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Published: Thursday, Feb. 24 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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West Haven, UT

Only disagree with one thing in the article, that in "reality is the Jazz aren't as good as they were 3 days ago." And "disagree" isn't exactly the right word. What I say is the Jazz are "better off" than they were 3 days ago. The truth is they had a cancer in their locker room and as soon as the season ended, next season would have been a Carmelo Anthony like circus overshadowing everything else. And like Cleveland with Lebron James, they stood to get little in return.

D-Will's already started the drama in NJ, stating he's "not sure" he'll stay. So looking at what the Jazz got for maybe 1 1/4 seasons of Derron (or less if a prolonged walk out), and what a nucleus it could become, in the long run, they are a better long-term prospect as a franchise than 3 days ago. By far.

Salt Lake City, UT

Haaaaa haaaa the Spazz are a no name now, I will always go with my Lakers.. At least they know how to win, If they should lose, let's go Spurs.. At least they know how to win!!!

Houston, TX

The myth is that you need a super star. It is not true.

I know many of you bristle when I bring up WP48 scores. For individual players they can be miss leading as they do not capture everything.

But on the team level (collectively) they is an amazingly high correlation between the total WP48 scores (added together) of the players who get the most minutes and the winning percentage.

As a playoff predictor the WP48 scores are nearly fool proof. If there is a big difference between the teams (most minutes played by 8 players) collective WP48 scores you know with a high degree of probability who is going to win the playoff series.

If Greg/KOC wants to win a Championship the formula is very simple. Max the WP48 score of the 8 players who play the most.

That will give you consistent playoff victories.

You do not need big names you need a high team WP48.

Evans leads .34 in WP48, DWill .22 (down from last year), followed by AK .19 and Millsap .16 (also down), AJ .12 and Watson .09. CJ, Bell and Hayward are not helping much. The rest are negative.

Houston, TX

Why is this team so bad. It is very simple. DWill and Millsap are down big in WP48. Jefferson is down from his average. Watson is an improvement.

The wing play is bad with the exception of AK who is playing slightly above normal.

WP48 mainly captures overall offensive efficiency and some defense. The Jazz as a team are INEFFICIENT.

The system is busted. It does not work or it is not being implemented well enough.

Lately AJ has played better. Corbin tweaked the system. He has to tweak it some more to improve the wing play a lot.

This team was poorly designed based on bad theory. Corbin is going to have to change the offense to fit the strengths of the players he has.

He has got to find some way to get them to play D. They are bad at it.

It is not just one player it is the system, the collective team.

The Jazz consistency was based on EFFICIENCY and average Defense.

Fix the efficiency and get more talent.

IT is not just the wings. The 2 PFs are under performing badly (based on the whole year).

Packed paint = inefficiency. Get shooting wings.

Houston, TX

@Johnson I would not laugh to hard. There are several teams in the West who are a lot better than last year and they do not fear the fakers one bit. OKC and POR could beat you easily with the right game plan. SA and DAL have a great shot.

Murray, UT

What if Derrick Favors becomes the face of the franchise? That's what makes this deal so potentially great.

What if Devin Harris becomes the face of the franchise?
When he was in Dallas, he was pretty stellar. I believe (not sure) he was part of that Dallas team with Avery Johnson that went ~61-21. Dallas wanted him really bad this year too. If he works with Hornaceck on his shot, he could become great.
He's the same size as Williams, but lighter. What he gives up in strength, he makes up with athleticism. He can sure dunk better than Williams and is faster.

The downside is that neither of these player perform to their caliber, but you still have the future draft picks if that doesn't happen.

Holladay, UT

That's kinda mean about Latvia, a Baltic country that became independent from Russia. I'm sure those living in Riga believe themselves to be at the center of the world, just like those who live in Salt Lake City....

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

DWill down big in WP48.

WP48 mainly captures overall offensive efficiency and some defense. The Jazz as a team are INEFFICIENT.

The system is busted. It does not work or it is not being implemented well enough.

Hence, trading D-Will.

In My Humble Opinion
South Jordan, UT

Remind me again who the "name" player was on the Jazz when Dantley was traded and Stockton and Malone were relative infants? How'd that work out?

Centerville, UT

"I wouldn't be doing my job if I said that was the end of the moves," My word man, put down the phone already!

Williams, Boozer, Kover, Brewer, Matthews that's a pretty good team right there. Much better than we currently have.

The way I see it is that our biggetst problem was Kirilenko's crippling contract. If it weren't for that we could have kept those guys.

And someone answer me a question, why didn't the Jazz offer Matthews a contract extension BEFORE Portland offerend him the huge contract that the Jazz could not match?

I actaully didn't go in on season tickets to watch KOC wheel and deal. I'd really rather haved watched good basketball.

Roosevelt, UT

I think the Jazz are about ready to drop a proven playoff system and go with Bugoff's WP4824 system.

I wonder if Phil Jackson or Greg Popovich know the Jazz have this magical formula for winning that does not need a coach or a system, just numbers.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

My question is: Is the Jazz have no star power, how are they going to attract other stars to Utah? In Dwill they had someone who could recruit other players.

Now who is going to want to come to Utah to play?

The Jazz may have good pieces but will they be able to add to them?

And why on earth do they need three power forwards when they have no legit 2?

Holladay, UT

ok, we should get a nice player at five or six this summer in the draft. i wonder also if we can bring over tomac from spain as he is a good player.

the boonies, mexico

@Johnson 72. Your comment comments are old. How is your personal life working out? Did your parents offend you in some way? Does being negative about our local team make you feel good? What do you do day to day that makes you feel positive? Oh well!

Captain L
Provo, UT

Bugoff: You make some good points, the numbers don't lie. Getting some productive wings is something I think they see but don't want to act on. I think they see CJ and Hayward as young talents that will develop.
CJ has had almost 6 yrs and is still struggling, I feel Hayward will develop and be very good but we still need proven shooters on the wing.

Miles: You keep saying we don't have a legit 2 but that is where CJ is best suited to play. Actually both CJ and Hayward are best suited to play the 2, we need to get a(or2)long athletic 3, that can shoot.
This draft could be a mess, with the possible lock out looming, some of the players we could get may decide not to enter the draft because of the lock out question.

Houston, TX

Trading DWill actually made the system worse in the short run. However, you can make a case for trading DWill as a long run strategic move.

I for one think Greg made the right move. A difficult bold move but the right one for the franchise in the long run. The Jazz could not fix the system without draft picks and replacing wings with better players. It is best to get all of the controversy over with and rebuild now and in the lock out year.

They could trade AK but he was not nearly as good as trade bait. They could trade Millsap but he is a good contract. It is easier to replace a PG (even a star who can shoot) than to replace a good big.

Pleasant Grove, Utah

Harris has game! You need to give him his chance. Wait n see... He will shine and by next year at this time you won't even remember Deron...

Bountiful, UT

@CJ Miles.

I understand your concern about attracting free agents here because we dont have a "star." and its a valid concern. But the truth is, Deron himself admitted he has been "recruiting the heck out of people" and nobody still wanted to come.

For smaller market teams we have to count on smart draft picks, good trades and the new CBA. I think the NBA realizes they need to make changes that will be more like the way the NFL does business if they want to have more than 5 teams that are viable.

We do have shots to make this happen. The Thunder have been smart about picks and trades and they are contenders now. So we need to do the same things.

In summary, when the season started I was optimistic, then in January that all took a 180, then when they traded Deron, I am back to optimistic. We have some sweet picks ahead and I am happy about the two players we got. Big man with lots of upside and a former allstar PG who went what 5th in the draft the year before Deron. WOOT

Houston, TX

Last year the top 9 (minutes played) players had a collective WP48 of .123.
So far this year (including good start) it is .68 (includes DWill and not Harris)

That means that the team as a whole is really bad. That could be because of individual or collective play but most likely it is collective play.

In 2010, Booz .29, Dwill .24, AK .22, Mill .14, Korver .13, Brewer .12, Mathews .07, Okur .05, and CJ -.03 = .123

In 2011, DWill .22, AK .19, Mill .16, AJ .12, Watson .09, CJ .04, Bell .00 Hayward .00 and Price -.14 = .68

Millsap replaced Boozer, AJ replaced Okur. Nobody replaced Millsap. DWill and AK are down a little. Watson helped, CJ improved. Korver, Brewer, and Mathews were replaced with Bell, Hayward, and Price.

Harris over his years with NJ is .12 (this year), .07 and .15. He is replacing DWill at .22. Favors a rookie is at .08.

If Favors replaces Price in minutes, DWill for Harris/Favors is a wash.

There are 2 major glaring problems. Nobody replaced Millsap (maybe Favors?) and the wings are bad.

This is one camera angle. Big problem in the wings. Can't open the inside.

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

@ CJ Miles: waiting for you to proclaim C. J. the new "face of the franchise" . . . .

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