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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 23 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

Thw END of the JAZZ franchise is near. Prepare for no major league sports in town. [Real Salt Lake is not major league! The best soccer players in the world play in Europe].

Some government body in Utah will have to purchase the ESA.

Thanks Mr. O'Connor you have destroyed one of the best things in Utah.

Spanish Fork, UT

I have changed my mind and opinion. Fresh faces = Playoffs. Go Jazz!!!!!!

Regina, Saskatchewan

to bama fan...
how is deron williams for devon harris basically a wash???? come on!!!!

and derrick favors and his 6 point avg..???

how is it that we can maybe salvage the season by getting rid of williams for these two guys!!!!

that math doesn't add up....for now we have become a nice blend of the timberwolves and cavaliers!!!!!

Las Vegas, NM

Wow, never saw it coming...I am shocked and saddened by this, but somewhere around December, someone quit on the team or they knew Williams caused the rift. I also really believe Jazz management should see if Sloan will come back or Phil Johnson. Williams did not have much respect for arguably the greatest coach in NBA history....Would Russell have done that to Auerbach?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Good trade for the Jazz. The fans who complain about management not making moves to improve the team are delusional. This is a great move by the Jazz. Kevin O'Connor does a great job of making things work in this small market. This makes me want to go to games again. I didn't want to go watch Deron pout all game and be a poison to this team. I wish him luck in Jersey...maybe you can make the playoffs next year!

Longmont, CO

Who is next to go??? I predict they move CJ (he was buddy buddy with DWill and has a small contract that should be easy to ship), and then likely move AJ next year. AK gets resigned for much less next year...

So does Utah's long term future contain??
PG - Fredette???
SG - Other lottery 1st rounder
SF - Hayward
PF - Favors
C - Tomic

Ogden, UT

We are for sure out of the playoffs with this trade. With all of the new players, and a new coach, the team will still be trying to find itself while all all the other teams will be clicking.

Miller tried to keep his star player happy, which resulted in the coach leaving. Now he discovers that the star player was going to leave all along. Very poorly played by management and owners.

This is one crazy and wild ride with all these changes.

In the words of George Jettson, "... Let me off this crazy thing."

Sturgis, MS

Williams was the point Sloan dreamed of. He was my pick in the draft at the time. Problem is he wouldn't get his head straight, be the point and leader the team needed. I'm with management on this one. Don't think Harris is the answer but he, Price and Watson will serve very well until they can do better. Jazz will make playoffs and quite likely supprise a few people there.

Clifton, NJ

You dont win the NBA Championship without superstars, period. The Jazz now have none. I have been a Jazz fan for 20 years but I am happy DWill is now playing 10 minutes from my house. Those of you thinking he is going to fade into obscurity couldn't be more wrong, the Nets play 5 minutes from New York City, his endorsement deals will go through the roof.

Farmington, UT

Well, this has been a stellar year for the Jazz---NOT! Who would have guessed three weeks ago so many changes were about to take place; all that was apparent is that things just weren't working.

Let's see if suddenly D-Will can hit a basket now that he's out of here.

What a great year to have passed on buying season Jazz tickets.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Without Boozer, Dwill could not win games in Utah. He is not a star on his own.

Salt Lake City, UT

For all those haters out there, think about this; Jazz got rid of an attitude problem for the 3rd pick in the 2010 draft (Favors), more cash, a deeper bench, and draft picks for the future! I say great deal!!!

Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT

Just another bone headed move by the worst front office in the NBA. Jerry's influence on personnel decisions masked the fact that Kevin O'Connor and company were even worse than Isaiah Thomas and now Jazz assistant Scott Layden were in New York. This down hill slide started when the Jazz didn't even tender an offer to Wes Matthews who said he would have signed for a lot less than his current contract with Portland if the Jazz had just offered. Jazz fans are truly lucky Greg Miller promised the public to keep Milsap no matter what. Maybe Greg will step up again and fire O'Connor and hire Jerry as the new GM. Then maybe and only if O'Connor is gone will the Jazz improve personnel on a consistant basis.

Roosevelt, UT

"Chris B.
This team was going nowhere. He knew it, management knew it."

Kinda like the Utes???

Provo, UT

Newsflash. When you dismantle a team completely, only one person could be in charge. His initials are G.M. Who didn't sign anybody last year? Who seems to have orchestrated Sloan's resignation and blamed D-Will for it?

The owner is grabbing the team by the throat and strangling it. O'Connor will be next.

The new collective bargaining agreement has teams unloading big salaries, hoping to pay less in the future. The Jazz are at the front of the line.

A once proud organization is going down the drain.

Morgan, UT

From the weather report this morning, the skies will be dark, but as far as I am concerned...the sun will shine as bright has it ever has.

It won't take long for DWill to sour in New York and he will be traded again within three years...you can take it to the bank.

Great draft picks...now if KOC can only make them work rather than waste them again and again and again.

ogden, ut

Great move. So long D-Will.

Ogden, UT

Didn't like having a team leader that threw basket balls at team mates during a game in order to express himself/lead(?).

Was growing more and more dismayed with Williams for some time now.

I like the move.

Big Thunder
Hurricane, UT

The Jazz also get the nets 1st round pick this year and the Warriors 1st round pick next year. That is 4 first round picks in the next two years! I did the NBA draft lottery on ESPN 20 times and the Nets pick didn't go below 7th once. It hit 1st 3 times. That is at least something to look forward to.

Cedar City, UT

If the Jazz had been more aggressive during the draft last year, they probably could have gotten Favors. With Favors, D-Will would probably be much more optimistic about the future in Utah.

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