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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 23 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Houston, TX

This game was lost on inefficiency in the wing shooting, defense and a weak bench.

Those are the primary current weaknesses of the Jazz as a team. They can only be fixed by more trades and a reallocation of salaries.

I am not sure the Jazz have to have a max salary PG. They do have to have a PG who can and will run the offense the way it has to run.

I am not convinced that is Harris. But we will see how he runs picks and the team.

They have to have wings who can shoot. That is Sloan's fault as much as anyone's.

The defense has to improve and that also is somewhat a carry over problem.

When the Jazz lost MO they got DWill. Both could shoot. Now they are replacing DWill. That may take a couple of years.

The Jazz have not had a great D for years.

Ak Fan
Hamburg, GE

As Yahoo sport reported initially Nets called Jazz about AK. Jazz kept Ak and deal Deron.
After this season AK heads to Nets so NBA will have 2 Jazz team in East Bulls (korver Brewer Boozer)and Nets (Deron Ak).

Salt Lake City, UT

Glad to see Al Jefferson get a technical foul last night. It's about time he showed an emotion other than whiney.

Seriously, he showed some fire last night. I love it.

Al Bundy
murray, ut

Looks like people are back to Sloan bashing? You ran an All-Star point guard out because he argued with the coach, who used to get bashed all the time on these blogs? Now people are complaining that Corbin is just like Sloan in a bad way??? Question at 68 years old, how long did you thin Sloan was going to stay???? Stupid moves!!!!

Cedar Hills, UT

HA!!! This is just the beginning Jazz fans. Get used to losing - ALOT - just like Cleveland. Utah has nothing now but at least sports fans can now spend more time watching Spring college football games.

Rexburg, ID

I'm copying & pasting this commernt from OHPLEASE:

"No Brewer, no Boozer, no Korver, no Matthews, no DWill, NO CHANCE!!

"Nice going, Jazz. All Deron wanted was for management to put together a team that could be competetive with the Lakers, Spurs, Celtics. All he wanted was to bring a championship to the Jazz. The Jazz responded with bringing in Bell and Elson and using a Lottery Pick on Hayward. They kept AK,Fes, Okur and Price. The Jazz has no bench and the coach acted like a child and quit!

"Harris and Favors haven't managed more than 17 wins this year, yet people are happy to see DWill, the heart and soul of the team, go.

"Nice blowout loss tonight. Get used to it."

That's the best comment made all week. I'm printing it out and putting it in my Jazzfan album, soon to be replacec by a new OKC fan album. Can you imagine if OKC traded Kevin Durant because he might not sign? Crazy.

Salt Lake City, UT

For all of you missing our former players, they were the same former players toyed with and laughed at by the Lakers and Spurs in the playoffs. Nowhere near good enough to win a title. Had to blow it up and start over. Should've done more than they did.

If Favors turns out to be 90-95% of Dwight Howard like many project, it will be "DWill who, Jerry what" around here. Patience. DWill will attract as many free agents to NJ as he did to Utah.

Tokyo, Japan


i agree...they should have tried to trade AK + a player for either Gerald Wallace and/or Stephen Jackson(salary wise it made sense) before they traded deron...since MJ wanted to free up cap space...if they did that...Deron might have stayed...because its definitely an improvement...from what we have here...the problem is...we'll get tied with the contracts of Gerald Wallace and or Stephen Jackson...we also need a C...since Al Jeff is effective if he is at Power Forward...and Millsap...as good as he is...i think he should have embraced the role of the 6th Starter...6th man with starter minutes...just like Manu...and the coming of Ante Tomic(i know he isnt proven and would certainly be a weak defender) we would get a C that could complement Al's game...and we are set for next year...well...the trades are done now...all we can do is be optimistic about it and hope...

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