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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 23 2011 11:00 a.m. MST

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Doctor J
Manti, UT

Good...let him go and start bothering the coaches and fans in New Jersy!

Alpine, UT

Is there ANYONE that is truly surprised at this move?

The Utah Republican
Alpine, UT

As Frank Layden said, you can teach basketball.

Sandy, UT

Bye Deron. :( Good luck.

Ogden, UT

I would much rather watch no name players that give their heart and soul to the game, than watch a super star that is whining and not preforming up to their potential.

I glad its over and hope that we can move on to some team ball again.

Capt. Smash
Bountiful, UT

This awesome even though I love Denver this is good for the Jazz! Williams was just like Carmelo it was all about them. They both need to go back east with the rest of the trash!

Salt Lake City, UT

If there are no superstars here, will the Jazz reduce the ticket prices to 1986 levels or just rip us off? $200, $400, $600 a seat is simply fraud for the type of team the Jazz now has on the floor. Team ruined. Imagine the loss in value of the frachise.

springville, UT

and the Jimmer era is soon start start in Utah......

Capt. Smash
Bountiful, UT

YGreg should have done this before Sloan left. Give Sloan the rest of the year off and give him a new big fat contract next season Greg step it up!

We the People
Sandy, UT

I will miss Dwill. The Jazz will not sniff the second round of the playoffs for a long, long time.

West Jordan, Utah

Thanks for the good years D-Will.
Since the Jazz have almost entirely gutted out their system it is time to cut ties with Kevin O'Conner, and star completely over.
I don't know maybe I am just DONE with the Utah Jazz. If KOC didn't lose Brewer, Korver,and/or Matthews, none this would be happening right now. We'd be like number 3 seed in the West.

Bountiful, UT

Good riddance. I used to be a fan, ignoring his poor sportsmanship, but lately I have grown tired of it and his jerkiness... such a baby. So long, have fun with your new sweet team.

Salt Lake City, UT

I hope the NBA lockout happens. I don't want to see the Jazz next season, and hope they just fade away this season. It's just getting worse and worse...I'm done being a fan.

Al Bundy
murray, ut

Jazz officials better hope these guys work out? You just lost your best player!!!

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

This very possibly could be the biggest and best move the Jazz have ever made in their history. If I were to vote today it would be a resolute YES! Letting these spoiled primma-donnas run this league is ridiculous and hopefully more teams will do some of the same. Greed is a negative with "no" positives! Me-attitude likewise. I absolutely love every aspect of this move and I think there are a couple of domino's yet to fall. Go Jazz!

salt lake city, utah

prima donna? yes. but he was OUR prima donna. however, in the long run, probably gonna turn out to be the best move they could have made. and get ready for the talk of drafting jimmer now that we have 2 likely picks in the first round. that'll be a hoot! ;-)

Sandy, UT

Rock writes "Era of Superstars in Utah is Over". If that is true you might has well sell the franchise, becasue winning is everything and without any SuperStars you cannot win. The beginning of the end of the Utah Jazz is upon us.

The franchise just dropped 100 million in value.

Carlsbad, CA

Oh, people. Get a life!

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Great trade for Utah! Clean out what doesn't work and work with what does.

Avery Johnson needs to watch his job now, bashing heads with DWill won't be easy on him...

Walla Walla, WA

Said the same thing when Stockton and Malone left. Everybody chill. Good move because we would have lost the head case for nothing next year. May as well get something and move forward. Will be a few thin years and then we will be above average a couple of years. It's the Jazz cycle.

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