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Published: Sunday, Feb. 27 2011 6:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

That's all well and great....but the maority of the state is watching and we vote....Let's hope they are doing more than Kume-by-yah!

Put some teeth in this bill.....no amnesty, drivers cards, fines for hiring illegals, e-verify, no health or welfare benefits......do it now!

J. Adams
Sandy, UT

A model of disgrace for the nation is more accurate. Your editorial assumes that Utahns want a comprehensive reform bill. What we want is comprehensive enforcement of exsisting laws. We are already doing the most for all God's children of any nation on the earth. Hopefully, we will continue to do the same. What we cannot do is confuse the real issues: illegal v.s. legal immigration. One is approved by exsisting law, the other is willfull violation of our sovernty. May the legislayure be guided in supporting the majority of Utahns and ending the sanctuary status of the state of Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT

Guest Workers #1
Creating a Utah Guest worker program violates federal law. It is also NOT needed, as there is already a way for workers to come to the U.S. legally - the EXISTING Federal Guest Worker program with categories for different work types:

- Permanent Labor Certification: A certification issued by the Department of Labor (DOL) allows an employer to hire a foreign worker to work permanently in the United States.

- H-2A Temporary Labor Certification (Seasonal Agricultural): Program for agricultural employers who anticipate a shortage of domestic workers to bring nonimmigrant foreign workers to the U.S. to perform agricultural labor or services of a temporary or seasonal nature.

- H-2B Temporary Labor Certification (Non-agricultural): Program permits employers to hire foreign workers to come temporarily to the U.S. and perform temporary nonagricultural services or labor on a one-time, seasonal, peakload or intermittent basis.

If those here illegally really just wanted to work - they could have come to the U.S. through the existing program.

For those that say the process/program is broken, an article published in the NY Times, 09 July 2010, shows otherwise. Continued...

Ventura, Ca

Thank you, Deseret News, for yet another attempt at trying to wrap amnesty in a bill that looks like enforcement. Get it straight, we want enforcement...not amnesty. Politicians that foist any form of amnesty on the voters, will fail and do so at the cost of their political careers. It's especially galling to hear the writer trying to justify their opinion by linking it to the Church, ostensibly because their argument will not go very far without the implicit support of the Church. I, as well as most of those who seek enforcement are people of good will. Unfortunately, some of these people of good will have been supplanted by these "hardworking undocumented" foreigners. Most Americans I know are hard working as well, but unable and unwilling to work for slave wages caused by the invasion of illegals.
Doing what is best for all of God's Children would ultimately be to sustain the current law. It exists to protect American citizens and their livelihoods against out of control immigration. To ignore or make exceptions for certain people but not others will ultimately lead to chaos.

Salt Lake City, UT

Guest Workers #2 from the article:
Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducted an audit of employees at Gebbers Farms, an apple producer in Brewster, Washington. ICE found evidence that more than 500 of its workers, mostly immigrants from Mexico, were in the country illegally. ICE then advised Gebbers Farms of Social Security and immigration numbers that did not check out with federal databases. The workers were then fired.

John Morton, the head of the immigration agency, said the goal of the audits is to create "a culture of compliance" among employers, so that verifying new hires would be as routine as paying taxes. ICE leaves it up to employers to fire workers whose documents cannot be validated. But an employer who fails to do so risks prosecution.

After completing a federally mandated local labor search, Gebbers Farms applied to the federal guest worker program to import about 1,200 legal temporary workers - most from Mexico. The guest workers, who can stay for up to six months, also included about 300 from Jamaica.

For those that say removing illegal immigrants from agriculture will cause food prices to skyrocket - the average price of apples in the grocery store has NOT increased.

Provo, UT

Becky Lockhart has been outstanding!

Jimmy James
Salt Lake City, Ut

Kum bay ya, my Lord, kum bay ya;
Kum bay ya, the Lord, kum bay ya;
Kum bay ya, my Lord, kum bay ya,
O Lord, kum bay ya.

C'mon TRUTH, you do the next verse.

Vernal, UT

What is so hard about going after illegal immigrants and their employers? There shouldn't be any driving privilege cards and no instate tuition. There should be eVerify requirements and heavy penalties for hiring illegals. Why can't the Legislature figure that one out? The average Utahn has.

Albuquerque, NM

But it would also provide a pragmatic way for hardworking but undocumented immigrants to come out of the shadows and contribute productively without creating a path to citizenship.

If you give American Jobs away, others will give American Jobs away. It is so much easier to manipulate the system and tell the world no one will apply for the job, and then keep that illegal alien in place, and the American Worker out. If the process were handled in the Utah Human Resources, it would be better handled, but you would still be giving American Jobs to illegal aliens. And that IS a crime.

Sandy, UT

Proud to be a Utahn - hope they can come up with something that will work - best wishes to all who are working so hard to figure out this problem!

Kearns, UT

If those who have been hiring illegals now without using the federal guest worker program, why would they use the state program? There have been some glitches in the guest worker system this year, but unemployed legal immigrants have been hired. Those businesses who hire illegals don't care about the law. It is about money and convenience of sidestepping the law. I think it is time to stomp on those businesses who are hiring illegals. Why promote a state program when a federal program exists and works?

Sugar City, ID

Utah is in a unique position to set the example in immigration, public education and public health. It is unique because it is influenced by the Book of Mormon and the Bible. Ignore those influences and Utah will have nothing better to offer than any other state.

Murray, Ut

The guest worker provision is one of the most mean, hateful pieces of legislation this country has seen at the state level this year. Giving jobs, to people who broke the law coming here for jobs, is amnesty.


How does creating a second tier class of people help? Taking jobs from Americans and giving them to citizens of other countries help? Rewarding law breakers by giving them what they broke the law for help? Punishing those in other countries help? How do these help all of God's children? It appears they help money changers, and those breaking the law, that's all.

Albuquerque, NM

There are so many fake I.D.s out there among the illegal aliens that knowing who they are is NOT possible. There are other, and much better ways to get people to the harvest than to bring guest workers to the fields. One would be to use prisoners who want to earn money, and in that case, most of the money should go to the prisoners. And put the whole process through the Human Resources Department.

But with the fake identifications out there, you could hire Charley Manson and his tribe and not know it until they woke you up for a brief chat.

Santa Monica, CA

Thanks to the leg for not bowing to hatred and racism. Make no mistake--you will make some in Utah unhappy, but you are doing the right thing and perhaps the only enforceable thing.

Roosevelt, UT

Will the government let these people off for break and enter or just immigration crimes?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

This make me proud to be from Utah. It shows we can be willing to look at all sides of an issue and try to come to real solutions based on reality. I am sure that what they come up with will not be perfect, but it will reflect the understanding that these are real human lives we are dealing with and the contributions that many people make to our State. It is not a simplistic problem like some make it out to be. There is so much misinformation and emotion floating around this issue. I hope and pray our legislature can work out a more comprehensive solution.

Clearfield, UT

I grew up on a farm and we used migrant workers to harvest crops and thin sugar beets. If anyone on here believes that white folks would do this you are delusional. We tried and we could not find the help we needed any other way than hiring the migrants. They worked hard, lived in shantytowns, all for minimum wages. The anti-immigration crowd continues to ignore reality. Facts mean nothing to them, they just attack the messenger. Everyone wants legal immigration. Has anyone considered it is not an option for many. Mexico is in chaos. Drug cartels, poverty, corruption, violence. When you can't feed your family and legal immigration may mean waiting five years you do what you have to do to survive. The anti-immigration crowd are hypocrites. I suspect many would do the exactly what the illeglas they hate are doing if they were in the same situation. One last thought, I am all for enforcing laws. How about starting with traffic laws since most drivers completely ignore them.

La Quinta, CA

Many of America's print media publications are now facing well deserved financial extinction due to their penchant for bias, censorship, and promotions of unpopular political positions, rather than reporting facts. No issue illustrates their heavy bias more than illegal immigration.

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