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Published: Monday, Feb. 28 2011 10:00 a.m. MST

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Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Still no first-place votes from the coaches though...

Iowa City, IA

Rise and shout!

Lincoln, NE

This is great news; here's to hoping for more victories and that number one NCAA seed! Go Cougars!

Fresno, CA

WoW! Congratulations to Coach Rose and the team. keep up the great work!

Springville, UT

That's what I'm talkin' about!

Great job and it reflects a lot of hard work from the whole team, not just Jimmer. But it doesn't hurt to have a POY candidate on your team, does it?

Well done Cougars!

Murray, UT

I can't wait to see what hedgehog says, honestly.

Well done, Cougars! Seriously, well done.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

RESPECT. Win out and get the #1 seed. Starts by getting revenge Wednesday against New Mexico.

Salt Lake City, UT

Congratulations Cougars!

Beat New Mexico and Wyoming this week and you'll finish no worse than 3rd in the final polls before Selection Sunday.

The Cougars are starting to peak just in time for March Madness.

Pale Bear
Orem, UT

Does still no first-place votes equate to no number 1 seed in the tourney?

Northwest Coug
Pasco, WA

Huge jump! Looking for multiple No. 1 votes in the AP poll.

Omaha, NE

#3 is perfect, and with great company too. Ranked between Kansas and Duke is pretty dang sweet.
This year has been so fun for BYU basketball!

Rock Chalk BYU
Lawrence, KS

Well deserved. This **team** has showed that they can play with anybody, at any time, at any place. When they take the court, I see a will to win.

Honestly, I think they went to the NCAA tournament last year with one goal: to win a game, to get that monkey off their back. It really showed when they played K-State, they just looked like they were happy to be there, but they didn't have the eye of the tiger.

This time around, they have two great senior leaders on the team, and a fantastic coach. They have much higher goals.

To the detractors, hey look, you can't win 17 years worth of games in one tournament, so don't expect to see that. This teams is going to have a six-game path in front of them, and those games lie in the future, not in the past. Can't wait!!

Payson, UT

Well deserved for good players and a great coach.

@Johnny Triumph - do you need to look for a negative?

Go Cougars, from a U of U grad.


this could be the best college hoops year in a long time here in Utah. It isn't a stretch to see USU and BYU winning games in the tourney and if USU can get up to a 7 seed they could make the sweet 16.
BYU deserves the great ranking and are a lot of fun to watch even for those of us who aren't zoobs.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Congrats to the Cougs! Obviously the direction a team wants to be going so late in the season, but still a lot to shoot for. I could care less what seed they are in the tourney, so long as they go deep. Anything below a Sweet 16 birth will be a disappointment. Ancillary players are coming on when they need to. Best game of the season on Saturday!

Marysville, WA

I've mentioned this on another article, but I think that up until this weekend, the Mountain West Conference had it in for BYU, and wanted to have them lose. This is why the refereeing has been so one-sided for the past month.

But now that BYU has beaten SDSU, the MWC's fair-haired child of the year, at home and for the second time, and since BYU has become somewhat of a darling in the national media, as much as they hate it, it is now very much in the MWC's interest to see the Cougars win out and get the highest NCAA tournament seed possible (unless SDSU and BYU meet for the MWC tournament championship game--then the refs will be back to their old tricks). So watch for a much more balanced call of fouls on Jimmer and the boys this week and in the MWC tournament. And as nice as that will be, it will be proof positive of how corrupt the MWC conference is. Good riddance!

Eagle Mountain, UT

That they have national respect and recognition of the coaches is much more impressive than having that of the media. The Cougars have really taken control of their destiny this year. It will be interesting to see what the AP poll does to them. This is the time of year where the East coast bias shows up the strongest. USU should probably be back in there too.
Great job Cougars and Aggies.

Arlington, VA

Pale Bear

No #1 votes from the coaches doesn't mean anything. The polls don't determine seeding,


the Selection Committee would have a VERY hard time explaining why a #3 or #2 or even #1-ranked BYU, with a #1 RPI, and a #10 SOS, wasn't awarded a #1 seed.

BYU just needs to win out and the #1 seed is a virtual lock for the Cougars.

Idaho Falls, ID

I find it interesting after having 2 first place votes last week there are none after the big win. What is up with that?

The high ranking will help us in the seeding, but other than that don't think too much of it. Now we have to go out and show that we deserve that kind of ranking as we go to tournament. "Just win, baby!"

Salt Lake City, UT

Great job, Cougs! Aggies should be higher ...

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