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Published: Monday, Feb. 28 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Captain L
Provo, UT

Love how Hayward is busting his behind on defense and driving and being aggressive on offense. He needs to shoot more but I like how he is playing.
Pierce gets calls because he is an all star, weak calls.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

Raja Bell and CJ Miles are disappointments. Oh that we had Matthews on the roster instead of these two.

South Jordan, UT

Well, I have lost hope for the Jazz, time for all of my focus to go to BYU!

Salt Lake City, UT

Paul Peirce is still open....

I cant stand seeing how manuy bandwagon Celtics fans there are in Utah

Rexburg, ID

Man Raja and Miles are struggling, CJ at least used to have on and off games but now he is just plain off. And how long do we have to watch Raja miss shots and stand and watch his guy shoot wide open threes. He just gives up on plays sometimes. Raja needs to hit the gym like Ray Allen does if he wants to get his shot back, without it the Jazz are gonna continue to struggle. 3 points is more than 2 points, and we need some of em.

Layton, UT

Why can we not play Ronnie more? Raja blew that game for us. He is so slow can't shoot what is he really there for? he just stands there on offense and lets the other team have 5 on 4. We need a 3 point threat.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Jazz fans know basketball. I think most Jazz fans agree that Derrick Favors can play and needs to play more.

Magna, UT

Can we officially cash it in on Raja and CJ now? Please? Anyone? Raja was absolutely detrimental to the Jazz on defense tonight. His inability to even pretend to guard Ray Allen was a joke. Hayward as MUCH more effective guarding Allen and I can't fathom why Corbin (inexperience maybe?) went back to him down the stretch. Since we are stuck with Bell he should be coming off the bench, because he is NOT what he used to be as a defender.

Now for Miles. This guy's streaky behavior has got to go and if the Jazz pick up his option they are making a HUGE mistake. Has anyone else noticed that he is even more ineffective and lethargic since the Jazz traded #8 to NJ? I don't think this is a coincidence since the two were/are best friends. As fans it's time for us to move on from ever thinking that CJ will be anything more than what he is and 'what' he is is not beneficial to this team. The Jazz need a legit 6th man and frankly I think it can be Favors with time. Move Hayward into the starting lineup... PLEASE!

Meadow, UT

Statman9,get rid of the instant gratification.These guys gave one hec k of an effort tonight.Boston is the best team in the league in my opinion.Hate to sound like a broken record,but our outside shooting, particularly from three point land is bad.I liked the inside game tonight from Big Al ,Milsap,Kirilenko,and Favors,it wasn't those guys who lost this game.Harris had a good game ,driving the ball into the middle,but even he's a little weak on outside shooting.Bell and CJ ,you guys need to do like ray Allen:every day about four hours before the game,practice that three pointer.Still glad we made the trade though.We have a very young core of guys that will only get better.

Rexburg, ID

B Russ, I agree I am surprised he didn't get more minutes tonight...didn't make any mistakes and played very well and is a big body on guys Milsap is too short to guard. And Captain L, Hayward played really good tonight, I wish he would start over Bell. We might as well start building up our young talent so next year we aren't still rebuilding.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

CJ is terrible. They should trade him for a 3rd round pick. Since Dwill left, he is a basket case. I can no longer support his poor play. He is not worth defending at this point. He refuses to play hard and work on his game.

AJ was huge offensively once again. AK looked good offensively too.

Hayward shoots as bad as CJ. So does Bell.

American Fork, UT

The Celtics are the best team in the league. The fact that the Jazz hung around until the end, and could have won with a little more love from the refs, I'm encouraged.

Two minutes left, AK got fouled hard, Rondo grabbed the ball and threw an outlet pass to Ray Allen who immediately sunk a three pointer. Five point swing. Game over. Of course, AK gets fouled a lot but instead of going hard to the hoop like Millsap, he flails his arms around wildly and expects the refs to make the call, which they rarely do. Goodbye AK. You're worth 6M per year, not 17. If the refs don't respect you at this point in your career, they ain't gonna.

Meadow, UT

Captain,I agree with you about Hayward,at least this game.The main thing about him is he played within the offense and helped make it roll while not committing any ,or very few turnovers. Hayward needs to take it a little stronger to the basket and finish better,which he will with increased age,strength,and playing time. He seems to know alot about where guys are out on the floor at any given time.Big Al especially, is busting butt and trying hard to win games.The Jazz gave them a rough game tonight and they played with intensity.That's the main thing.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Frustrated by how Corbin substitutes, Hayward needed to play more and Bell needed to stay on the bench. Favors could have been given more time too.
The Refs were terrible and called thing in favor of the Celts all night. Garnett fouled AK and that call really hurt.
Hopefully the Jazz can come out and play with this kind of intensity in their next game. If they do they should win.
Loved how Hayward was playing,he needs more time.

Meadow, UT

I think AK is worth more than 6 million.He's picked up his game since Sloan left. Hope the Jazz can resign him for 8 or 9 mill.Concerning Okur,I doubt the gay is ever going to be much of anything anymore.He's too slow and is a defensive liability. Buit,if he could hit threes like he used to,the Jazz might still have a place for him for limited minutes. Right now I'm for getting Favors into the game at every opportunity

Murray, UT

Great game. The old Jazz from a month ago would've lost this one by 20 easy.
Favors + Devin Harris >> D Will

The refs made them lose this one.
AK was fouled in the last minutes of that quarter. The no call led to a Ray Allen 3 and the Celtics never looked back.

Hayward is cutting hard and defending hard that's why CJ didn't get minutes and I agree with Corbin on this one. If Hayward can sweeten his shot, he'll be fine.

Favors is totally better than Fesenko and Elson simply because Favors doesn't make mistakes. Every time Fes is on the floor, he'll make a foul or a mistake on the offensive end. Fes is #12 in NBA at fouls/minutes

Bountiful, UT

I'm in agreement with pretty much everything being said here. Yes, C.J. needs to go and a swingman awesome shooter needs to be drafted/brought in so they respect our outside game. If our inside game is so strong already, can you imagine if they have to respect our outside how that will open up the inside even more?

I do think Hayward needs to be in at the two instead of Bell though guys. I think Bell would work best from the bench. Time will tell if any changes are made at this position this season.

Have to say, the old champs got lots of "respect" from the refs. Al saw this and held his tongue, but you could tell he was pissed. I counted about 10 calls that were garbage, especially Paul the actor Pierces calls.

Anyway, very encouraging. Fix the outside shooting by putting our guys to work on that and in the offseason unload the right people and draft the right people, and they are going to be on the right track.

Houston, TX

AJ has played extremely well on offense for the last few games. He was a beast on the boards. He is becoming the new leader of this team.

Corbin did a good job of coaching with a 9 man rotation and played the right players.

Favors played well.

Harris scored well. Both he and Watson could increase assists.

Millsap had a difficult defensive match up. Ditto for Harris and Bell.

Hayward did a decent job of defending Allen with a +- of +15.

AK had a very good game.

The biggest holes on offense were at SG/SF. Bell 1-4, Hayward 1-5 and CJ 1-6. Also 1-7 on 3 pointers (1 by Harris).

Overall the offense did well against a good defensive team.

Rebounds and TOs were pretty even.

There were several bad match ups on D. That needs a lot of work.

Things should improve as Harris gets a better feel for the team and the offense (which has been simplified). Favors is going to be good.

The Jazz may be coming along.

Corbin needs to stay with these 9 players as much as possible. CJ/Bell/Hayward have to improve shooting.

Bellevue, WA

Well Coach, what's it gonna be? Keep playing the same ol, same ol? (CJ, Raja) or are you gonna to man up and play some of the new blood? Time to toss Jerry's playbook out the window and be your own man.

Love the effort.

Dave S
Holladay, UT

I don't have much more to add other than agree with all of the posters targeting the poor play of CJ & Raja. Tonight 4 points and 4 rebounds combined in over 40 minutes of play. That is pathetic!! Give me a couple of D-leaguers and they could produce better than that. I do agree it's time to start Hayward. At least he gives max effort when on the floor.

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