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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 23 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Jerry might as well be coaching this team. Corbin acts just like him. Why is Bell playing that many minutes? Why is Watson taking so many shots? Why is Millsap even on the team?

Murray, UT

Even if Deron was here, they would've lost this one...
Not quite sure if they'll be making those playoffs...the only thing you can count on is that
Memphis and Pheonix do worse than the Jazz by 2 games.

Even if they do, it's an early exit...

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

CJ plays only 25 minutes? Corbin wake up dude!! Hayward and Bell play 48 minutes combined?

Corbin needs to go too

Bluffdale, Utah

so begins the post-Deron age... happy Utah? time to aim for a nice lottery pick!

Houston, TX

AK is playing pretty well. CJ did not have a good shooting night but did get to the foul line. Millsap played well (18/9).

Watson Bell and Hayward were highly inefficient.

This one was lost before it happened.

Things are not going to get better from here.

Harris will need time to learn the offense and he has NEVER been an efficient shooter. Usually he is about 42% on 2s and 30% on 3s. I do not know about picks and defense.

Here are some thoughts. There is a big difference between dealing with a Russian Owner/Avery Johnson and dealing with Millers/Corbin.

DWill got the shaft. DWill pushed the Jazz to become a contender. I appreciated that. However, he never signaled he would stay.

AK on the other hand openly told Greg he wanted to stay and would deal.

Normally AK would have been traded not DWill.

DWill can be replaced (every player can) but it will take time.

Greg is not going to pay lux tax for a lotto team. He is going to get players who will win for reasonable.

It became much more of a business when Sloan left.

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

nice game miles

Provo, UT

Time to get use to these types of outcomes... A big congratulations to Jazz Management!

Time to rebuild from the top on down to the water boys.

Bountiful, UT

@CJ Miles

CJ was 2/9 and what...1/4 from the three. I wouldn't have played him more than 25 with that.

I like CJ, but he needs to shoot a higher percentage than that especially since they count on his shooting so much when he is in. He isn't strong on defense, so if he doesn't have his shot going, frankly, hes a liability.

When its going, keep feeding him, but if he is off, we can't keep going to him can we?

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

miles 25 minutes shoots 2/9,come on cj chuck up some more bricks

Houston, TX

DWill produced 21 points and 10 assists for his 15 mill.

Harris is 15/8 for 8 mill.

Use 7 mill to get a wing?

AJ is 17/9 for 13 mill
Millsap is 17/8 for 8 mill
CJ is 12/3 for 3.7
AK is 12/6 for 18
Bell is 8/3 for 3
Memo is 5/2 for 10

The rest don't matter.

Trading DWill made no sense unless Greg was certain DWill was leaving. Even then he could have waited but paying 8-9 mill in lux tax also made no sense. It made a lot more sense to move AK.

DWill never communicated back he would stay if the Jazz would build around him.

AK said plainly he wanted to stay.

Millers ponied up all they could for this poorly designed team. That left no picks to build with. However, they did have AK and Memo's salaries to work with over the next 2 years.

The Jazz could have fixed this team with a couple of wings who could shoot and some one like Favors without dumping DWill.

Now they have Favors and picks. They will replace DWill eventually.

Meadow, UT

We played a great team tonight that is stacked with talent. I thought we did a goog job in the first half by getting the lead and hanging in there. The 3 point game is killing the Jazz along with the lack of size and rebounding in the middle. I've maintained that the Jazz need a another quality big man to go with Jefferson as much or more as the need a good three-point bomber. I feel the Jazz did as well as they could by getting Favors.This is the type of guy the Jazz have needed. Yes,he's only a rookie ,but still right now I think he's better than Elson or Fess which isn't saying much. But the potential is there for the Jazz to have a great inside game in the near future.Big Al,finally some help is arriving. Great game by Big Al,by the way.i still believe in this team and their chances of jelling together to get a low seed playoff spot.

Salt Lake City, UT

I though AK & Bell's return was supposed to help, they're our best defenders!

They wouldn't have won this game with MJ, never mind DWill. This is going to be painful, but necessary. DW was good enough to keep us a fringe 6-8 seed, which is the worst thing you can be.

We're worse today than yesterday, tho closer to a title, albeit still light-years to go. Only Isiah has won titles in the modern era as a pure PG who also lead his team in scoring.

This had to happen, but it hurts. Imagine a backcourt of DW, Matthews & Maynor.

KOC needs to hit homers with these upcoming picks, he's been erratic at best at drafting. Might be time to cut bait on Hayward too.

Captain L
Provo, UT

I can't believe CJ, Hayward and Bell could shoot so poorly, when they just had a whole week to get in the gym and practice. Unbelievable.
I hope some more trades are in the works, I guess we won't have too long to wait to see.
Rumors are Minn. is interested in Bell, I for one would love to see him moved. Elington (NC product) would be a good pick up, he can shoot, I don't know how the rest of his game is though.

Meadow, UT

Ok,so the Nets definitely get the better of the deal in the short term,but as far as pure potential,the Jazz get the better of the deal. With two players who could jell fairly quick and with two high draft choices,the Jazz could come out smelling like a rose with this trade. With D-Will most likely leaving anyway,the Jazz did good. I like the fact that Favors should help this team inside immediately. This JAZZ Team has been way too soft inside,and we needed a bruiser/rebounder really bad.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Miles: You need to have a talk with your boy CJ and tell him he needs to step up and realize he needs to take more of a leadership role on this team.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Houdini.....16 points in 25 minutes.....Better than your boys Hayward, Bell and Watson could muster in 75 minutes.......

CJ 12 free throws....Wasn't it you Houdini who commented that CJ doesn't go to the basket? Strange that he would shoot 12 free throws while being fouled at half court!!

Bountiful, UT

First of all I LOVE the trade. WIlliams was inevitably leaving and we got the most out of it and avoided what Lebron did AND what the Nuggets went through.

Question for you all. I think Derrick Favors is VERY promising. I know potential can be a scary word, but hes 19 hes 6 10' 260 and he is as athletic as stoudemire. He hasn't had stellar numbers this year, but he hasn't had many minutes either.

My question is, if you were Derrick Favors, and this was your first year, and as early as September of your first year in the league there were already talks of trading you, don't you think that would affect your play?

Just saying, don't you think that now he knows he has a home and he wont be dumped immediately he can get a bit more commited. Maybe im way off. tell me your thoughts

Captain L
Provo, UT

I was frustrated with the way Corbin coached tonight, Miles is right, it may as well have been Sloan on the bench the way he used his players. I hope that doesnt' continue, he needs to make changes and do some things a little different. I don't know why he doesn't start CJ at the 2, that is where he is best suited.

Murray, UT

Like they were winning before this trade happened anyways. Come back to reality. You think with Deron they would have beat the Mavs? Kind of insulting to a great Dallas team. The Mav's are so well balanced. Finally after all the years of trades Dallas is looking dang tough.

I will stop baggin on Williams. It is the past.

springfield, il

No Brewer, no Boozer, no Korver, no Matthews, no DWill, NO CHANCE!!

Nice going, Jazz. All Deron wanted was for management to put together a team that could be competetive with the Lakers, Spurs, Celtics. All he wanted was to bring a championship to the Jazz. The Jazz responded with bringing in Bell and Elson and using a Lottery Pick on Hayward. They kept AK,Fes, Okur and Price. The Jazz has no bench and the coach acted like a child and quit!

Harris and Favors haven't managed more than 17 wins this year, yet people are happy to see DWill, the heart and soul of the team, go.

Nice blowout loss tonight. Get used to it.

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