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Alison Davis-Blake knows what it's like to be first

Published: Sunday, Feb. 27 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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Home Town USA, UT

That is some resume. Glad to know she had the support of so many professors, especially at BYU along the way. The influence of her father in her growing up years helped. Her mother too, must have had a positive one as well, besides her mother earning her PH.D too. Way to go.

There was no mention of a spouse, but with or without one, mother of two sons, she has done well. The older son who is at Stanford may be walking in the footsteps of his grandfather and mother!

Ms D-Blake is to be commended. A woman having a professional career is great and besides she was able to be a mom at the same time. A great accomplishment in itself. Congratulations in her new job as the first female dean at the prestigious University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

Ann Amberly
Greenbelt, MD

What a terrific and inspiring article! How wonderful that Allison Davis-Blake has been able to raise good children and also contribute her talent to the world around her! And what a nice touch for the Deseret News to mention how her male professors at BYU encouraged her to go further in her education. For too long we have been taught that "good" LDS women accepted that the world was either/or: either they became good mothers and stayed at home, or they did not (with all the judgment that resulted). I am so heartened that Davis-Blake rejected that either/or mentality.

And, pace Alan Wilkins, it is indeed important to have a woman's perspective inform our academies. Women do see things differently, they have different life experiences than men, and they ask different questions. The University of Michigan's business school is greatly strengthened by adding an influential female voice and female leadership.

May this be the first of many articles about pioneering LDS women who are becoming the leaders of tomorrow! May the old either/or mentality that so hobbled our mothers fade away!

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

A terrific story, but is Alison Davis-Blake a "have gun will travel"? She is constantly moving around.

Murtoa Australia, Victoria

Even if Allison Davis-Blake is a "have gun will travel" she must be very good at what she does to be in demand by such prestigious schools. I congratulations her on her accomplishments in a field that is usually considered a "mans world." Women Rock!
DN thank you for an outstanding article.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

The fact of the matter is that moving is the way of life for many academics. This is especially true for those who rise to the top. In general universities and graduate schools seek their leaders from the outside. There are exception, but they generally prove the rule.

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