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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 23 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

The new Star of the Utah Jazz: CJ Miles

25 points a game with Dwill and his ball-hogging out of the way!!

Steve Jensen
Herriman, UT

That's too bad, I was hoping that he would have stayed and the Jazz use the money from AK's & Memo's ending contracts to bring in another All-Star to play with D-Will, Millsap & Big Al. I don't like the trade, but Deron mostly like would have left at the end of next year, which would leave us with nothing. At lest we got 'something' for him. I just wonder If the Jazz can attract another All-Star Free Agent to come here at the end of this season or the next......

ET Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Good luck DWill. You will be missed!

Greensboro, NC

As bad as next year's draft class is, with the nets' pick, which more than likely would be in top 5, we could get a hell of a player in kyrie irving or if lucky jared sullinger. on top of that, with our very own pick we can always get our very own jimmer nation.

Regina, Saskatchewan

to Great Houdini...

thats just the problem with the deal...the center piece of the deal is the word "potential" and you should get more than that when giving up one of the best 3 point guards in the game...

Where do eggs come from
Sandy, Ut

Great job KOC & GM. You really know where eggs come from!

Al Bundy
murray, ut

Enough with the good ridance blogs

Quit saying D-Will is overrated! All NBA last year-All Star- NBA player of the month! Olymic gold medal winner! How many gold medals do you naysayers have? NONE! THAT"S WHAT I THOUGHT! It's not D- Will's fault that the Jazz downgraded the roster. I will say all our old players seem to be doing well in Chicago! No Memo hurts as well.

Regina, Saskatchewan

i hear alot about trading okur....who in the world would want him...he's damaged goods...

what was the one suggestion ..price and okur to the clippers for Kamen....yeah right...even the clippers arent that dumb..

DC Fan
Layton, UT

Sooo sweet, gotta love it baby... loser like boozer and it'll make the Jazz a much better team, (team, not glory hog). These athletes are sooooo expendable and I love when they finally get the boot. They are no better the Hollywood movie stars, all about themselves. He'd be pumping gas if it werent for basketball and he had to blow it.. so old story, just different day couldn't be happier.

Lehi, UT

The biggest question now has to bewhere are the points going to come from? Who will be the shooters? CJ? Bell has not been great at shooting. I hope the Jazz can swing a deal to bring in a shooter. I like the trade, but we need someone to create and be able to space the floor and knock down open jumpers.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

It was very unlikely that the Jazz could re-sign D-Will in 2012. This way they may get a lottery pick at the end of this season. Could this be their attempt to position themselves for a shot at drafting Jimmer? For that matter, is Jimmer worth a lottery draft choice?

Al Bundy
murray, ut

Jimmer will not be anywhere near D-Will's level!
Those comments are just dumb!

Two Cents
Springville, Utah

I feel bad for Ty Corbin right about now...

get'er done
Layton, UT

i hope he gets mugged in the big city, he"ll for sure get lost and wont be the big guy in town.

Centerville, UT

I love DWill I thought he was a great player for the Jazz (most of the time). Now I have 4 DWill No8 jerseys/t-shirts headed to chairty I guess.

I think this is a good move for the Jazz going forward, lots of flexibility and prospects for the future. So we can raise up some more young prospects to get into the prime of the careers and head to one of the big markets. In the meantime we can enjoy the young talent.

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

Attitude can transform good players into a great ones.

Conversely, attitude can also turn a great player into one that misses the mark.

Remember the attitude of Stockton and Malone.

Remember the attitude of Deron Williams.

This trade was a no brainer.

Attitude is EVERYTHING.

get'er done
Layton, UT

Jimmer could replace D in a New York heart beat... Jimmer is smarter, a better shooter and has a better attitude and attitude is everything. Plus he's not into himself. Win-win

Murray, UT

Downgrade? The Jazz had a good team! Period. Deron quit on this team during the summer. Pathetic too because the Jazz had a good playoff spot before this finally came to a head. I wonder if he will ever realize what he let go. I mean what a selfish player he was.

Houston, TX

All you DWill haters need to get used to losing and quit whinning about it.

DWill was the best player on this team AND he played hurt.

The National News Media dreamed up a big controversy and blamed DWill for Sloan quiting. Which DWill (nor any other player) could not do.

Knot headed so called Jazz fans fanned the flames.

The National News Media got what they wanted. They moved DWill to a big market.

Quit whinning about not being able to get stars. When you get one you run them out of town.

This trade does not make the Jazz better today.

However, Favors MAY be the PF of the future (time will tell). Harris is a decent PG but lacks the scoring capability of DWill.

The Jazz saved 7-8 Mill in salary and Lux tax and are positioned to make additional changes under the new CBA. They are in full blown rebuild mold right now.

IF they were bold they might try to trade AK and picks for Wallace. But dropping lux tax is probably more important and the picks may be more valuable in the long run.

The team will be rebuilt around AJ/Favors.

Bountiful, UT

Plyxply - Cousins? Are you paying attention? And those of you who think the Jazz're getting nothing? What universe do you occupy, seriously? I'm totally confused at how any of you can turn this into anything but the best move the Jazz have made in a long time. D-Will's a legit superstar, and he'll thrive in NJ, and we (those of us who can think) wish him the best, but one superstar point guard isn't gonna get it done. This team just got a LOT better.

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