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Published: Sunday, Feb. 27 2011 2:00 a.m. MST

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Danbury, CT

I have watched BYU basketball since the 60's. This is the best balanced, hungriest, best-coached team ever. I think their last game on network CBS was in the 1980's vs. Georgetown (we were creamed). Having said that, it is too early to have this conversation. Let's let the team take care of business the next 2 weeks and see where we are. This is akin to talking about our BCS chances in the middle of the football season, which we also do every year we have a great start.

Let's EARN our way to a top seed and then talk about it in the media. The way this team is playing, I like our chances to go all the way. In the meantime, I'm not going to get bothered - yet - by anyone who says we don't deserve a no. 1 seed. Let's make it to a top 4 ranking and then make the argument.

Springville, UT

Kerr is right. BYU has to win the MWC tournament. Then maybe. But you never know with selection committee.

Herriman, UT

No they won't grab a #1 seed and here's why. They don't come from a power conference. Great year , probable POY, but they aren't in the ACC/Big Ten/Big East/SEC/Big 12.

Springville, UT

"BYU's body of work is right there, clearly," Parrish wrote. "Anybody suggesting otherwise is either dumb, stupid or idiotic. Or all three. Or just a Jimmer-hater."

Well I wonder who's going to comment against this story first? If you do Mr. Parrish has a name or label for you!

It was a great game that made yet another statement and added another exclamation point to this year's legacy. Way to go Cougars!

Gilbert, AZ

Can they? Absolutely!

BYU has eight wins over teams that began the weekend in the top 50 of the RPI, the same number as Pittsburgh. BYU has more wins over top-50 teams than Duke, Kansas, Ohio State and Texas.

Here's the rub...BYU must win out, including the conference tourney, to be in the conversation or they will be a 2-seed or lower. What's not fair about that is that the same standard won't apply to Pittsburgh, Duke, Kansas, Ohio State or Texas. Each of those teams could probably lose again in the regular season AND lose in their conference tourneys and still be a 1-seed on just reputation and the perception of the strength of their conference (even though the RPI for the ACC is lower than the MWC this year).

But, if BYU wins out, then their resume will probably include three more wins over the RPI top 50, a strength of schedule in the top 10 and an RPI in the top 3. Winning out will be no cake walk though, including a possible third game with SDSU. Can they? YES!

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

On a level playing field I would say that the scenario in this article could very easily happen. But because in both polls there exist voting blocks of both writers and coaches promoting their ties secondarily to regional combines as well as primarily to conference relationships, I just don't see it happening. Especially with 68 invitations for the selection commitee to pass out. The commitee do read the aticles and they watch the polls. In baksetball the strongest of those blocks are writers who are tied to the conferences in the East. Conference wise it's the Big East verses everybody. Reagionally it's the Big East, The ACC and sometimes the Big Ten verses everybody else. Followed by all of this is the encompassment of the overall BIG SIX... verses all other mid level non members. A lot of writers and coaches still keep the old buddie system going...However coaches seem to have a unwritten code not to go overboard. The writers don't have that same sort of creed. Right now, if the Eastern voters think that they can manage to position 6 or more Big East teams to receive invitations...they will, at all cost.

Provo, UT

BYU have a better shot then the utes do.

Lehi, UT

Jimmer and gang, win the rest of the games and we will NO DOUBT have a #1 seed! Good luck! ...Go COUGARS!

Northwest Coug
Pasco, WA

According to CBS Sports' bracket, 3 No. 1 seeds are scheduled to play on Sunday in the second round. The other No. 1 seed is scheduled to play on Sunday in the fourth round.

So unless the schedule changes, BYU cannot be a 1 seed.

No doubt, they should be a 1 seed but it looks like it won't happen.

Ogden, UT

I hope they do get a one seed, and if Weber State gets in the tournament, and the selection committee places them in a sixteen seed, Weber State can pull some more Wildcat magic (i.e. North Carolina, Michigan State)and be the first sixteen seed to beat a one seed. They only lost to BYU by 5 at the Dee Events just a few games after Lillard (their best player--and best NBA potential player in the state of Utah) was injured. They are gelling and are hot right now. No one wants to face the Wildcats in the tournament--just ask the Tarheels!

I am sure I am going to get some guff about not saying Jimmer is the best NBA potential player in the state--I don't see his game, hucking it up three feet past the half court working in the NBA. He'll get drafted sure, probably by the Jazz for PR, but enjoy little success like Alex Smith.

Look for the Big East to get two or three and Kansas and Duke the other top seeds, but all the best for you BYU--GO GET'EM and Rock on!

Rock Chalk BYU
Lawrence, KS

"Can the Cougars grab a No. 1 seed?"

Short answer: Yes
Longer answer: There isn't much difference between a 1 or a 2 seed, so it doesn't make much difference. Also, unless the bracket schedule is changed, the only non-Sunday low-seed path through the tourney is #2 SouthEast.

BTW, *this* year's BYU team hasn't gone 17 years without a win. *This* year's BYU team hasn't gone 30 years without going to the Sweet 16. This year's BYU team just has to play the games in front of them. Simple. They don't have to play 30 years worth of history.

Personally, I see a BYU team that is the real deal, a real *team*, and coached by a great coach. I think they'll make a deep run this year.

Plus, all of those BYU losses have basically followed the seeding, which is equivalent to saying "BYU hasn't pulled an upset in the tournament in 17 years."

Idaho Falls, ID

I'd like to see the Aggies and the Y duke it out on a neurtral court. Give the Aggies a 16th seed and bring it on.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Will they deserve it if they do not lose again? Absolutely! Whether or not they get it remains to be seen. I think ESPN has some small vested interest in the institution but do they have any influence if it is needed? There is some bias in the voting, especially with the media and the selection committee but is it blatantly corrupt? According to some analysts it sometimes is. According to others it is not. I think things would be a little different if the media were allowed access to the selection committee meetings.

Rivertucky, ca

As much as I would like to see BYU get a number 1 seed it won't happen. The Cougars won't play on Sunday so that eliminates them from all the Friday-Sunday match ups. Looking at the schedule it seems all the number one seeds play on the Friday-Sunday rotation. Maybe I'm reading it incorrectly but it looks like the best BYU can do is a 2 seed in Tucson.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

If I were a tds fan - I'd want a 2 seed not a 1.

No 1 seed has ever lost to a 16.

If tds gets a 1, we might just see something that's never happened before.

This team will at best make it to the round of 32 and be known as one of the biggest NCAA BUSTS of all time.

And I'll be here to remind you forever.

Black & White

To Aggie 84:

Why would you want your Ags to be dismissed from the Tourney so early?

I agree that the main consideration here is...
1. IF (and WHEN) the Cougs win out;
2. What bracket(s) have a Saturday option;
3. How much the TV revenue-generators consider BYU a boom or bust for ratings.

Beyond that, if BYU comes in as a Top 3 Seed in ANY bracket, then Rose, Jimmer & Co. will have considered this a major success for themselves, the team, and the program. They will have gone where no other BYU (or Utah) team has gone before--and that says a lot!

There is no need to try and fit a Glass Slipper on this team--they just need to do what they do best and take care of business--the rest will sort itself out.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

The selection committee will probably find a way to hurt BYU as much as possible. They might give BYU a #1 seed, knowing BYU will reject it because they won't play on Sundays, then bump them down to a lower seed like 5 or 6.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

I am not at all concerned or care about seedings at this time. The biggest concern I have right now is how BYU will play against UNM. UNM has won 4 of the last 7 games, 4 of the last 5 games in conference play. BYU will have their hands full.

Coach Rose will b game planning to counter UNM's 3/4 guard lineup that won in the Pit. UNM shot 51% from the field (56% in the 2nd half), while holding BYU to 41%. Their defense and running game won that game. Of course if BYU had shot 51% they would have won the game.

I have every confidence in Coach Rose to plan a game strategy that will win on Wednesday. The players know with each game the stakes are higher. Unlike yesterday's SDSU game, everyone, the coaches, players and fans expect BYU to win on Wednesday.

Go Cougars.

Herriman, UT

Does anybody remember what seed Ainge and Co had when they made the Elite 8 run. Could a 3 seed be the highest BYU has ever had (which is likely what they will get if they don't win out). Also, what was the Utes seed when they made the championship game a few years back?

I am just asking because I don't remember. The seed is a big deal for making the Sweet 16 but not so much after that. Usually you are playing a top tier team and you have to be a top tier team to move on. I would love to see the Cougs finally make the final four and join the Utes for a little basketball bragging rights.

Saint George, UT

They seed the teams before they decide on the exact scheduling... Basically they can move around the sites into different brackets to accommodate the highest seeded teams. If BYU wins out, they'll be #1 seed and play Thurs, Sat in Denver.

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