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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 23 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Love to see DWill play. But great attitudes and team chemestry win tough games and championships.

I think Deron would have worked out of the current team melt down, but a major change could be better for everyone.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wow! The Jazz really threw in the towel on this season.

This says one of two thing: Either the Jazz would rather take the risk to be good in the future than be mediocre now, or, that they are more concerned about the luxury tax than winning.

Favors could be a star though. Harris is decent and New Jersey's pick should be in the top 10. It could end up being a great move 2 years down the road, but I'm not a fan of it right now.

Let's hope Golden State is really bad next year. I hope it's not protected very well.

Kaysville, UT

Farewell, Coach Sloan!!

Good riddence, D-Will!!!

The old saying goes that "Revenge is best served cold." Ahhhhh.... Jerry must be SMILING out there on his John Deere this morning!!

Meadow, UT

It appears ,by the looks of this trade that Jazz management figured that D-Will was not going to stick around once his contract expired,and if indeed that was the case,then the Jazz made as good of trade as was possible for the time they had. I loved DWill;I thought he was the best point guard in the league along with many top analysts early in the season.Unfortunately,the relationship between him and the Jazz got beyond repair.I wish DWill the best and I hope that the 19 year-old Favors can help the Jazz inside the paint where they desperately need another quality big man.It appears that Harris was not liking New Jersey too much,so the Nets let him go.For the Jazz fans who are disappointed,this trade was much better fgor the Jazz' future than keeping a disguntled Williams around for another year.Please rethink yourselves when you say that you're not watching the Jazz again.Anyone can be a fairweather fan.

Lehi, UT

as much as I like D-Will as a player, I really like this trade. The Jazz get rid of D-Will now and avoid the circus that would be next year. We get a young big guy (that we wanted in the draft) and an experienced point guard, plus draft picks and money. This is a win win win for the Jazz. D-Will is a great player, but the team as a whole is in a much better spot with this line up.

Good luck D-Will in Jersey/Brooklyn. Jive Jay Z my regards

chase SL
Salt Lake City, UT

First impression: I Love The Trade.

Serious folks - D will would be LEAVING at the end of next year. (just look at his face, he wanted out). DH can ball! and DF is a future 14/10 guy! Plus, a couple of First round draft picks!

Jazz management should be appaluded.

Orem, UT

To those who think the Jazz got "nothing" for Williams: take a deep breath, the sky is not falling.

This appears to actually be a good deal for the Jazz.

Williams wasn't sticking around anyway. He hates Utah and has told friends he wants to go to New York to play with Stoudemire. d'Antoni's no defense, all offense style suits Williams game.

Dallas has been trying to reaquire Devin Harris, a quality point guard. Although he may not have as strong an upside Derron does, he doesn't have Derron's DOWNSIDE either. Harris won't pout and destroy his team with his prima donna attitude.

Williams liked offense -- particular things that stuff stat sheets -- but lets small guards blow by him at will, putting Jazz bigs in foul trouble or letting opposing bigs get easy buckets.

And Derrik Favors has a tremendous amount of promise, not to mention size (6'10").

For all the Jazz fans that HOWLED about drafting Hayward instead of size, now the Jazz just got size: the 3rd pick of this year's draft, and they got a solid, veteran point guard as well.

Kearns, UT

Send AK along and it will be a great deal.

Alpine, UT

Deron was the 3rd pick in the first round and so was Derrick Favors. Plus we get Devin Harris who is serviceable not to mention two more 1st round picks.

Kevin OConner got that instead of nothing when Deron walks after next season.

Deron was leading us to a first round exit in the playoffs this season.

Gee, let me think.

See, ya Deron.

You were fun to watch but you clearly can't lead a team anywhere.

Derons statsu up and team wins down.

Clearly not working.

There will be more trades coming. Favors, or Jefferson, or Millsap may be out of here soon. Too much money tied up in that position clearly.

They are revamping this team for a different coach.

Springville, UT

I like this trade. They would not have done it unless they knew Deron wanted out and was going to leave as soon as he could anyone---whether we got anything in return or not. Did we really want to go through next year what Denver went through this year with Carmelo? No. This way we got a good point guard (not as great as Deron, but still pretty solid), and a prized young forward, plus two first round picks. I don't think this makes us that much worse, and it holds better promise for the future.

Good move!

monroe, ut

Great move by the Jazz...move a disgruntled player who wasn't living up to hype and getting 4 players in return and 3 Mill in cash. They also received a 19 year old #3 lottery pick along with a former NBA all-star and what did they give up? A overhyped point guard who can't play defense and who was going to leave in a year anyway...good move!

Roberts, ID

This is a great day for the Jazz. DWill has become a distraction the last 10 weeks, yes he gets his points and his assists but he also has had a lot of turnovers at critical times in winnable games. He wasn't going to stay here, so let's see how much happier he will be in Jersey. Jazz fans have to be realistic about the their chances. There is only one NBA champion a year and the Jazz can't compete financially with big market teams with their money.
Hats off to the Jazz for being as competitive as they have been since coming to SLC.
Also, with what is going on in the NBA, attendance is falling, TV ratings down, the future of the league, as is now constituted, is in doubt.

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

This may be a blessing in disquise,Harris is solid,Favors has upside,hopefully the picks pan out,hoping miles is included in the deal

DWill Rocks
Garland, UT

There is no way we gave up our superstar but if he really wanted to go to New York like the reports suggested I am happy he went to New Jersey, which is the next best thing for him. Even though I'm sad to see Deron leave this team will be better off in the long run. Deron wasn't going to resign with Utah in 2012 and things have been falling apart, he hasn't had a healthy shooting hand, plus he was taking a lot of heat for coach Sloan. I'm excited to see some new things happening especially with the addition of Derick Favors, who was the 3rd pick overall last year, and was the most talented big man in last years draft. The Jazz were used to taking players who were 6-8 and 6-9 and making them into all stars. Now imagine Derick Favors giving quality minutes and becoming the eventual starter. Devin Harris is also a great point guard at 15 points and 7 assists. This team will likely not make the playoffs but in the long run it made sense. We'll miss you D-will

Centerville, UT

I think a lot of people are emotionally fired up. It is WAY too early to declare how this trade ends up.

-We know we are getting in Harris. Its a downgrade for sure, but its better than Watson.

-Favors could be AWESOME. Maybe not, but he could be a 15/10 guy.

-We get the Nets pick this year, that could be top five!

-We could get the warriors pick next year, which could be top 10.

-How many teams go far with a PG as their best player? Anyone? Buellar?

It was clear that the Jazz needed an overhaul. This year's team wasn't working. Harris deal only goes one year longer than Dwills. Its not a long term deal. We may not be done dealing.

Very excited for the future and I will cheer for my jazz no matter what!

Farmington, UT

I agree with the general sentiments posted here. D-Will is a great player, passionate, and was fun to watch. In hindsight, he could have matured a little differently so that he could have integrated with the team and coaches a little bit better. Good luck to D-Will in New Jersey. I will applaud you, D-Will, when you come back to Utah--thanks for giving us your all.

I'm really hoping we're looking to trade Devin Harris to the Mavs after this. He is a decent player, but he is a poor shooter. Those of you who thought Bell was struggling with his shot--Harris' shooting percentages are worse. With D-Will gone, and even less outside shooting, defenses might as well quadruple team AJ.

I do like Favors--tall and lanky, and not afraid to play defense. He has a few years to develop his NBA game, though, so his production is down the road.

Provo, UT

After a 15-5 start who would have thought Sloan would bounce like he did and Willy would be traded.

I would have liked to have seen Williams to Houston for Kevin Martin and Aaron Brooks. Think about it, Houston is actively seeking trades, if you put 2 guards who can fill it up from the outside and Millsap and Jefferson on the block, that would be a dangerous team. Now the Jazz get an unproven rookie and a decent pg. This is not a good trade unless they have another deal lined up.

West Jordan, Ut

Look at Harris' numbers. They are in line with DWill's. Yes Dwill has higher numbers but just think what this kid can do if we have a united front. Let's be honest after Sloan left or should I say was forced out look at Dwill did now. He is going to a big market with less athletes. Maybe Harris' numbers go up.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

GREAT TRADE for the following reasons:

1) D Will didn't want to be here. Was going to leave next summer anyway. That's the way the new NBA is - all the superstars want to play in the big markets together. Look what happend to Cleveland when they thought their star would stay.

2) Harris is no D Will but he's good.

3) Favors will be a STUD.

4) 2 lottery picks.

Cleveland would kill for this deal for Labron if they knew he would leave.

Regina, Saskatchewan

devon harris...alittle above average
favors....a question mark
two first round picks....question mark

we could have gotten felton a fabulous point guard and some shooting from the knicks....they could have held out for more talent...to much unknown in this trade.....like it or not....williams is one of the best 3 at his position in the league...and we got back a big ol' bunch of average for him...unbelieveable!!!!

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