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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 23 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Doctor J
Manti, UT

DeRon would have walked anyway...he is also a problem...now we have Harris, Favors and 2 first round picks... a no-brainer!

the boonies, mexico

Look up my comments last night, this is exactly what I said we should do and I am the happiest man in Utah "RIGHT NOW"! Don't underestimate Devon Harris fans he was drafted just 1 year before D-Will and has himself been an all-star. And to get Favors and these draft picks? I also once again do believe in Santa Claus! Super.

Meridian, ID

our idenity is called depth dude!!! not only is harris capable but he is also a nice trade chip... many teams are interested in him... now our identity is called a big man who can play some defense in the future ... now our identity is using all those first round picks to build affordable good young talent around our exsisting good team..an honestly i dont even think if dwill was out this entire year that our record would be much different ... dude is ooooverated and once again there are pg's all over the place ..in the pro's in college and in high school..easiest position to replace .. bigs are the hardest .. the only thing holding up the carmelo deal was timothy mozgof lol avging 3 points per.. what does that tell you .. it tells me that defensive bigs that are athletic is somthing you can neeeever have to much of ...

Colorado Springs, CO

This is a good move for the Jazz. They get taller and more skilled in the post. Milsap, Jefferson, Favors, and Okur make a very deep front line. 2 are 6'10 and Okur is 6'11. Now we compete with the lakers at this level.

As for PG I have always liked Harris. He was solid in Dallas and NJ but had nothing to work with in NJ. Remember Kidd was lost in that abyss as well and nobody doubted how good he was in his prime. I believe Harris will score nearly as much as D-Will but maybe not have that take over the game mentality D-Will sometimes showed. Big Al should step up in the middle though and I see his numbers on the rise. Milsap should start until next year and then be the depth off the bench with a healthy Okur.

Draft picks should be good picks with both GS and NJ likley headed to the lottery for the forseeable future. If they could pair the two to get into the top 1-2 picks this year that would be even better.

Good move Jazz

Meridian, ID

next move is trading memhet okur if possible... trade him and a first for cris kamen ...

Dallas, TX

Going to the game tonight with my son (who is currently wearing his #8 Williams jersey at preschool). Between the trade and injuries, are the Jazz going to be able to field a team against the Mavs? In any event, I think this is a great trade for the Jazz. Harris is more than serviceable, Favors has great upside, and they could have two lottery picks each of the next two years. The most we would have had with Deron is a first round exit this year, and he would have walked after next, but now we actually get some value to build upon. It may be a painful couple of years, but it would have been more painful for the organization had Williams left in 2012 and the Jazz received nothing for him.

West Jordan, Utah

I am little sad...However,
I don't thik Deron would have stuck around after the fans became disaffectionate with him, after the whole Sloan incedent.
But seriously, Favors and Harris??? What about a center??? We got 3 Power forwards (if Favors is a PF- as reported.)Okur is done for, Elson can't handle the ball very well, Fes is too slow. We need an all-star center. KOC- you should have tried to get Lopez.

Salt Lake, Ut

Who is Deron Williams?

Cedar Hills, UT

Kevin O'Connor and Greg Miller are borderline humorous in their mismanagement of this organization.

I am not saying Groutch Williams did not need to be traded for he certainly did. But what we got in exchange for an all-star point is ridiculous.

Devin Harris is always injured. If you thought Boozer was bad, you have no idea what's in store. Harris will sit out with a paper cut.

Derrick Favors has enormous potential, but I have been unimpressed with him since his college days. It is possible to be athletic without being talented, and Favors only adds another log to the jam at PF and center.

And I sure hope these are future draft picks as this is the most shallow draft in years.

All in all, this is a poor trade to say the very least. I can not imagine this team being competitive until some serious changes are brought forth in the Jazz's front offices.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Good Job done by KOC!! Williams has created problems for the Jazz since joining the club. Yes, he's a great player/AllStar.. but he wasn't going to stay here for the long term. It's a good move to unload him now and get some good picks rather than try negotiating with him to keep him when he's unhappy.

Jerry Sloan is smiling this afternoon.

salt lake city, utah

i just want u to fathom this one little idea,lineup is mathews,boozer,brewer,dwill,big al. do you realize the potential in this line up here.but once again o connar has a nack for rebuilding and being a tight wad. we had opportunity knocking.now with sloan gone who in my opinion is a major reason for most our accomplishments, i mean he made no names into stars not many can do that not even the great phil he had kobe and jordan i can get 11 rings coaching them.sloan got fed up with conners lack of vision and quite frank jazz nation is too. we deserve a ship more than anybody, were loyal to our cause best fans hands down.d will is who he is cause of sloan, and stockton as his mentor or else hed be ok at best, open your eyes we want rings now or you out of utah. were fed up with these ill advised trades.just make sure ty doesnt go changing the system jerry has worked so hard to master,no more or we will form a strike i promise you,STRIKE!

Murray, UT

Maybe this is the real reason why Sloan left???

salt lake city, utah

the fault should not go to d will, read the press conference, d will occonar, sloan they all say it wasnt the fight that made him quit, come on give jerry more credit than that..that happens every coach will tell you that. this all boils down to wanting rings d will knows occonar trades all our assets and rebuilds i think it gets him off to see us hopefull and than shoot us down to the ground. d will was not happy here i dont blame him im not happy either but im loyal to the jazz him not so much stockton was, any way occonar im sure you need to learn your lesson i am threatening you with a strike im sure i can convince the jazz nation too we want rings, so we want progress or you shall feel our pain!!

American Fork, UT

KOC doesn't have confidence in his own ability to bring in stars to build around D-Will. If the man with a vision for this team isn't able to build around a future hall of fame player he needs to go! Fire KOC!!!!! PLEASE

President Joker
Washington DC, MD

Just don't blow the draft pick on Jimmer whatever you do. He is not a top 3 player and if we are drafting top 3 he shouldn't be considered. But if it was like 14 then he might be a good pickup. But the guy will be JJ Reddick at best. Mybe a little better.

Lehi, UT

What everyone needs to realize is that nobody was forcing the Jazz to make a deal, this is not like Crymelo at all. This deal was too good to pass up. Getting a one time Allstar in Harris and a 3rd over all pick in Favors and a first round 2011 pick and first round 2012 pick, are you kidding me, we made out like bandits!

Great move, GO JAZZ!

Syracuse, Utah

This is the best move the jazz have made. Get rid of that pre madonna d-will and get some players who will actually play and work as a team. Devin Harris is every bit as good as D-wil and will be great plus we now have more depth at the power forward position with derrick favors. The 2 first round draft picks will be nice too seeing how were going to get jimmer and jared sullinger

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

Deron Williams has been gone since his arguments with Coach Sloan and his less than team unity attitude from the beginning. I thought he might be going to either New York or Dallas before his contract ran out. I for one am glad he is gone; as in don't let the door hit you in the behind as you leave. For me, he must have had personal problems apart with his alienating himself from teammates and management. I don't wish him any bad luck in the future, but it was time he was moved; he wanted it, and he got his wish. I like what the Jazz received for him. I don't think the team could have done much better. The way things stand, the Jazz will be lucky to make the playoffs in terms of who is ahead of them, even if Deron remained. Kevin O'Connor knew this, and so did the coaches and management. The time to pull the trigger on the deal they just consumated was timely and right. Thank you KOC; you did the right thing at the right time. Boozer and Williams were not in the right place.

Go Jazz.

Rexburg, ID

We may not keep those draft picks, and the fact we got two players for one means we can still move someone. I still hope they try for a shooter, but I really don't want to see Millsap go...so that leaves jefferson. I wonder if they are done dealing, should be interesting the next 24 hours.

Regina, Saskatchewan

to jcrotty...

depth is a deep bench..when the starting 5 isn't very good you don't really have depth...

and if harris is a trade chip what are you really going to get in return...he's alittle above average

and our identity is "getting affordable good young talent"...sounds like a subpar identity.

and you making the point that he's overrated is exactly my point....everyone thinks he's great and we just DID NOT get fair value....if dwill was a free agent this year then i would understand the need to move him before the deadline...
all the sports sites i am reading seems to say the nets really didn't have to give up that much...

i am now reading that the phones are ringing off the hook regarding milsap and Jefferson...

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