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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 23 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Woods Cross, UT

How can you possibly fault Williams? He is on a team where he has been the only legitimate NBA starter since he was drafted but the NBA bench players that start with him are blowing up the bank with starter salaries. What you say, let me count the ways? Milsap is at best a 6th man and good but not a full year player at 4 and can't cover the 3 so he has no position and gets beat down for a full season. Okur is the best 7 foot 2 guard in the league but is too slow and soft to play the center or 4 position. Corver was a benchie and continues to be with Chicago. Boozer is half a legitimate starter but not on defense and always needed a defensive stopper to play with but never had one. Jefferson is a nice back up center or power forward. AK has been a 6th an type his whole career. Please don't insult the Jazz fan's intelligence with this line up and then be shocked when Williams wants out. This is management's issue all the way. The Jazz are an NBA farm team right now.

Meridian, ID

we got picks we got cap room next year ... this is exciting again ..

Houston, TX

I like Favors as a 3rd big. Harris is not Williams but he is pretty good and probably good enough if the Jazz can get some help at SG.

What happened on the money? Favors/Harris is about 12 mill. DWill is 15.

The draft picks help if they are used wisely.

Meridian, ID

hopfully we get doc rivers kid with one of our 1st rounders.. austin rivers in 2012 baby!!!

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT

Great move by the Jazz. Williams was as good as gone after next year so why not get something for him while they can? Harris will do very well in this system and Favors could be great down the road. They are not done dealing though so who is next...........

Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT

A lot of "wisdom" from a guy who's screen name is taken from a 3rd string PG who never made it in the NBA. I bet jcrotty 25 thinks if Crotty still played he'd be the best PG in the league. If things in the Jazz organization were still as peachy as they were up until this year he would still be using his dwilliams 8 screen name. Like most fair weather Jazz fans and I think they make up the majority of Jazz fans jcrotty 25 is willing to throw anyone under the bus and when things don't get better he and others like him will throw someone else under the bus. To all of you calling Deron out over complaining about his job or co-workers I say try doing the same at your own jobs before offering it as advice to someone else.

PS I quit supporting the Jazz when Kevin O'Connor made one of his first bone head mistakes and traded a young and improving DeShon Stevenson for an old slow washed up eurpean league cast off Gordon Gericek...I have no NBA team so I consider myself pretty objective.

Holladay, UT

I can say I called this one a year ago in these forums.

Long before dwill sign his new contract, I told everyone here dwill would not be here long, that he did not want to be here.


Jazz need to rebuild for a new system, for new coaches.

The slaon system, the sloan players, are a_thing of the past.

The jazz must move on,

they now will have a_glut of PFs.

look_for another trade to boost the 2 an possibly the 3.

and possibly a trade involving AK and okur.

if not, the jazz will take_ak at a_much lower price,
or let him go probably to new jersey,

while they use the_money to sign a better 2, 3, and/or 5.

who knows, with dwill gone they might try to move up and get jimmer fredette.

lots of_possibilities now that sloan is gone.

and unlike many here I belive the Jazz are poised now to become great team,

and NOT just a_team with a great or very_good pg and pf and a system to get the _most out of_that.

The future is bright, and_many wanted the_jazz to moveup and draft favors.

Murray, UT

I support this trade 100 percent. Deron was the problem. As a fan I did not support him for many reasons. He had a posse that passed to eachother , avoided passing to others. Maybe now Hayward will get a fair shot. I look for CJ's shots to go way down as well. And that is a good thing. Maybe everyone will start playing some team ball again.

I wonder, now that the Jazz don't have a player complaining to the officials every single play of the game will they actually start getting some calls?

Bountiful, UT

I have to say that initially, I was surprised by this trade, but OHHHH boy am I excited by it.

A few things to consider:

-The likelihood that Williams was going to stay after next season was VERY low!

-Did we really want to go through what Denver did this year?

-Williams really didn't want to be here any longer.

I have enjoyed watching Deron play and think he is a great talent, but we got some great things in return.

This years Nets first round pick, next years first round pick from Golden State. A solid PG that will probably start in front of Watson and a very promising young forward in Favors.

Go to youtube and search Derrick Favors dunk. He is so athletic and at 6 '10 WOOT. It's like Shawn Kemp reborn.

Im excited!

Big 'D'
San Mateo, CA

Everybody's got it all wrong, thinking this trade is to get rid of the bad guy who ran Sloan out of town. Pale Bear and Anonigma got it right-- Sloan got wind of the impending trade and had no desire to start all over rebuilding with a bunch of new players. He is a 'foxhole' guy, and when KOC said we're getting rid of your #1 comrade, after being unable/unwilling to pay to keep Matthews, Boozer, Korver, Brewer-- Sloan said I've had enough. Maybe D-Will and Sloan butted heads, but they both competed and wanted to win and cared about the team AND the community! For KOC to ship off the PG that Sloan had groomed into an All-Star was more than Sloan could take. I will miss D-Will a lot. I already miss Sloan a lot. I hope the Jazz can remain competitive.

Meridian, ID

too bad we didnt get anthony marrow in this deal would have really given us an amazing deal...and a much needed shooter..

Greensboro, NC

This Prokhorov guy is really scary/sly/true businessman (pick any of the three). Everyone was talking bout Carmelo and Nets getting Butler from Mavs. Did anyone have even slightest idea that Deron could be traded? to Nets? Man!

Honestly, I think we could have gotten much more than this. Or is Prokhorov investing in auto dealership in Utah in a separate deal?

Or maybe Jazz administration were so fed up with him and decided to teach him a lesson and dump him to New Jersey (in a true SNL fashion)

Houston, TX

There is more to come. The KOC/Miller are remaking the team with cost effective players. Harris and Millsap are about 8 Mill. Favors is 4.

In the process they may also make it better and deeper in the longer run.

AK and OKUR still represent 27 Mill and that will be used as the new CBA becomes clear.

KOC will build this team from the ground up to fit his own and Corbin's ideas on how to run the team.

It is the true end of the Sloan era.

Sloan is not coming back. DWill is gone. The Jazz are in full rebuilding mold for the next 2 years.

If they miss the playoffs they get to keep this years 1st round pick.

The new CBA will make draft picks much more valuable and expensive Vets less valuable.

Corbin has already moved away from most of the flex as it was not working. He is running stuff that AJ can run.

Fix the outside shooting and D next. Then work on a good back up C.

Todd you got your wish and there is more to come.

Big 'D'
San Mateo, CA

It seems like this move will only serve to dissolve whatever bonds of loyalty exist between the franchise and the rest of the players on the team. They'll all feel like the betrayal could come at any time, so just look out for #1 instead of for each other and the team and community.

Salt Lake City, UT

Move over D-Will. It's Jimmertime!!

Meridian, ID

@ me myself and i... ?? .. we needed to trade deron even if he wasnt going to leave in two years ..our team looks like a nbdl after the top 5.. we needed depth and more talent... deron is overated at the position of the most depth..you wanted to keep stevenson ..wow what a genius lol... i called for us to draft tony parker over raul lopez after i watched him toy and torch the highly recruted baron davis in a high school vs. the world game... top that one... i called for josh smith over kirk snyder and kris humphris..top that one i called for monte ellis over cj miles ... i called for josh howard over pavlovic...and your talking about deshawn stevenson lol...

Iowa City, IA

Sell the JAZZ. The NBA has become the prima-donna league. The Jazz doens't have the philosophy that will cater to players calling the shots, nor should they. The Leauge is starting to spin out of control, it's not fun anymore.

Black & White

You all know we're going to miss poor D-Will, right?

Yeah, like a blister on the bottom of my foot!

Or like a LOT of other players we wish we would have kept or signed over the years, you know who I'm talking about...
Gordon whats-his-name
Something Seikly
Um that one Russian guy
Oh, and that really good player from Duke U.
And don't forget, Danny Ainge!

Yeah, we're going to miss D-Will alright...(LOL)

My suggestion:
Now that the Jazz just went younger, they are going to need some training from the BEST ever. So, KOC go to work and earn some of those big bucks you've been raking in over the years and hire Sloan as a "Consultant/Talent Scout", Karl Malone as an Asst. Coach for "Post Players & Physical Fittness", and John Stockton as a Asst. Coach for "PG's and Game/Pressure Management". Coupled with Jeff Hornacek ("Shooting Guards"), Scott Layden ("Play Making") and Head Coach Tyrone Corbin--that's would be a WINNING Coaching Staff that I would gladly pay to see working on the sidelines!!

Trust me, D-Will is going to miss Utah!

Salt Lake City, Utah

What is the Utah Jazz management thinking. They need to fire Kevin O'Connor. KOC is the cancer to the Utah Jazz.

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

This trade has the potential to be the best trade ever by the Jazz.For Williams we received the whole package offered to Denver,difference is Denver would have given up Carmelo,Billups,S Williams,Harrington and or Carter.WE got it all by just giving up Williams!I think the Nets panicked when they lost out on Anthony,and thought" man,we better get somebody",Chuck Nunn,Todd,Kakashi,your thoughts?

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