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Published: Sunday, Feb. 27 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Just like Dave Rose said - he is staying away what seeding they should be and one game at a time. I have the same thought what he was thinking. NM will be tough and hopefully Cougar players won't show any fatiques.
Go Cougars

Danbury, CT

Jeff, Why this article BEFORE the MWC tournament?? BYU has a great team and I like our chances, but we have not MADE the case until we've finished all business. I've been watching BYU for 40 years and we fans and you BYU media people constantly make the mistake of promoting the team (football and basketball) before all games have been played. The players and coaches don't do this. Knock it off and go back to reporting on what HAS happened.

So far, the polls show much of the country still doesn't believe BYU belongs at the top. We may have to beat SDSU 5 times before they finally rank us ahead of them. There are some great teams out there who have a habit of playing their best ball just now. We have a horrible post-season record for both football and basketball. Let's take it one game at a time and see how far we go.

Salt Lake City, UT

2 more regular season wins.
MWC tourney sweep.
Final 4 appearance.
Jimmer NCAA POY.

Mark it down!

Dayton, OH

I wouldn't put BYU in a #1 slot. Having watched the game on Saturday, its obvious they are a top team. I just wouldn't put them in there with the lack of recent tournament success. Until the Cougs prove they can win in the tournament I don't think they deserve a #1 seed. Their problem will come when they play teams where every position is athletically dominated by the other team.

Burke, VA

I'm a BYU fan and what's not to like about this year's team. Jimmer has rock star status and is recognized as one of the best, if not the best player in the country this year. But let's get realistic about this No. 1 seed business.

BYU does not have a perfect record. In fact they've lost (2) games to unranked teams. The only ranked teams they beat are Utah State (a great team) and San Diego State and incredibly over-rated team who hasn't beat any teams that are nationally ranked except Gonzaga, who's been out of the Top 25 for some time now.

BYU deserves a very high spot, maybe even a #2 seed, but are they one of the four best teams in the country?

Springville, UT

BYU beats #1 Miami, then loses to lowly UTEP. Was that who they lost to shortly after? I don't remember. Does anyone remember? Does it matter who they lost to? Fact is, they got all busy reading headlines about national championships and BAM, they beat the #1 team in the nation to lose to some no-body (relative to the big win) and its all over.

BYU may well lose to New Mexico, again. Then there is the MWC Tournament, which UNLV has dominated, plus possible dances with New Mexico and San Diego State, again. BYU has at least 3 serious games ahead of them. Throw in they could lose to another 'UTEP' at any time...GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME! Out of the newspapers!

rock springs, wy

Citing BYU's past performances in the NCAA tournament as a reason not to seed THIS team #1 is just plain dumb. This is a different team! The fact that some team five or ten years ago played well or not so well is irrelevant--different players, different coach. RPI is used to settle disagreements about strength of schedule and relative performances. BYU is #1 in RPI. BYU's only fault is that they don't play in a conference that has exposure in the East, where this year they would play quite well (see RPI). Whether a #1 or #2, BYU should go deep into the tournament and could very well be a Final Four team. Steve Fisher should know. He has actually coached a final four team and I believe they won a national championship.

IA Cougar
West Des Moines, IA

The "body of work" shows they are in consideration. That's all for naught if they don't take care of business against a team they lost to a few weeks ago...right after beating SDSU at home. New Mexico is a roadblock they must overcome. Wyoming is having a terrible season and so BYU must be careful with them as well. Nothing is a given. Then on to Las Vegas to play in the UNLV invitational. Nothing is easy. If they run the table, #1 seed is completely justified. Most likely will still not happen. Just too much anti-MWC press. In the end, #2 seed or #1 seed really don't matter if you don't advance. I love this BYU team. They are strong. They are focused. And they are winners. GO COUGS! The next 30 days will be a lot of fun!

Surfers Paradise, AU

The bias rhetoric against BYU is amazing. Someone always throws something out from left field as a reason to not consider this team. Please tell me in what scenario do people cite the prior 10+ years of performance as a reason to exclude a team from what's currently happening? Syracuse has their share of tournament failures as well but no one would ever suggest they don't deserve a seed because of past failures.

The team should be judged on the merits of their current performance. That's all that should be taken into consideration. If they deserve to be a #1 seed, so be it. Let this year stand apart from years past. If it's a #2 seed, no big deal. I disagree that the MWC tourney should somehow have a final evaluation of this team. They've proven they can win on the road and at home in and out of conference. The tourney is for teams that are on the bubble to make one last push.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Bigger question - Does tds WANT a 1 seed?

In the history of the tournamnet no #1 seed has ever lost to a 16.

Does tds really want that kind of recognition?

Perhaps I'll be cheering for a tds 1 seed

Springville, UT

Let's play ball first and see what happens. Not much difference in my opinion of whether BYU is a #1 or #2. It's all up to the dance committee anyway. Just not a debate worth getting all worked up about in my opinion.

Let's focus on the next game, then the next one, then the MWC tournament. The NCAA Tournament will then be the focus.

The great thing is that BYU has a dance card this year and a nationally recognized team. That's a great way to end MWC affiliation and say 'HELLO' to independence.

Thanks to Jimmer and Co. a lot of good media relations has been fostered.

Wonder what's happening up on troll hill?

Danbury, CT


I remember...BYU's football team beat #1 Miami in 1990 in the Ty Detmer era, then lost to Oregon the week after. Their football team lost to UTEP in 1985 when Bosco was QB, after beating #3 UW and losing to UCLA. I remember lots of times when BYU beat a good team only to lose to a lesser one. But not Miami and UTEP. If you take the top 10 at the end of any football and basketball season, BYU will have a worse post-season record. Football: one win in the Cotton Bowl in 1998. Basketball: Elite 8 once in 1981. It's time we put up or shut up. I hope this is the year we get it done for basketball.

Let's see where we all are 2 weeks from now and then discuss who "deserves" to be a number 1 seed.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

#1 seed is a bestowed honor.

For what really matters, you still have to beat your opponent.

I like being GIVEN honors I may have earned, but I like better winning it at the bottom line.

This team has earned a #1 seed. Whether they get it or not would be nice, fills print inches for writers, but really doesn't matter.

What matters most is Wednesday night. Then what matters most is Saturday. And then 3 games in Las Vegas. Then take what comes and ride it for all it's worth

Baton Rouge, LA

BYU also beat Arizona this season, currently a top 10 team. That also contributes to their strength of schedule.

Despite that, I think a number 2 seed would work out better all round--less hoopla and distraction--and it's probably where they realistically should be without a dominant big.

In Arizona
Mesa, AZ

In the tournament, where there is more physical play by bigger and stronger players than BYU has seen up to this point, between Jimmer and the BYU fans there will be so much whining that the team will lose confidence and therefore lose in the second round. BYU fans toot their horn way too much. They who toot their horn the most are usually in the thickest fog.

Murray, UT

From what I'm seeing all #1 seeds play on the Friday - Sunday schedule the first week . . . I may be wrong, but I'm going off Lunardi's locations and the NCAA's schedule . . . #1 seeding may be a moot point if that is the case.

Glendora, CA

I hate to see the East Coast Basketball Hegemony in action, but it will be the same old song. DUKE, DUKE, DUKE.
Money rules. And there's a lot more money to be made for the T.V. sponsors, by favoring your East Coast Cash Cow System.

Boise, ID

Look at rpi, sos, record against rpi top 50. This isn't rocket science. This years record should be 99% of the consideration.

I don't care where they are seeded as much as who they are seeded against. Matchups are important.

It takes luck and good fortune to make it far in the tournament. Just about every team in the country has at least one loss against teams that are much worse than them. Sometimes things just fall in place for the weaker team. BYU has a great team this year. Decent inside with at least 5 threats from the 3-point line.

Colorado Springs, CO

Hopefully BYU gets to Denver. There is a huge following of the Cougs in Colorado. The AF home game was 50% Cougar faithful. Additioanlly it is not far from Utah. BYU would likely be the crowd favorite. Follow that up with a likley home court advantage in Annaheim and the Cougs are on the way to final four status. A lot of ball to still play but that would be a very favorable route to the final four. Something they very seldom have in the NCAA tournament. Go Cougs!

Salem, UT

The real issue here for a #1 seems to have more to do with the simple fact that there are really only two #1 seed available for BYU- not all 4- remember BYU must be seeded in a slot that plays the Th/Sat games and so that makes the equation more complex for seeding BYU as a #1- which region do you give them- well you only have two choices and that may play heavily on the selection comm. ability to seed them as a 1

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