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Published: Thursday, Feb. 24 2011 6:00 p.m. MST

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Bountiful, UT

I'm excited for these players. Harris is a solid PG and I think we are going to pleased with his play.

Favors is a hard worker and he reminds me of Shawn Kemp or Amare Stoudemire. I am surprised New Jersey gave up him the way they did before the season started.

Doing a Google search, Derrick Favors has been in trade talks since September of last year (so pretty much before his rookie season started). How would you feel. I'm not making excuses, but I just think he has TREMENDOUS upside and with hard work and being around AJ and Millsap, he will rock the house.

The way he moves at 6 10' (same height as Lamar Odom) 260 is amazing.

Doctor J
Manti, UT


We are glad to have Harris and Favors.

We hope you enjoy playing in Utah!

salt lake, utah

Devin already knows the Jazz offense! I think that is true, the whole world knows the Jazz offense. It took tough guys like Karl and John to make it work anyway. The Jazz don't have any tough guys anymore. Time for a change. I hope coach Ty can do just that. I am very excited about the new guys. I like what the Jazz just did as far as this trade goes. I don't think Deron was going to stay after next year.

Sandy, UT

Welcome to the new guys. Hope you like it here. :)

Salt Lake City, Utah

A big Utah welcome to Harris and Favors. Hopefully, you guys can bring some of the spirit and fun back to our team with your upbeat attitudes.

Salt Lake City, UT

If Favors turns into a Stoudimire (sp) and with our draft picks we could (KOC don't screwthis up) we could be a contenders in the west for years

Murray, UT

The Jazz have always been great at growing new players. From John Stockton (the 15th or so pick) to Milsap (40th pick?)....even Fesenko is doing OK
They really haven't had anybody like Favors before. Hopefully he just works hard and conditions...

Tokyo, Japan


I agree...we might get a shot at Harrison Barnes...with that pick...or we could make a draft day trade...and trade Devin Harris or Al...for another high pick...we could get Perry Jones...or a stud pg in Kemba Walker or Kyrie Irving...im hoping Favors Turns into a better player than amare...or Amare minus the injuries...we would have a solid core right there...if we ever land Kemba Walker and Perry Jones/Harrison Barnes

Lehi, UT

I am excited to see what these players can bring to the table, who knows, we might might shock the world!

Riverton, UT

I love that in this day and age of technology, the Deseret News includes pictures of the new and old players meeting for the first time...nice!

Houston, TX

Harris is an above average PG. He will run the team well. He is also very quick. However, He is not a great shooter. He needs wings who can shoot. DWill used to provide some of the shooting. Harris can't and should not try to play that role.

The Jazz are not likely to get a free agent shooter. They will just have to try to get everyone on the same page and do the best they can the rest of this year. Maybe Bell and Hayward can find a shooting touch.

Favors is a primary reason for this trade. The Jazz wanted him badly. He may be as good as DWill in a couple of years (different position). He should be ready when AJ and Millsap's contracts expire. In the meantime he is a quality back up who should improve quickly with playing time.

The Jazz will have to add shooting and may get a DWill type replacement with one of the draft picks in the next couple of years.

KOC should fix the wing problems by the start of next season. If there is enough shooting and defense in the wings the Jazz contend.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Bugoff: Once CJ gets his confidence back with Jerry out of Utah, CJ will start to knock down 3's like crazy and get to the rack. Don't count CJ out. With Dwill gone, he will get more plays ran for him.

Bell needs to get his shot back or be traded.

AK's money will buy the Jazz a shooter for next season. Until then, get used to losing...........

Chandler, AZ

@CJ Miles
Why? Why after years of evidence to the contrary, do you still continue to believe that CJ will suddenly live up to the potential we all saw in him? The past six years tell me it's not going to happen. CJ's pretty good when he goes to the basket. He's streaky at best from the outside.

Houston, TX


Please focus on the shooting efficiency of CJ, Bell and Hayward. The rest of the season hangs on their ability to open up the inside game for the bigs and for Harris to penetrate.

CJ is shooting 41 % 2s and 33 % 3s That is down from years past. He is taking to many bad shots or is forced to take shots since the offense has bogged down.

Bell is shooting 43% and 35%. Hornacek may be able to help him.

Hayward is shooting 45% and 37% He needs to shoot more.

The Jazz are not adding a shooter and lost DWill who was shooting 46 % and 35% while Harris shoots 43 % and 30 %. He is not a 3 shooter and may not be that effective in pick and roll.

The Jazz live and die on offensive efficiency.

The outside shooting and the quality of the defense determine if the Jazz make the playoffs.

OKC, NO and POR all got better via the trade deadline. DEN and MEM may have improved a little overall? Ending the Melo circus helps DEN. Battier is not going to hurt MEM.

Some small adjustments may pay big dividends? We need shooting efficiency.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

JP: In Jerry's offense, CJ was told to stand on the 3 point line and watch the pick and roll. If the play broke down then he would get a pass late in the shot clock and have to take a 3.

Hopefully with Corbin, they will involve him earlier in the offense and set screens for him. Get him some one-on-one opportunities to drive to the rim.

Houston, TX

Outside of Utah it was assumed AK would bolt to NJ at this seasons end. That may not be true but it reduced his trade value. There were a lot of expiring contracts available. AK's primary value is as a player who will resign for reasonable. That is reduced if you have to out bid NJ.

DWill is a PG. He is a great one and can take over a game when it matters the most. However, a great PF/C is harder to get/replace for most teams.

DWill can be replaced with an above average PG who can run a team well and an efficient shooting wing. Further, DWill probably had more value to Utah with it's complex offense than he has to most teams. NJ wants him for his star power.


I hope you are right about improvement, as the season depends on it.

I used to rag on CJ but I have sense realized that Sloan used him to shoot late in the clock and to stay back to defend the fast break.

The Wings may shoot better with offensive tweaks. Sloan under utilized the 3. That was a major weakness.

Tokyo, Japan

@CJ Miles...

you are still blind...have you ever watched what the shooter must do on offense?...have you ever watched Jeff Hornacek or even Kyle Korver...play that role?...they set screens...they rotate...they move without the ball...if you are a good player in this league...you must move without the ball better...to get open...CJ is lazy...i would rather get Taylor from Sacramento rather than him...there are some players given the shot of 25 mins...can proivde scoring...tony allen can be a huge help...with just 25 mins...on both sides of the court...im just saying...CJ is and will never be an all-star in the NBA...he could be a good role player if he wants to...but never an all-star

Houston, TX

A thought just struck me. With Harris and Favors the Jazz are much better prepared to play the Lakers.

The last 2 years HOU showed that best way to attack the Lakers is with a lightening fast PG going right at them. Harris is very fast.

Further, Favors can match up with Odom, Bynum, Gasol better than Boozer who faded against the Lakers. Millsap (like Scola) went right at them. AJ seems to do like wise.

What is lacking is wings who can shoot so Kobe can't sag back and pack the paint and gum up the offense.

When will the Jazz EVER learn? Maybe now that Corbin/KOC/Greg have taken over?

The Jazz also have to improve on D. What ever happened to the defensive grading after every game? The Jazz played better D when there was personal accountability. The D ratings need to be done each game and published every week. The criteria and grade should be plainly spelled out for each defensive ability along with an overall grade.

It may tick the players off but it would create a culture of D the is badly needed.

The fans would take a lot of interest.

navotas, philippines

i've seen harris play for many years now. he is a good point guard--not a williams great point guard--but good enough to score and run a team. if corbin can utilize his offensive skills well i think harris would be a fine jazz point guard. i also think the jazz have adequate inside presence, ofensively, with millsap and jefferson. maybe favors can provide the much needed rebounding and shot-blocking. like most of you, i think a couple of efficient outside shooting wings would be the jazz's greatest need. if only we have that right now. a healthy okur with his old shooting touch would be a great bonus. i wouldn't mind if the jazz tank the rest of the season to get a high draft pick. but i think this team has too much pride to let that happen.

Santa Ana, CA

The Jazz still need another long athletic defender in the rotation and another shooter. What I do not understand is how did Portland get Gerald Wallace so easily without giving up much like Cunningham and Joel P for him?

I feel Harris will not shoot as well but he will get teammates even more involved, more focused on D and less turnovers. The key is Favors to this deal. This means he needs to be developed and play quickly and not sit.

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