK, AJ, Millsap front line is decent. Having Favors as back up C/PF is gold.

Harris has never been a shooter but he might be able to pick his spots and do some damage. Someone has to hit from the outside.

KOC needs to add a cheap waiver wire or D-league pure shooter.

Anyone know if Okur is making any progress? He would take minutes away from Favors but playing him with Favors may work for a few minutes.

American Fork, UT

D Will was a monster tonight, but NJ lost. Keep losing, Nets. We need that #1 pick. In other news, Favors could be a star in 3 years and AK is still overpaid in Utah.

Delta, UT

The Jazz never cease to disappoint me.

concerned jazz fan
Park City, UT

a loss is still a loss..another bad shooting by Bell, 26 minutes just two points, then you add up another shooting woes by CJ..How long can Corbin put Bell in the starting line up loading huge minutes but producing nothing? Bell is struggling since the start of the season, maybe it's time to put Bell in the bench, or maybe start him but limit his minutes to 10 to 15 minutes, enough is enough its time for a change!

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

Dave S | 10:23 p.m. Feb. 28, 2011
Holladay, UT
I don't have much more to add other than agree with all of the posters targeting the poor play of CJ & Raja. Tonight 4 points and 4 rebounds combined in over 40 minutes of play. That is pathetic!! Give me a couple of D-leaguers and they could produce better than that.

A couple of D-leaguers -- best observation of the night.


Corey Brewer is available? He was a defensive beast in college, but .313 from the 3, .263 this year? Not what the Jazz need...


Captain L, higher than 10 and Jimmer is a draft gamble, at 10 or below he'd be more a sure thing than anyone in the draft. That kind of shooter/instant offense doesn't go away and makes everyone on the floor better. With the frontline the Jazz have now, they could cover his defensive weakness.

Burley, ID

I hated the loss but LOVED the effort. The Jazz showed more spunk than I have seen in them in a long time. They pushed the best team in the East for all they were worth.

The Jazz are only a couple of players away becoming a Beast in the Western Conference. Add a great shooting guard to this contingent of players and they'll be hard to beat. Add a decent center and they'll be vying for the Western Conference Championship. It's too late to do much this season but the team's future looks bright.

Favors continues to impress, his demeanor and wide-eyed innocence reminds me of Karl Malone when he first entered the league. The kids a keeper and he will be pushing our other Bigs for all their worth.

Even at this early a date, I'm certain the Jazz next season will likely be saying goodbye to several players as they continue to upgrade the roster. As the William's trade plainly showed, no one is safe if the right trade comes along. However, here are the 5 players that should be worried the most: Fesenko, Okur, Raja, CJ, and Elson.

Santa Ana, CA

A nice effort. Unlike most of you, though what matters is World Championships, not looking better. It is sad people in the state just accept poor play. This team has lost 16 of 21. I like Harris and Favors they had good games. The Jazz tonight are in danger of missing the playoffs dropping 1 game back of Memphis, now 1/2 back of Phoenix. All of a sudden Houston is only 2 ahead of the Jazz.

I cannot believe CJ was that honest on his postings about his favorite player. Good man that you saw the light. CJ was awful. He had 1 nice steal, but he fires a 3 again for his first shot just coming in to the game.

He and Bell killed the Jazz. AK I get on, but he actually played d and had hand in face of shooters who still made them. AJ had good game offensively, but still got exposed by Rondo going by everyone and getting little help.

What again is a major difference that ruined a good effort:

3 pointers again:

Boston outscored Jazz by 18 here.

Raja just let Ray Allen shoot 3s and how no one defended Pierce 3?

Tokyo, Japan

I wonder what will happen...if Ante Tomic comes in...and we Favors develops into a player that can be the anchor of a franchise...and what if we get Harrison Barnes on the draft...i hope...Favors gets the start and let's try to trade Millsap for cleveland's first round pick...lol...


there hasnt been a third round in the draft ever since the early days...it only lasts till the second round...

@CJ Miles

is that sarcasm?

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