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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 23 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Springville, UT

What is Utah's identity now?

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Derons attitude and wrist have become two big problems.
Jersey gets both an allstar and a coach in one package.
Looks like there has to be a follow up trade because we do not need 4 power forwards. We still need a shooting guard and defensive minded center.

Beaver, Ut

Now lets hope the jazz dont mess up with these first round draft pics like they have in the past.

Draft Jimmer!!

Provo, UT

What years are the Nets' draft picks? Is one this year? If so the Jazz could have two lottery picks this year! (theirs and the Nets) Sadly, that is about the only positive thing I can say about this. I am nearly 100% positive that the Jazz will miss the playoffs this year. After Sloan retired, I was about 90% sure of this already, but now I don't see how they could do it this year. Maybe they will actually do a good job of rebuilding this time around? But glad the Jazz are getting something out of Deron leaving rather than him just going when his contract expires.

Twin Falls, ID

The Jazz now have 3 power forwards. I doubt they are done trading.


A young man with a lot of talent, but a cancer for the team. Another example of a big ego, I am great and too good for you attitude. Glad to see him go.

Bountiful, utah

Williams was great... last year when he actually ran Sloans offense, a thing of beauty. This year he has gotten full of himself and lazy- no defense and mediocre outside shooting, and playing more for his shot that running the team. I saw a loafing guard for the first half of games, then aggressive and mostly for himself in the last quarter.

Morgan, UT

Is it too late to bring back Sloan? Unless Coach Corbin is truly a "Sloan Jr (as Locke calls him) we could sure use him to tie up all the loose ends we will have over the next few years.

Centerville, UT

Wow, that's a shock! I love DWill, I have three Dwill No8 Shirts and Jerseys.

That said, it will be nice to avoid the DRAMA of next season's "will he go to the knicks" no sense, let the nets deal with that.

I hope we can get some good players with the draft picks.

Roosevelt, UT

Lots of mind readers in the Jazz fans. Now it has been established reading here that Deron was going to leave next season. Maybe or maybe not.

Whatever it seems like the management is in charge once again. Hope they are making the right decisions as the fan base likes to win.

this trade clears the way for coach Corbin to make inroads with the team, it hands the reins over to him and tells the team no team member is bigger than the coach.

Now Corbin step up and make do with this group, the management has levelled the playing field and you are in charge. Theyears you spent with Sloan shoulhave taught you that team ball can be played and since you are now short on all-stars you had better coach team ball.

I am really surpirsed at the atta go management spirit shown here. Very little support for Williams, seems the fans like loyalty.

Is this the final trade for the Jazz this season?

Boise, Id

Wow, Deron is a superstar gaurd with all the potential in the world. Instead of getting another superstar to go with him the Jazz trade their future away for hope and a prayer. Bad trade in my opinion, you need at least two to three superstars or great players in todays NBA and the Jazz just don't have the money to make the big deals needed to get to that level.

Herriman, UT

Good, I am tired of the excuses and him trying to run the team.
Have a nice time in New Jersey.

Meridian, ID

love this trade ppl if you dont then you know nothing ... we just got a kings randsome for a pg ... remember pg is the deepest position in the nba by faaaaaaaar now... and in college and especially in high school there are tons of studs comming up..favors is a question mark .. would rather have ekbe udoh.. but mabe its a good thing if favors never is that good and only plays good defense then we can afford to keep him and have all the components of a good team...i agree that a deal to houston for brooks and martin would have been tantalizing but overall with the two first rounders i like this trade bc harris is very nice if healthy and favors should at the very least be a force defensivly with ability to finish over bigs on dump offs.. it all comes down to those first round picks and if koc can finally make good picks..

T_ville Fan
West Valley City, ut

I love how everyone was hating on Williams for having something to do with Sloan leaving, but yet now that he is gone eveyone wants him back! I think this is a step in the right direction for the Jazz, Deron had a piss pour attitude and was planning on leaving anyway! Good trade for the Jazz!!!

Las Vegas, NM

Big Al at least has a good attitude, tries hard and appreciates being here. I think he is a keeper. Williams might be poison...The JR Ryder or Latrell Sprewell of the Jazz. You should see how excited New Jersey is over Williams.

Capt. Smash
Bountiful, UT

I am so happy get rid of the cancer! Good job Greg your dad would be proud! Go Jazz!

Alpine, UT

Sheez, relax. OConnor did what he had to do. Derron has demanded a trade and he is damaged goods. i repeat Derron is damaged. First, his hand is hurt and he is going to need surgery or maybe you haven't noticed his numbers lately. Second, his attitude needs an adjustment. Three, Derron will never live down that he was the main reason Sloan quite - thus people in the future would only love Derron if he could win - he can't and he would forever be the goat in Utah. Interestingly enough, if the Jazz do not win without Derron then Derron will continue to be the goat.
It's too bad that Derron is hurt physically. He won't be the player he was and if he does come out and has been sandbagging then he will the most hated player of all time.

Capt. Smash
Bountiful, UT

Now we need to try and get Sloan back!

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

The more I think about it the more I like this deal,especially after watching carmelo put the whole state of Colorado through the wringer all season long.Harris with a new start may surprize alot of fans,NJ`s pick this year and GS`s next year,lets just hope they both lose every game,GO JAZZ.KOC you may have just redeemed yourself

Sandy, UT


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