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Published: Saturday, Feb. 26 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Please fire Jerry Jr...........

How can you play CJ for only 11 minutes? No wonder the Jazz lost the game.

How can you only play Favors 15 minutes when he is the best inside defender on the team?

Horrible use of the bench by Jerry Jr. Corbin is the wrong guy to be coaching this team. Bring in someone who can coach defensive positioning and closeouts.

The Jazz shoot the lights out and loose the game.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Bell plays like 33 minutes and gives up 28 points to Stuckey.....What were you thinking Corbin? CJ 11 minutes? Please Trade CJ as fast as you can Kevin.....Or Fire Jerry Jr.

Fresno fan
clovis, Ca

Jazz played ok for 3 1/2 quarters..This game was lost on that 12-0 run...I thought the coaching staff should've brought back the starters a little earlier when we were up by 7....Jazz must rebound better, if we did that tonight we win easily...beat Boston monday, keep fighting boys....

Farmington, UT

Although I'm disappointed to see a loss to the Pistons B team, my appreciation for our revamped team is quickly growing. I'm seeing the intensity and the effort from all of the Jazz players. The defense obviously isn't going to change overnight, but at least we're working hard. And I'm really enjoying seeing Harris and Favors play.

I still can't get enough of the Hayward dunk against the Pacers..

The Rocker
Bountiful, UT

Milsap continues to work hard despite the losses. Milsap is awesome. We are lucky to have Milsap. I hope the Jazz have a future because Milsap rocks.

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

How do you let Detroit -- Detroit! -- put up 120 against you after holding a much better Indiana team to 84???!!

Santa Ana, CA

CJ you are obsessed with your man. Maybe in his first stint he did so little and had no confidence that is why he only got 11 minutes.

Favors should have been given more time and yes...Fesenko

This to me is the worst loss of the year coming against a Detroit team in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Shoot 60 percent there is a problem. The problem is philosophy, Now it appears I am stuck another 20 years with more Jerry like biases in Sloan Version II.

The same lose the game because you cannot and will not defend the 3, pick and roll defense, and also..

AJ should have come home at halftime on the plane, I do not care if he scores 30, if he gives up the same 30. In particular being horrible tonight at boxing out. Also added to that allowing the opposing front line to play volleyball off the glass, and standing on the balls of his feet doing nothing but watching.

Others were guilty like Paul not as obvious.

Nor like Watson and Raja in 1/2 heartedly go off after the 3 point shooter,

Jazz players do not want rotate

Farmington, UT

Tough loss but appreciated the effort. Jefferson needs to do a better job stepping in front of the pick n roll. Millsap had to leave his guy to help cuz Jefferson was too slow, which led to Daye shooting lights out. This team next year will be very good, especially if they play their cards right with the lottery pick and AKs contract. I hope he'll stick around for about 5-6 mil. All the jazz are missing is a solid SG and a Center.

Cut your losses with Miles, Fes, and Elson and use that space to get a Jason Richardson type player.

Bell played well tonight, miles would of gotten torn up defensively.

Murray, UT

I think this is one of those losses that could happen to anyone. You go into the game saying that they only have 7 players and no stars, but out come Greg Monroe and Bynum to surprise you. It's just a state of mind...and Detroit played with a lot of passion.

That being said, CJ really played awful. I hated seeing him out there tonight. You can see how far the team fell defensively when he entered...not a good night for him and hopefully he works through it.

I like the guy and I think he can be stellar if he grew up some more and if he can quit being lazy and just condition.

Rexburg, ID

I am surprised Favors didn't get more time, he played really well tonight and I actually saw him box out his guy. The Pistons came out not shooting well but Utah let them get so many offensive rebounds and easy put backs that kept the game close and their confidence grew from there. You box out at the beginning of the game and I think they win this game, AJ needs to do a better job or get pulled. Corbin should tell him if you give up a single offensive board I am pulling you from the game, maybe then he will box out.

Pleasant Grove, UT

The Jazz also missed 11 or 12 free throws, that could have been the difference. The game was in their hands--they just need a couple more guys to step it up & win. They also need to focus on boxing out & rebounding or they're just going to get shredded by the top teams.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

The Jazz give up 120 points and CJ plays 11 minutes and you want to complain about his defense? Take the blinders off. Bell was lit up all night long. AJ might as well stay on the offensive side of the court and have the others play 4 on 5 defensively.

Corbin wake up! You are not Jerry!

All I can hope for is a trade for CJ and Corbin to head to the farm to help Jerry.

Captain L
Provo, UT

I'm not happy with the way Corbin has been playing players the last 2 or 3 games. Price shouldn't have even been playing, Hayward needs time.
Not sure what Corbin is trying to do, but he is coaching just like Sloan, with a bias for the older vet. players. That needs to change.

Provo, UT

Captain L and CJ I agree with you. Do not blame this lose on CJ. He didn't have a great game but only played what 10 minutes? Come on. AJ was terrible and looked slow. They didn't do the little things tonight and got severely burned. Bynum and Stuckey had their way all night penetrating and dishing. We did not rotate well and looked like the Jazz of old guarding the 3 point line. Watson and Price look uncomfortable bringing the ball up the floor; scary. Price and Elson are worthless and AJ needs to show he can show up "every" night. Maybe one day he will learn you can't live and die with his push hook and fade aways. Should have used Fes more tonight...I think this was a big mistake. Mix it up Corbin as your substitutions were not good tonight. I can't believe we give up 120 point to the lowly Pistons (they have ballers) and people are calling out CJ..hmmmm, not good. Harris was crossed up many times, did anyone notice? He had a good game, needs to keep his guy in front of him. Go Jazz...next, Boston.

Bloomington, IN

Dear DesNews staff:

you should save the headline from this article and save if for future use, just insert the proper the team. You're gonna need it a lot over the next few months.

Sad day for the rest of us :(

Murray, UT

Ok, to clarify my comment. The Jazz didn't lose because CJ only played 11 mins. They lost (partly) because he played an unproductive 11 mins.
If he played productive, he'd have been in longer and they would've won.

They also lost because AJ apparently couldn't box out Monroe and the guards couldn't box out their men.

AJ had a good offensive game though and he's been dynamite at it the past month.
AK had a great game too.

Cedar Hills, UT

CJ is the worst player on the Jazz maybe next to ?? He has one out of every 10 games shooting the ball and never plays defense.

Mount Olympus
Holladay, UT

CJ miles is THE problem. Look at his numbers for February. 35% FG, and 27% 3-pointers this month.

He didn't even play as bad as he has been playing, but he still had the worst +/- on the team against Detroit.

I hope the Jazz don't exercise their team option on Miles for next year. He is absolutely horrible. Can't shoot, can't defend, what can he do besides turn the ball over and brick 3's?

Salt Lake City, UT

The Jazz most certainly did not win 3 1/2 quarters of this game. It was an awful game to watch. I can't believe how many offensive rebounds were given up. Millsap is a stud on offense, but I miss the days when he'd go diving on the ground and get loose balls on defense.

Ronnie Price played a heck of a game. It sure would be nice if he could make a jump shot. Same with AK. It's gotta be tough for Watson and Harris to have wings that can't shoot. It sure is tough for me to watch!

Salt Lake City, UT

It's just grrreatt isn't it.. Let's go Boston Monday night.

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