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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 23 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Layton, Utah

The Jazz just got a double D upgrade

Roosevelt, UT

Seems like Larry will have the last laugh here.

Millers did not like what happened to their coach, and this speaks volumes.

the team will be hurt but Deron may like it in deep dark Siberia New Jersey...not

Lehi, Utah

Love it! Harris is still young, he should thrive with the Jazz. Favors is supposed to be a star on the rise and two picks to get lucky and get a star. All for a player who didn't want to be here.

Regina, Saskatchewan

we got robbed

Spanish Fork, UT

I am not a huge Jazz fan but as a fan of the NBA, this trade is great for the Jazz. Deron Williams would have bailed on the Jazz anyway and the Jazz brass just protected themselves.

The Jazz traded away 20 and 10 for 15 and 8..basically a wash. They also picked up Derick Favors; a young and athletic 6'10", 250 big man with incredible upside. The kid was the ACC player of the year as a Freshman.

You throw in the $3 million in cash and the two first round draft picks and this was a GREAT trade for the Jazz. This might allow them to salvage what is left of this year.

Personally, I hope this was a result of Deron Williams shooting his mouth of to a Hall of Fame Coach and costing an organization a 23 year veteran. I hope this was a back-handed attempt to show a player that he is not bigger than the league or the organization he represents. Kevin O'Connor showed me something..

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

Dr. Truth

No they hold AK's contract though the end of the season, that holds salary cap space to rebuild with next year.

Can't say that I am not disappointed. I enjoyed watching Williams. Maybe a change in scenery will do everyone a bit of good. It will be interesting to see what first round picks they end up with, and what Utah will do with their glut of power forwards. I can't imagine any of those guys playing the 3 next year.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

The Jazz will now have 3 power forwards on the team. That makes a lot of sense.

However I like the idea of Favors starting and Millsap coming off the bench.

I don't like the move but I don't think the Jazz had a choice and now they save a ton of money on luxury tax.

Harris is a good point guard. Not even close to Dwill but Dwill quit on this team.

You can't win in the NBA without superstars on your team. Now the Jazz have zero. But I like the idea of building a team around someone other than the point guard.

Dwill was gone after next year any ways.........The Jazz did this to save money NOW

That's A Good One
Meridian, ID

I guess my only question is why didn't management let Sloan suspend the 10th best PG in the league when he wanted to??? We could've ripped that band aid off, shipped Mr. Tattoos back east where he can fade into oblivion behind Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo and let Sloan get back to doing what he had done for 23 years - being the glue that held the franchise together.

I wonder if Ty Corbin is second guessing his decision to take the wheel of this bus going into the ditch, and fast.

Regina, Saskatchewan

I am a jazz fan from canada and will be in detroit for the game on saturday...guess i'll get the first live look at the new look jazz.....
still don't think we got enough value...favors better become a star!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Say what you want, for efficiency rating Deron Williams +23.55, Favors +8.80 and Harris +15.83.
Favors and Harris add up to the efficiency of one player. To Kevin OC, maybe the math adds up but you can only have 5 players on the court. You've gutted the team from great talent. What a shame. As a season ticket holder I am extremely disappointed on the direction of the Utah Jazz.

Longmont, CO

I'd love to see CJ included as well for a draft pick or some other young player. I'd like to keep AK and resign him even if it is for as much as $8 million. All these young players are going to need some veterans to show them how the game is supposed to be played, I can't imagine two better vets for that role then AK and Bell.

Glen Allen, VA

how can anyone be happy about this trade? this is just awful. You all are saying that dwill had attitude problems? is he supposed to be happy that the jazz have been playing awful the last two months? hes even blaming himself that he hasnt played very well lately. this is a terrible move, Harris is nowhere near as good. Why dont we just trade dwill for cp3, at least get another all star out of this. Sorry Jefferson, but you are truly bad luck to whatever team you play for. I still love deron, but this franchise is doomed. go thunder!

The Final Word
Alpine, UT

Lets just be honest.

Deron is an incredible talent and fun to watch.

He also has a bad attitude and has led this team exactly no-where.

All he did was run his own stuff/plays and run off a hall of fame coach and lead his team to a lousy record this season.

He is supposedly the best PG in the league and yet he can't LEAD his team to better than an 8 seed?

Tha about sums it up.

Brutal nonetheless and shocking for sure but when was the last team that won a championship with their best player as a PG?

Not happening.

NBA championships belong to teams with good BIGs.

I don't think we are done trading either. Derrick Favors plays the same position as Al Jefferson, and Paul Millsap.....


Black & White

Good bye & Good riddance!

I'd rather have a team of "No Names" that work their behinds off, then a PrimaDonna who is not a real teammate, and expects it all to be handed to him.

See ya. Don't let the door hit you in the back on your way out to NEW JERSEY!!!

Bountiful, ut

The only negative I see to this trade is that CJ wasn't packaged in the deal.

Pale Bear
Orem, UT

So what if this is possible--after the Bulls game Sloan was told that they were going to trade Deron and he didn't like it. He told them as coach of the team that he wanted Deron to stay in spite of the arguments they had. KOC and/or Greg said no dice. So Sloan walked because of the lack of respect for his opinion. It certainly explains why Sloan would quit in the middle of it all. Maybe instead of being fed up with the prima donna it was the management. Just a crazy hypothesis.

Glen Allen, VA

i just saw that golden state was thrown in this trade as well...so why didnt we try to get Stephen Curry or Monta Ellis, theyre both clearly better than devin harris

logan, utah

A true committed competitor wouldn't give up on his team. (Stockton's are rare) I haven't enjoyed watching the chemistry collapse these last 17 games. I've been way disappointed in DWill's change in performance. The trade will be better for the JAZZ. One player does not a team make, unless you're the Cavs.

What is it with these guys that think....I'm an All-Star thus I know better than the coaches and my team mates. Attitude is the foundation of a great team.

Herriman, UT

You almost never benefit by giving up the best player in the deal. Sounds iffy to me. Still, probably make Jazz better 2 years down the road (when they wouldn't have DWill), but two seasons is a lot of basketball.

Maybe the new guys fit in and the Jazz actually get better. Ewing effect anyone?

Lehi, UT

Teams that trade superstars wind up in the lottery.

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