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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 23 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

D-Will wish you well just not against the Jazz.

And thank you for not throwing the franchise under the bus

springfield, il

Blessings and the best of luck to Deron. He has shown a lot more class than the fairweather Jazz fan base.

Idaho Falls, ID

It hurts even worse to see how classy he is about everything. I will always be a DWill fan. Not sure this was the best trade. Now we have four capable Power Forwards (if you include AK). That is a lot of talent to be sitting the bench.

Re-building is the way we are going I guess.

Bountiful, UT

Cool of him to talk to them about this after he was traded.

He didn't have to give this interview to Boler, but he did. He could have left and said, nah im traded, see ya later.

But he didn't and he reflected on his time here. GL Deron!

Houston, TX

DWill will be an international super star. That is something the Jazz could not do for him.

He will have to put up with Avery Johnson's coaching style. The Nets will have to buy a better supporting cast but DWill will do fine.

Thanks for 6 years of playing hard and pushing the Jazz to get better. I will keep on eye on how you are doing.

You have a lot of Jazz friends who are grateful for your contribution.

Best Regards

the Mailman
Melbourne, Victoria

Similar sentiments to the previous comments. Deron was always all class.

Too good for this organisation in a sense. He is a winner while the Jazz are only inerested in being competitive.

The Jazz and its fans are now gonna know what its like to support a team like the T-Wolves or the Clippers.

Layton, UT

He is a great star just not a good fit for the Jazz organization. I hope that he can continue to do well.

American Fork, UT

Wishing Deron the best. He has always been a class act in Utah, giving many hours and dollars to charity. His dour demeanor at times was no worse than John Stockton's. Deron wants to win, and he will. Sad to see him go. Let the rebuilding begin.

concerned jazz fan
Park City, UT

D-Will should thank the Jazz for the trade, it will help him to move on, I think he is struggling mentally after what happen regarding the resigning of coach Sloan, I think he is distracted on that issue, I think he will have a hard time moving forward if he still remains with Utah, so for the best interest of both parties, a trade must happen.

Holladay, UT

D-Will, hands down was and still is the funnest player to watch in the NBA. My second favorite team just became the Nets.

Tokyo, Japan

Deron is the best PG today...there's no doubt about that...and im still a huge fan of his...but with how management not getting into the thick of the deals...and grab pieces that would essentially make us better...i think D-Will deserves better teammates to win...if we have the roster that we had last year and add hayward and evans in it...or some other guy and evans on the team...we would have been top 3 in the west...if the management were more active chasing free agents and getting into trades...we could've had a decent team that could rival any other team out there...im also sick and tired of fans saying that...no player would want to come to Utah...if you keep saying that then no one would ever will...come on people let's be positive...and show them that this team has the most awesome fan base there is...im hoping that D-Will gets a solid future and hoping that the jazz could rebuild and get solid pieces to bring the franchise back on its feet....

What's up?
Salt Lake City, UT

Look for D-Will in Dallas next year.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Those comment from Deron are the comments of a classy guy. He may be surly, but he's a winner. Best of luck to you and your family Deron! you will be missed here.

Sloppy J
St. Louis, MO

Funny, Mailman . . wasn't doom and gloom the prediction when Stock and Malone left? Didn't happen. Every franchise will have lousy seasons now and then, but lousy decades are the result of short-sighted, illogical management (Minnesota) or a narcissistic, penny-pinching owner (Clips). The Jazz have neither.

I've always liked that the Jazz are buyers rather than sellers when it comes to trades. When you trade a player like D-Will when he's playing as well as he has, you get value. When you wait until it's clear he's gone as a free agent or is coming off a down year or injury, you get table scraps. His value is not going to get higher than it is now, and that's why they got a borderline all-star and a retroactive #3 pick in last year's draft. I give them a B+.

It's the same mentality that has prevented them from trading AK when fans and media have been yammering on about it. If the perception is that you're "dumping" a player, you'll get hosed, and good owners/GM's know it.

Draft dumbie
Farmington, UT

I think the Jazz would do well to imitate what Bronco Mendenhall did down at BYU, in order to perpetuate the Jazz culture. The Jazz could bring in Stockton, Malone, Eaton and "Big Dog" Carr (and maybe Harpring) to hold clinics for the Jazz players much like Hornacek has done the past two or three years. Along with teaching the young Jazz the Jazz system and tricks of the NBA to maximize their talents, these Jazz legends could teach the young players the Jazz attitude of hard work and toughness, as well.

Sandy, UT

Class act, Deron. He didn't have to do any interviews but he did. He seems at peace. Good luck DWill. Thanks for all you've done for the Jazz and this community. We will miss you and keep tabs on your career from here.

DWill is a competitor but always one of the good guys with class and a big heart. We love you Deron!

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

As Jerry Sloan used to say, it's about this year, not next year. Owners have to maximize their team results every year, not say we are going to put together the pieces together and make a legitimate run every 7 to 10 years. That is baloney. If teams draft a premier player in a small market, that player is prone to leave for greener pastures these days for the megabucks in a bright lights bigger market; and Boozer and Williams are not two of those players in my judgement. Neither one of these players is good enough to take a team to the promised land. It takes multiple players. Even Wade and Labron are going to find it difficult. The diehards in this market will just have to realize that it continues to be a business that has tilted over the years to the players moving around for the bucks and bright light markets, and that's the way it is. The new players coming to the Jazz will not be happy over the long, or even the short haul. They will be looking for greener pastures if they are even good enough to elevate the Jazz results.

Yuba City, CA

Well I guess I am done following basketball since this team isn't going anywhere and somehow we end up keeping Kirilenko of all players and Okur when they should have been the ones getting traded before Deron Williams was a consideration. I don't expect to see the playoffs for a long, long time since it will take a miracle to get us back to being respectable and able to compete ever again given the general aversion to playing in Utah. I can only imagine that Larry Miller is rolling over in his grave with the way things have gone

Houston, TX

This was Greg's decision. NJ inquired about AK and did not come up with a deal. KOC ask if there were anything else and NJ laughed and asked if Williams was available.

KOC said they were serious if NJ were serious. It was fast and unplanned on NJs part.

Greg needed to dump the Lux Tax (losing team). He was not getting AK moved. Greg felt he needed to go in another direction at PG in the long run.

AND nobody wanted a Melo Circus. NJ was motivated and Utah always wanted Favors.

The Jazz are rebuilding with a PG who does not shoot as much.

They fixed the front line (pretty much) and now will concentrate on the wings. The wings have to shoot more.

The Jazz appear to be comfortable with AK unless something moves today.

MN is still talking but the move may be at the end of the season. Flynn may replace Harris depending on performance/salary cap etc.

The shooting wings and defense are the next 2 moves. The wings are easier.

Greg is not afraid to shake the box. He is somewhere between Mark Cuban and continuity Sloan.

LP Fan!
Alpine, UT

he was going to leave anyways. smart move in my eyes

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